How Many Black Boys Have to Die?

Stephen Menendian

Although the “facts” are still in dispute, it’s not presumptuous to add Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri to the list of young black men and boys killed by overzealous police or armed civilians: Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo, Oscar Grant, Jordan Davis and so many more, including young … More >

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How Many Black Boys Have to Die?

Nick Slater said:

The killing of African American and men of color men by police is NOT an isolated incident. The writer of the article gave several examples of other similar incidents demonstrating that this is a pattern. Yes, black on black gun violence is also a pattern. Given a toxic mix of guns, racism, ... More >

My Hillary prediction

Robin Lakoff

I am now in a position to make a prediction: Hillary Rodham Clinton will not be the Democratic candidate for president in 2016.

Remember: you read it here first.

Why do I think that? Because I have been following the rants of the commentariat on the topic for the last couple of … More >

Flying blind(ly) into the future

Gene Rochlin

The European airliner manufacturer Airbus Industrie recently took out a patent for an airliner design without the usual cockpit up front.  Instead, the nose of the airplane would be more streamlined, to reduce air resistance, and the windows removed to save weight.  According to the company, this would result in … More >

The real problem with mass incarceration? Inhumanity

Jonathan Simon

We may disagree on who belongs and who does not belong in prison, or on how long prison sentences should be, or what goals those sentences should be meted out to accomplish. But one thing we should not, must not disagree on, is that those prisons should be humane.

What is … More >

Pioneering Women in Venture Capital: Kathryn Gould

Steve Blank

I met Kathryn Gould longer ago than either of us want to admit. Kathryn has been the founding VP of Marketing of Oracle, a successful recruiter, a world class Venture Capitalist, a co-founder of a Venture Capital firm, a great board member, one of my mentors and most importantly a wonderful friend. … More >

California’s infill backlash

Ethan Elkind

For environmental and economic reasons, we want jobs and people to move back to our cities. People living in cities pollute less because they don’t drive as much and tend to live in smaller homes. Economically, they can save a lot of money on transportation and energy costs, while thriving … More >

Opportunity in America: The Problem with the Paul Ryan Plan

Stephen Menendian

Last week the House of Representatives Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan issued a report on opportunity and poverty in America that has sparked an important national conversation. As a putative Presidential contender for 2016, Rep. Ryan’s report will help shape a discussion that will frame future election cycles as … More >

Lebanon’s 2014 Presidential Elections: When Local and Regional Power Arenas Collide

Tamirace Fakhoury

The original version of the article was published in French and Spanish in Afkar/Ideas42

Lebanon’s presidential elections were supposed to be held by May 25, 2014, the day the six-year term of President Michel Sleiman came to an end.   However, the two contending political coalitions – the pro-Syrian March 8 and the anti-Syrian … More >

Is the U.S. Falling Behind Mexico? News from Ambos Nogales

Michael Dear

In the Mexican border town of Nogales, I sat finishing my lunch when Alma, a Sonoran friend who had been watching the diners, spoke quietly: “That’s something you would never have seen a year ago – Mexican men eating salads.” It was, she explained, because of the rising awareness of … More >