Our cast of authors

Barbara Abrams, professor of public health

Barbara AbramsBarbara Abrams is professor in the School of Public Health, where she teaches courses in epidemiology, public health nutrition and maternal and child health to both graduates and undergraduates. Abrams' research focuses on the role of nutrition and social/behavioral factors in human health, particularly for women, mothers and children. Her published work addresses maternal weight and weight changes during and after pregnancy, ... More >

Richard Abrams, professor emeritus of history

Abrams RichardRichard M. Abrams is a professor emeritus of history at Berkeley. He retired in 2007 after 50 years of teaching, first at at Columbia University (1957-60) and then at UC Berkeley (1961-2007). Abrams' expertise is in modern U.S. history, government-business relations, political economy of industrial societies, and the history of deregulation. Abrams was a Fulbright Professor at the University of London (1968-69) and at Moscow ... More >

David Ackerly, professor, integrative biology

David AckerlyDavid Ackerly is the Virginia E. and Robert E. Gill Professor in Natural History in the Department of Integrative Biology, and codirector of the Berkeley Initiative on Global Change Biology. His research focuses on ecology and evolution of the native plants of California, impacts of climate change on biodiversity, and implications for conservation strategies. He joined the faculty at UC Berkeley in 2005. Ackerly has published ... More >

Jill E. Adams, executive director, Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice, Berkeley Law

Jill E. AdamsJill E. Adams is the founding executive director of the Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice at Berkeley Law, which propels law and policy solutions by connecting people and ideas across the academic-advocate divide. Through the work of the Center, Adams seeks to realize reproductive rights and advance reproductive justice by furthering scholarship, bolstering advocacy efforts, and influencing legal and social science ... More >

Paul Alivisatos, vice chancellor for research

Paul AlivisatosAs UC Berkeley’s vice chancellor for research, beginning March 1, 2016, Paul Alivisatos will have overall responsibility for UC Berkeley’s research endeavor and primary leadership in research policy, planning and administration including relations between the university and industry, research compliance, research communications and research support for the Berkeley campus. Alivisatos is UC Berkeley's Samsung Distinguished ... More >

Sylvia Allegretto, labor economist, Center on Wage and Employment Dynamics

Sylvia AllegrettoSylvia Allegretto is a labor economist and co-chair of the Center on Wage and Employment Dynamics, which is housed at UC Berkeley's Institute for Research on Labor and Employment. She received her Ph.D. in economics from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Prior to working at CWED she was at the Economic Policy Institute in Washington, D.C., where she coauthored several editions of The State of Working America. ... More >

Richard Allen, director, Seismological Laboratory

Richard AllenRichard Allen is professor of earth and planetary sciences and director of UC Berkeley's Seismological Laboratory. His research focuses on natural disasters as well as the interpretation of earth structure using synthesized seismological techniques, the development of an earthquake alarm system, and assessment of natural hazard mitigation strategies in the U.S. Allen has also conducted research into verification of the ... More >

Nezar AlSayyad, professor of architecture, planning and urban history

Nezar AlSayyadNezar AlSayyad is a professor of architecture, planning, urban design and urban history, and former chair of UC Berkeley’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies (1996-2014). He is an expert on Egypt and the urban histories and traditions of the Arab world, and writes about culture, politics and the built environment. AlSayyad has authored and edited several books on housing, identity, tradition, urbanism, urban design, urban ... More >

Charles Altieri, professor of English

Charles AltieriProfessor of English Charles Altieri teaches graduate courses in 19th-century thought, Victorian literature, modern and contemporary English and American poetry, modern and classical literary theory, literature and the visual arts, and seminars on specific poets, theoretical problems, and interdisciplinary period studies. He teaches undergraduate classes on "great books," modern and contemporary literature, poetry and the ... More >

Tomás Aragón, director, Center for Infectious Diseases and Emergency Readiness

Tomás AragónA medical epidemiologist, Tomás Aragón heads the Center for Infectious Diseases and Emergency Readiness at UC Berkeley, which seeks to prepare public-health agencies and staff to detect, investigate and respond to microbial threats. Before coming to the campus’s School of Public Health, he directed Community Health Epidemiology and Disease Control at the San Francisco Department of Public Health, and served as deputy county ... More >

