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  The passing of Lex CEU by the Hungarian Parliament to outlaw Central European University in Budapest has stirred widespread protests both in Hungary and outside Hungary. This legitimate protest should not hide the fact that Orban’s government has been passing laws to muzzle the whole system of higher education in Hungary. After the 2010 … Continue reading »

The Pope and sanitation

The Pope’s Encyclical on climate change once again makes headlines as, probably for the first time, it has been presented to President Trump to read. Peter Gleick, president emeritus of the Pacific Institute, Tweeted what I felt when I heard the news: Short as it is, the president will probably not read it. So, Gleick shared a link to … Continue reading »

Beyond basic income: claiming our right to govern technology

One common characteristic of universal basic income advocates, and indeed progressives and labor more generally, is a near-fatalistic acceptance of the current path of technological development. It is a gaping hole in discussions about the future of work: either we are sticking our heads in the sand and avoiding the topic altogether, or we’re accepting … Continue reading »

The sick logic behind the Republican health care plan

The AHCA would not only change how many people have health insurance, it would also affect who has health insurance and at what cost. The bill would make coverage more affordable for those who are younger and healthier—and prohibitively expensive for many who are poorer, older, or have pre-existing conditions, according to an analysis by the Congressional Budget Office

Jumpstarting the market for accessory dwelling units

How did Portland, Oregon, go from permitting two accessory dwelling units (ADUs) per month in 2009 to almost two per day in 2016?  Now, more than one of every 10 housing units built in Portland is an ADU.   Compared to other housing types, ADUs, or separate small dwellings embedded within single family properties, are … Continue reading »