Fencing University House: the symbolism, economics, and practicality

Sam Davis

There is a plan to build a fence around University House, the chancellor’s residence on the northern portion of the campus, to increase the security of the occupants. Now on its third design iteration and already through the campus review process, the construction is poised to move forward. The safety … More >

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DREAMers and the future of our nation

dave said:

Cal needs to endow a scholarship pool strictly for undocumented students. The huge collective wealth of Cal alumni* could easily provide $12 million per year (400 undocumented students X $30,000 per year each). Berkeley alumni could be a national role model for proactive support for these victims of circumstance. “Think nationally, ... More >

It’s on me to say that what Geoffrey Marcy did was abominable, but what Berkeley didn’t do is worse

Michael Eisen

I am so disappointed and revolted with Berkeley.

On Friday, Azeen Ghorayshi posted a story about Geoffrey Marcy, a high-profile professor in UC Berkeley’s astronomy department. It reported on a complaint, filed by four women to Berkeley’s Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (OPHD), which alleged that Marcy “repeatedly engaged in inappropriate physical behavior with students, … More >

In initiative campaigns, can interest groups change minds?

Joel Middleton

Ballot initiatives legislate on important issues including taxes, spending, law enforcement, education, health care and civil rights. Given the stakes, it is not surprising that vast sums are spent trying to pass or defeat initiatives — amounts that rival the spending on U.S. Presidential campaigns.

However, political scientists have been uncertain … More >

DREAMers and the future of our nation

Robert Birgeneau

By Allison Davenport, clinical instructor, UC Berkeley School of Law; and Robert J. Birgeneau, chancellor emeritus, UC Berkeley

As the autumn semester begins, thousands of college students are back on campus preoccupied with class schedules, roommates, and pursuing their majors. But undocumented students at our nation’s universities are focused on more … More >

Beware the growing U.S.-Mexico border industrial complex

Michael Dear

Border walls are the instruments of last resort in the armory of geopolitics. Their current proliferation on a global scale is an expression of failed diplomacy in response to conflict, persecution, and migration.

The wall between Mexico and the U.S. is now deeply ensconced in the consciousness of communities on both … More >

Climate change and the future of fire policy

Eric Biber

It has been a brutal fire season here in California. It’s been brutal in part because of a historically bad drought. But unfortunately, the end of the drought (when it comes) will not be the end of our fire problems. Those fire problems are the result of long-term, human-caused trends … More >

Another music for poverty alleviation

Clare Talwalker

The celebrated author Katherine Boo is in town talking about her book Behind the Beautiful Forevers. It is a remarkable book based on her months and years spent watching and talking to people in a Mumbai self-built settlement and hunting up official records for background. Her book tells a tale … More >

People’s Park: it’s time for change

Sam Davis

In my over 50 years at the University of California, Berkeley, as a student, professor, department chair, dean, and architect, I have witnessed many wonderful milestones. Be it intellectual, scientific, social, or architectural, the campus has shown leadership, creativity, innovation, and initiative making me proud and grateful to be a part … More >

The transformation that a common man seeks: Thoughts on Pope Francis

Cristobal Madero

A few years into the World War II, the famous American composer Aaron Copland was commissioned to work on a musical piece to honor the first soldiers returning from the war. Copland composed “Fanfare for the Common Man,” not only thinking of those returning from the war, but of those … More >