Darren Arquero, research fellow, Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society

Darren ArqueroDarren Arquero is a research fellow at the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society and serves on the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee for LGBTQ Communities and the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee for Students of Color and Multicultural Engagement at UC Berkeley. Arquero received a Ph.D. in ethnic studies from the UC Berkeley in 2015. Darren's research interests include transnational feminist and queer ... More >

Alan Auerbach, professor of economics and law

Alan AuerbachAlan J. Auerbach is a professor of economics and law, and director of the Robert D. Burch Center for Tax Policy and Public Finance at UC Berkeley. He is a member of the advisory committees for the Congressional Budget Office and the Bureau of Economic Analysis in the U.S. Commerce Department. Auerbach was deputy chief of staff of the U.S. Joint Committee on Taxation in 1992, and has been a consultant to several government ... More >

Maximilian Auffhammer, professor, international sustainable development

Maximilian AuffhammerMaximilian Auffhammer is the George Pardee Jr. Professor of International Sustainable Development at UC Berkeley and associate dean of social sciences. His research focuses on environmental and resource economics, energy economics and applied econometrics. He joined the faculty at UC Berkeley in 2003. Auffhammer is a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research in the Energy and Environmental Economics group, ... More >

Albena Azmanova, visiting scholar, Institute for European Studies

Albena AzmanovaAlbena Azmanova is associate professor in political and social thought at the University of Kent at Brussels. After participating in the dissident movements, in 1987-1990, that brought down the communist regime in her native Bulgaria, she became a dissident again as she took a critical stance against the post-communist regimes (which she has described in her writings as "dictatorships of freedom"). Azmanova subsequently studied ... More >

Elizabeth Bailey, adjunct professor, Haas School of Business

Elizabeth BaileyElizabeth Bailey is an adjunct professor in the Haas Economic Analysis and Policy Group at the Haas School of Business. She served as executive director of the Energy Institute at Haas from 2012 to 2013. Before joining the Energy Institute, she was a vice president at NERA Economic Consulting, where she specialized in the economics of antitrust. Bailey has prepared testimony in court proceedings and presented her research before ... More >

Cristina Banks, senior lecturer, business

Cristina BanksCristina Banks is a senior lecturer at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business, where she has taught organizational behavior and human-resource management for 30 years. She is also the director of the campus’s Interdisciplinary Center for Healthy Workplaces. Banks founded two consulting firms — one focused on employment-law compliance, the other on job design, organizational policies and procedures, performance management and ... More >

Gibor Basri, professor of astronomy

Gibor BasriGibor Basri served as UC Berkeley's first vice chancellor for equity and inclusion from 2007 to November, 2015. In this role, he oversaw the campus's numerous efforts to recruit, retain, promote and provide a welcoming environment for a broad diversity of faculty, students and staff. An astrophysicist by training, Basri joined the astronomy department faculty in 1982. His area of expertise is star formation and stellar ... More >

Sandra Bass, director, UC Berkeley Public Service Center

Sandra BassSandra Bass is assistant dean and director of the UC Berkeley Public Service Center, where she works with students, faculty, and communities to promote and catalyze transformative social change. As a graduate student at Berkeley, Sandra studied and participated in the protests following the Rodney King verdict; her doctoral research explored police behavior, community organizing, and the dynamics between police and communities ... More >

Alexandre Bayen, director, Institute for Transportation Studies

Alexandre BayenAlexandre Bayen is a chancellor's professor in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department and the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. He is also director of the Institute of Transportation Studies. Bayen received an engineering degree in applied mathematics from the École Polytechnique in France in July 1998, a M.S. in aeronautics and astronautics from Stanford University in June 1999 and a Ph.D. ... More >

Hatem Bazian, senior lecturer, Near Eastern studies and Ethnic studies

Hatem BazianHatem Bazian received his Ph.D. in philosophy and Islamic studies from UC Berkeley. He serves as a senior lecturer in Near Eastern studies and ethnic studies, and is co-founder of Zaytuna College, the first Muslim liberal arts college, located in Berkeley. In Spring 2009, Bazian founded the Islamophobia Research and Documentation Project (IRDP), a research group — based at UC Berkeley’s Center for Race and Gender — ... More >

