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Globalism and the future of higher education

(These remarks were delivered at the opening of a Nov. 16-17 conference observing the 60th anniversary of UC Berkeley’s Center for Studies in Higher Education, held in partnership with University World News, and exploring the influence of nationalism on major national universities around the world.) With varying levels of intensity, university are extensions of the … Continue reading »

A fall semester update

As we approach the yearly rituals of the season—the Big Game and the holidays—we have an opportunity to reflect on the fall semester. Free Speech and Community Values The semester was an eventful one, as we tried to balance our commitment to free expression with our values as a community. The discussions and conversations we … Continue reading »

Counting all homeless youth today so we may no longer need to tomorrow

The following has been adapted from a forthcoming op-ed publication in the Journal of Adolescent Health, with the permission of the authors and the journal. Somehow we have come to accept homelessness in the U.S., including youth homelessness, as an inevitability of modern urban life. Yet, anyone born before 1980 has lived in a world … Continue reading »

Why Is the Supreme Court taking all these free speech cases?

If the U.S. Supreme Court wanted to enlist the First Amendment to advance politically conservative causes, it’s certainly giving itself the opportunity this year. The court has complete, unreviewable discretion to choose the cases it will decide. It’s not random selection. Each term, the court agrees to decide only 70-75 cases, selected from about 8,000 … Continue reading »

Professors are losing their freedom of expression

By Erwin Chemerinsky and Howard Gillman, chancellor and professor of law and political science at UC Irvine With so much attention focused on whether controversial speakers such as Milo Yiannapoulos or Richard Spencer should be allowed to appear on campus, an even more basic issue has been obscured: universities punishing faculty who, outside of professional … Continue reading »