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Gov. Brown’s proposal on housing approvals could be a win-win

Governor Brown’s proposal in his new budget to make certain housing developments eligible to be approved by the state “by right” has riled up not just local governments — who stand to lose discretionary approval over these projects — but some labor and environmental groups as well. It’s pretty obvious why these groups are upset: … Continue reading »

Can anthropology save the world?

Professor Nancy Scheper-Hughes gave the commencement address at the Department of Anthropology graduation ceremony, May 19. Here are excerpts from her speech:  … We are living in difficult times facing an out of control, escalating wars in the Middle East for which we are partially to blame, and destructive political wars at home.  We are a … Continue reading »

On development and displacement

After the California Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) used our data from the Urban Displacement Project to advocate for the construction of market-rate housing as an anti-displacement tool back in February, questions have poured into our office: Is it true that market rate development reduces displacement? Does subsidized housing really have no effect? What is filtering? … Continue reading »

Protect city parks, not just rural wilderness

“The few green havens that are public parks” is a phrase from the Supreme Court’s opinion in the Overton Park case. The case involved a plan to build a highway through the middle of a major park in Memphis. The Court put a heavy burden on the government to justify the project: “The few green havens that … Continue reading »

How the U.S. can strengthen economic and military ties with India

By John Yoo and Riddhi Dasgupta: By forging an alliance with Thailand, Taiwan and other Asian nations, the U.S. and India can accelerate economic growth in the region. President Barack Obama has finally resumed progress toward one of the most important strategic goals in American foreign policy: strengthening America’s alliance with India. President Obama’s visit … Continue reading »