Steven Beissinger, professor of environmental science, policy, and management

Steven BeissingerSteven R. Beissinger is a professor of conservation biology and ornithologist in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy & Management and the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology at UC Berkeley, where he held the A. Starker Leopold Chair in Wildlife Biology from 2003-2013. Beissinger's current research centers on two of the biggest challenges facing wildlife conservation and society – wildlife responses to global ... More >

Annette Bernhardt, visiting professor, sociology

Annette BernhardtAnnette Bernhardt is a visiting professor of sociology at UC Berkeley, as well as a visiting researcher at Berkeley's Institute for Research on Labor and Employment. Previously she was policy co-director of the National Employment Law Project, where she coordinated policy analysis and research support for campaigns around living wage jobs, enforcement of workers’ rights, and accountable development. A leading scholar of ... More >

Mark Bevir, professor of political science

professor of political scienceMark Bevir is a professor of political science whose main research interests are in political theory (including the history of political thought, political philosophy, and the philosophy of the human sciences) and public policy (including interpretive analysis, organizational theory, and governance). He was born and raised in London, and received his doctorate from the University of Oxford. Mark's philosophical interests cover ... More >

Eric Biber, professor of law

Eric BiberEric Biber’s teaching and research interests are environmental and natural resources law, administrative law, and property. Prior to joining UC Berkeley in 2006, he worked as a litigator in the Denver office of Earthjustice, a public-interest nonprofit organization specializing in public lands and other environmental cases. Biber taught public-lands law as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Denver Sturm College of ... More >

Terri Bimes, political science lecturer

Terri BimesTerri Bimes is the assistant director for research at UC Berkeley's Institute of Governmental Studies and a lecturer in the Charles and Louise Travers Department of Political Science. She is completing work on The Metamorphosis of Presidential Populism, which examines the evolution of presidential rhetoric beginning with Andrew Jackson. Her previous publications have examined presidential rhetoric, divided government ... More >

Robert Birgeneau, professor of physics, former chancellor

Robert BirgeneauRobert Birgeneau served as UC Berkeley chancellor for nine years beginning in 2004. Under his leadership, during a time of financial challenges for the UC system and the state, he was an outspoken, nationally recognized advocate for preserving the campus's public character, its excellence and diversity. During his tenure, UC Berkeley became the first university in the U.S. to offer comprehensive financial aid to undocumented ... More >

Steve Blank, lecturer, Haas School of Business

Steve BlankSteve Blank is a retired serial entrepreneur-turned-educator who has changed how startups are built and how entrepreneurship is taught. Blank created the Customer Development methodology that launched the Lean Startup movement, and wrote about the process in his first book, The Four Steps to the Epiphany. His second book, The Startup Owner’s Manual, is a step-by-step guide to building a successful company. Blank teaches the ... More >

Irene Bloemraad, professor of sociology

Irene BloemraadIrene Bloemraad, an internationally recognized expert on immigration, is the Thomas Garden Barnes Chair of Canadian Studies and professor of sociology. Her work examines the intersection of immigration and politics, with emphasis on citizenship, immigrants’ political and civic participation, and multiculturalism. She has investigated why levels of immigrant citizenship in the U.S. are lower than other countries, funding ... More >

Severin Borenstein, professor of business

Severin BorensteinSeverin Borenstein is E.T. Grether Professor of Business Administration and Public Policy at the Haas School of Business and a research associate of the Energy Institute at Haas, as well as affiliated professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics and the Energy and Resources Group at UC Berkeley. He is also director emeritus of the University of California Energy Institute and the Energy Institute at Haas. Borenstein has ... More >

Rauri Bowie, associate professor, integrative biology

Rauri BowieRauri Bowie is the faculty curator of birds in the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, an associate professor in the Department of Integrative Biology and faculty director of UC's Central Sierra Field Research Stations. His research is centered on understanding how montane bird faunas have assembled over time. In order to better understand the origin and underlying patterns of diversification, his research takes a hierarchical ... More >

