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Rapid innovations in agrifood supply chains

We hosted our third Agrifood Supply Chain Conference on April 18 and 19 together with Solidaridad and other wonderful sponsors. The conference was hosted at the Energy Biosciences Institute (EBI) building in Berkeley, which houses cutting-edge institutions – the EBI and Innovative Genomics Initiative – that create new technologies affecting supply chains around the globe. … Continue reading »

The slow rise, sudden fall of the G-7

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other leaders at the G-7 summit, including President Trump, in Canada on June 9, 2018. The end times have come and gone for the West over 70-odd years, but it is difficult these days, to escape the sensation that the dusk really is falling. A changing light casts long shadows … Continue reading »

Trump has turned words into weapons and he’s winning the linguistic war

As president of the United States, anything he says – true or false – is faithfully parroted by the press. This needs to change.

Who was Robert Kennedy?

There was no Saint Bobby. Robert Kennedy was a hawk not a dove, particularly with respect to his role in U.S.-Latin American relations. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, it was RFK who convinced his brother that a blockade would not be as effective as an invasion of Cuba. Relations between JFK and Bobby with Martin … Continue reading »

How to talk (and not to talk) about school shootings

Yes, as we all know, we have been here before. Twenty years ago, the nation was shocked by the Columbine High School shooting. On June 1, 1999, the day after the massacre, President Clinton gave an impassioned speech in the Rose Garden in which he announced a national campaign against youth violence. The campaign was to mobilize businesses, volunteer organizations … Continue reading »