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Environmental haiku for summer

Dan Farber

Just for amusement:

Environmental haiku

On a summer day.


Across the hilltops,

Slowly wheeling their white blades,

Stand lines of windmills.


A nap in the shade,

Dreaming that new studies make

Fox News fall silent.


“Global climate change” –

A long and abstract title

For a world in pain.


A beautiful day,

But don’t spend your time outside:

High ozone levels!

Cross-posted from the environmental law and policy blog Legal Planet.

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Comments to "Environmental haiku for summer":
    • Baskar

      interesting haikus…liked the fox news one the most. I wrote the following ones on environmental themes.

      in a sea of sweat
      beside a power desert
      floodlight stadium!

      Man loves money,
      Money does not grow on tree,
      Cut poor tree and sell!

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    • Enviro Equipment Blog

      Not bad but my favorite environmental poem comes from British environmentalist Andrew Motion. FYI, it helps to know something about current state of affairs in England to appreciate this, but I digress:

      Whose woods these are I think I know,
      They don’t stretch as far as they once did, though.
      Felled and razed, they’ll fast disappear,
      Though not quite as fast as Greek debts will grow.

      From pollution to fishing, we’ve made such a mess,
      Though no match for Lansley’s, over the NHS,
      Cameron’s supporting his minister for now,
      But will he last out the summer? It’s anyone’s guess.

      A surfeit of pesticides is choking our fields,
      So much for the power the green movement wields!
      The future for sustainable farming looks sickly,
      Though not yet as sickly as Italian bond yields.

      You know what we need? A new master’s degree,
      For creative writing, about trees and the sea.
      Before climate change forces our farmers to switch,
      To harvesting grapevines and producing Chablis.

      And when farming is finished, what’ll we do for cash?
      When we’ve emptied our forests of oak, elm and ash?
      We’ll be forced to resort to this flourishing industry,
      Of crashing our cars and filing claims for whiplash.

      Our woods were lovely, dark and deep.
      A landscape we’d made promises to keep.
      Until we deemed the price too steep.
      Until we deemed the price too steep.

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    • Anthony St. John

      Thank you for your efforts to educate and motivate people, and politicians to act before we run out of time.

      We must produce leadership to protect the human race and the planet, but we are still our own worst enemy as Pogo said on the first Earth Day decades ago.

      In the meantime, the latest generation of Internet users now has a tool to take action themselves to protect their own future, that has never been possible before in history.

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