Daniel Boyarin, professor of Near Eastern Studies and rhetoric

Daniel BoyarinDaniel Boyarin is the Taubman Professor of Talmudic culture in the departments of Near Eastern studies and rhetoric. His fields of expertise include the history of Judaism and Christianity in the early centuries of our era and the critique of the notion of "religion." ​

Henry Brady, dean of the Goldman School of Public Policy

Henry BradyHenry Brady is a professor of political science and public policy who serves as dean of the Goldman School of Public Policy. Formerly he directed of the Survey Research Center, which was a laboratory for developing social-science research tools. Brady has authored two books and numerous articles on political participation, political methodology, the dynamics of public opinion and other topics. In the 1990s, Brady led major ... More >

George Brooks, professor of Integrative Biology

George BrooksGeorge A. Brooks is a professor of integrative biology whose research focuses on exercise physiology and metabolism, on which he has published more than 200 peer-reviewed papers. Brooks has focused on how the human body uses lactate, fatty acids, carbohydrates, and amino acids. A working hypothesis to come from his research is the Lactate Shuttle, a mechanism that allows the muscle to utilize lactate as fuel when the muscle ... More >

Dana Buntrock, chair, Center for Japanese Studies

Dana BuntrockDana Buntrock, professor of architecture at UC Berkeley, began her studies of Japanese architecture more than 20 years ago -- her first visit a month-long trip that took her to tiny corners of the country to see avant-garde and out-of-the-way works. Her more recent research trips still range in remote pockets of the country, now renting cars, carrying a complex array of cameras and seeking out craftsmen who carry on age-old ... More >

Jenna Burrell, associate professor, School of Information

Jenna BurrellJenna Burrell is an associate professor in UC Berkeley's School of Information. Her book Invisible Users: Youth in the Internet Cafes of Urban Ghana was recently published by MIT Press. She completed her PhD in sociology in 2007 at the London School of Economics, carrying out thesis research on Internet cafe use in Accra, Ghana. Before pursuing her doctorate she was an application-concept developer in the People and ... More >

Bob Calo, senior lecturer in journalism

Bob CaloBob Calo began his career in television at KQED in San Francisco, where he produced daily news and documentaries for the local and national PBS audience. He moved to New York to join ABC News “Primetime Live,” and then to NBC News as a broadcast producer. Calo produced stories throughout the U.S. and foreign countries, including assignments in Pakistan, Chile, Croatia, Kenya, and Somalia. Currently, Calo is senior ... More >

David D. Caron, professor of international law, emeritus

dcaronDavid Caron is the C. William Maxeiner Distinguished Professor of Law (emeritus) at Berkeley Law. His areas of expertise include international courts and tribunals, investment, climate change, polar regions, international environmental law, use of force and ocean law. A graduate of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy (1974), University of Wales (1980), Leiden University (1990) and Berkeley’s Boalt Hall School of Law (1983), he ... More >

Christine Carter, director, Greater Good Parents

Christine CarterA sociologist and senior fellow at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, Christine Carter, Ph.D., is the author of The Sweet Spot: How to Find Your Groove at Work and Home (January 2015) and Raising Happiness (2011). Presenting the latest neurological and psychological research on positivity, productivity and elite performance, she demonstrates a sweetest paradox: by doing less we can actually accomplish ... More >

Brian Carver, assistant professor, School of Information

Brian CarverBefore joining the Berkeley faculty, Brian Carver practiced law in a Silicon Valley-based law firm. Carver's research focuses on copyright law, open source and free software, and technology and innovation policy. He is interested in understanding the technical, economic, social, and legal frameworks that best promote progress and access to information. He is co-founder of Free Law ... More >

Anthony Cascardi, dean, Arts & Humanities

Anthony CascardiAnthony J. Cascardi is a professor of comparative literature, rhetoric, and Spanish, and dean of the Division of Arts and Humanities in UC Berkeley's College of Letters & Science. He previously served as director of the campus's Townsend Center for the Humanities. Cascardi's research interests include the relations between literature and philosophy, aesthetic theory, the novel and early modern Europe. He is general ... More >

Jamie Cate, associate professor of chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology

Jamie CateJamie Cate is an associate professor of chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology and a faculty scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. A Sloan Fellow, he is a recipient of high-risk, high-reward grants from the NIH. Cate's lab uses a combination of x-ray crystallography and biochemical assays to probe how living organisms convert their genetic information into the functional parts of each cell. The conversion ... More >

Catherine Ceniza Choy, professor of ethnic studies

Catherine Ceniza ChoyCatherine Ceniza Choy is a professor and a former chair of the ethnic studies at UC Berkeley. She is the author of Empire of Care: Nursing and Migration in Filipino American History (Duke University Press, 2003), and Global Families: A History of Asian International Adoption in America (NYU Press, 2013), and the co-editor of the forthcoming Brill book series, "Gendering the Trans-Pacific World." In 2015-16, ... More >

Robert Cervero, professor of city and regional planning

Robert CerveroRobert Cervero is a professor of city and regional planning, director of the UC Transportation Center and a faculty researcher with the Institute of Urban and Regional Development. Cervero works in the area of sustainable transportation policy and planning, focusing on the nexus between urban transportation and land-use systems. His current research is on the intersection between infrastructure, place-making and economic ... More >

Karen Chapple, Professor, City and Regional Planning

Karen ChappleKaren Chapple is a professor of City and Regional Planning at UC Berkeley who specializes in housing, community and economic development, as well as regional planning. She has most recently published on job creation on industrial land (in Economic Development Quarterly) and accessory dwelling units as a smart growth policy (in the Journal of Urbanism). Her book Planning Sustainable Cities and Regions: ... More >

Daniel Chatman, associate professor, city and regional planning

Daniel ChatmanDan Chatman studies travel behavior and the built environment; residential and workplace location choice; "smart growth" and municipal fiscal decision making; and the connections between public transportation, immigration and the economic growth of cities. His research relies heavily on original data collection, including surveys, focus groups and interviews. Ongoing and recently completed research projects include studies ... More >

Jennifer Chatman, Distinguished Professor of Management and chair of the Haas Management of Organizations Group

Jennifer ChatmanJennifer Chatman is the Paul J. Cortese Distinguished Professor of Management at the Haas School of Business and chairs the Haas Management of Organizations Group. She teaches, researches and consults on leveraging organizational culture, leading change, and managing complex teams.

Henry Chesbrough, adjunct professor of business, executive director of the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation

Henry ChesbroughHenry Chesbrough is adjunct professor at the Haas School of Business, where he serves as executive director of the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation as well as the Program in Open Innovation. His research interests include industrial innovation, technology-based spinoffs, corporate venture capital, managing intellectual property and high-tech innovation. His book Open Innovation was named Best Business Book of ... More >

Coye Cheshire, associate professor, School of Information

Coye CheshireCoye Cheshire is an associate professor in the School of Information, where he studies cooperation, trust, collective action and interpersonal relationships in computer-mediated systems. His work focuses on how various forms of exchange are produced and maintained on the Internet, and more broadly, in computer-mediated exchanges. Since computer-mediated environments often prevent us from using the typical social cues, they ... More >

Robert Chester, lecturer, history department

Robert ChesterRobert Chester is an environmental historian of the United States whose research focuses on the largest silver strike in American history. He is currently working on Comstock Creations: An Environmental History of an Industrial Watershed, a book exploring how nature actively shaped, and was transformed by, the rise of corporations, unions, industrialization and the pro-development policies implemented by the Republican ... More >

Olivia Chilcote, Ph.D. candidate, ethnic studies

Olivia ChilcoteOlivia Chilcote is a Ph.D. candidate in ethnic studies, a Ford Foundation dissertation fellow and a fellow for the Joseph A. Myers Center for Research on Native American Issues. Her dissertation, "Beyond Recognition: Native Californian Identity and the Federal Acknowledgment Process," analyzes the connection between the federal acknowledgment process — a standardized system used by the Bureau of Indian Affairs to acknowledge ... More >

Carol Christ, director, Center for Studies in Higher Education

Carol ChristCarol Christ was appointed director of the Center for Studies in Higher Education in January 2015. Christ first joined UC Berkeley in 1970, where she served as chair of the English department, dean of humanities, provost for the College of Letters & Science, and as executive vice chancellor and provost from 1994 to 2000. She has a Ph.D. from Yale University and was president of Smith College from 2002 to 2013. A ... More >

Jack Citrin, director, Institute of Governmental Studies

Jack CitrinJack Citrin is the Heller Professor of Political Science at UC Berkeley and directs the campus's Institute of Governmental studies. He teaches in the fields of political behavior and comparative government; his research interests include political sociology and nationalism. Among his books and edited volumes are American Identity and the Politics of Multiculturalism (2014), Public Opinion and Constitutional ... More >

Lawrence Cohen, professor of anthropology

Lawrence CohenLawrence Cohen is a professor in the departments of anthropology and South and Southeast Asian studies at UC Berkeley. He is a social cultural anthropologist whose primary field is the critical study of medicine, health, and the body. He wrote No Aging in India, a book on Alzheimer's disease, the body and the voice in time, and the cultural politics of senility. He is now working on two projects: “India Tonite,” ... More >

Catherine Cole, professor and chair, Theater, Dance and Performance Studies

Catherine ColeCatherine Cole chairs UC Berkeley's Department of Theater, Dance and Performance Studies. Her work focuses on the intersections of performance with African studies, human rights and gender. She is the author of Performing South Africa's Truth Commission: Stages of Transition (2010) and Ghana’s Concert Party Theatre (2001). In addition to serving as past editor of Theatre Survey, Cole has co-edited the book ... More >

UC Anthropology Collective, for the Berkeley Blog

UC Anthropology CollectiveIn response to a recent Berkeley Blog post concerning ongoing deliberations of the American Anthropological Association — over a boycott of Israeli academic institutions — 18 senior anthropologists from Berkeley and other UC campuses coauthored an open letter.

Mary Comerio, professor of architecture

Mary ComerioMary Comerio, a professor of architecture at UC Berkeley, is an internationally recognized authority on post-disaster reconstruction issues. She has spent much of the past 20 years on reconnaissance missions to the scenes of such tragedies as Hurricane Andrew and the Loma Prieta, Kobe and Mexico City earthquakes. In her 1998 book Disaster Hits Home: New Policy for Urban Housing Recovery, she warned that unless new ... More >

Carola Conces Binder, Ph.D. candidate, economics

Carola BinderCarola Conces Binder's graduate research focused on information, beliefs, and uncertainty in the macroeconomy. She has written a series of encyclopedia articles about topics in economic and monetary history. In her blog, carolabinder.blogspot.com, she uses her understanding of economic history to analyze current events. Conces Binder moved to Berkeley from Georgia, where she studied math at Georgia Tech. She began teaching at ... More >

Jason Corburn, associate professor, city and regional planning

Jason CorburnJason Corburn is an associate professor in the Department of City and Regional Planning and School of Public Health. He directs the Institute of Urban and Regional Development and the Center for Global Healthy Cities at UC Berkeley. He also coordinates the joint Master of City Planning and Master of Public Health degree program at UC Berkeley. Corburn's research focuses on the links between environmental health and social ... More >

Beverly Crawford, Professor emerita, Political Science and International and Area Studies

Beverly CrawfordBeverly Crawford is emeritus professor of political science and International and Area Studies. She holds a Ph.D. in political science from UC Berkeley, an M.A. in international relations from Boston University, and a B.A. in German from Chapman College. Crawford recently received a fellowship from the Turkish National Science Foundation to research the refugee crisis in Turkey. She has written an analysis of modern ... More >

Mitchell Crispell, graduate student, city and regional planning

Mitchell CrispellMitch Crispell is a master's student in the Department of City and Regional Planning, where he studies, primarily, affordable-housing development. Before coming to Berkeley, he worked in Washington, D.C. as a tenant organizer/advisor and education fundraiser. Crispell holds a bachelor's degree in organizational studies from the University of Michigan.

Clayton Critcher, assistant professor, Haas Marketing Group

Clayton CritcherClayton Critcher has taught at the Haas School of Business since 2010. His current research interests include judgment and decision making, self and social insight, consumer experience and preferences, and moral reasoning.

Camille Crittenden, deputy director, CITRIS

Camille CrittendenCamille Crittenden joined CITRIS in May 2012 as director of the Data and Democracy Initiative and became deputy director of CITRIS in May 2013. Prior to this appointment, she served as executive director of the Human Rights Center at Berkeley Law, where she helped to develop its program in human rights, technology, and new media. Crittenden held previous positions as assistant dean ... More >

Riddhi Dasgupta, JD candidate, Berkeley Law

Riddhi DasguptaBerkeley Law student Riddhi Sohan Dasgupta ’16 was part of the team that helped draft the new Tunisian Constitution. This new Charter, ratified in January 2014, is the first such progressive document in the Arab world and presages a new era for the Tunisian state's relationship with its own citizens and the world. He was named an executive editor of the annual symposium issue of the Harvard Journal of Law & Public ... More >

James Davies, associate professor, music scholarship

James DaviesAn associate professor in the music department, James Davies was born in Cape Town, South Africa and earned his first degree (majoring in performance) in Johannesburg. He did post-graduate work at Gonville & Caius College at the University of Cambridge, where he was later a junior research fellow in Music. Davies' research interests include cultural performance, singers and voice, keyboard practice, anthropologies of ... More >

Sam Davis, professor emeritus, architecture

Sam DavisSam Davis is professor emeritus at UC Berkeley, where he taught for 38 years. He served as interim dean of the College of Environmental Design in 2008-9, interim dean of the School of Social Welfare in 2011-12, chair of the Architecture Department from 1993 to 1996 and associate dean of the College of Environmental Design from 1998 to 2002. Davis received the campus's Distinguished Teaching Award in 1973 and the Excellence in ... More >

Jan de Vries, professor of history and economics

Jan de VriesJan de Vries is a professor of history and a professor of economics. He also has served as chair of UC Berkeley’s history department, dean of social sciences in the College of Letters & Science, and as vice provost for academic affairs. De Vries' research interests have ranged from European agrarian history and historical demography and urbanization, and environmental and climate history to the history of consumer ... More >

Michael Dear, professor, city and regional planning

Michael DearMichael Dear is a professor in the College of Environmental Design at UC Berkeley. The author/editor of more than a dozen books, he has been a Guggenheim Fellowship holder, a Fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford, and Fellow at the Rockefeller Center in Bellagio, Italy. Dear has received the highest honors for creativity and excellence in research from the Association of American ... More >

Brad DeLong, professor of economics

Brad DeLongJ. Bradford DeLong is a professor of economics at UC Berkeley, chair of the political economy major, a research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research, and former deputy assistant secretary of the U.S. Treasury in the Clinton administration. He is the author of the blog "Grasping Reality With Both Hands: Brad DeLong's Semi-Daily Journal." His work extends from business cycle dynamics through economic growth, ... More >

Thomas Devine, professor, materials science and engineering

Thomas DevineThomas M. Devine is a professor of materials science and engineering. His research focuses on aspects of materials science that are related to energy conversion, storage and transmission. Together with his graduate students, he is currently investigating: the corrosion and cracking of materials employed in cooling systems of commercial nuclear power plants; the protection against corrosion of wellheads and pipes extracting ... More >

Jeroen Dewulf, director, Institute of European Studies

Jeroen DewulfJeroen Dewulf directs UC Berkeley’s Institute of European Studies, where in 2014 he founded the Benelux Program, focusing on politics and culture in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. He is also an associate professor in the German department and head of Berkeley’s Dutch Studies Program. Dewulf publishes in five different languages (English, Dutch, German, Portuguese and French) on European history, culture and ... More >

Nicholas Dirks, UC Berkeley Chancellor

Nicholas DirksNicholas B. Dirks is UC Berkeley's 10th chancellor. Previously, he served as Columbia University's executive vice president and dean of its faculty of arts and sciences, and the Franz Boas Professor of Anthropology and History. Before going to Columbia in 1997, Dirks taught history and anthropology at the University of Michigan, where he co-founded the interdepartmental Ph.D. program in anthropology and history and directed ... More >

Lura Dolas, senior lecturer, acting

Lura DolasDolas is a senior lecturer in the Department of Theater, Dance and Performance Studies. Her acting credits include work with CalShakes, the Aurora Theater of Berkeley; the Oregon, San Francisco, and Santa Fe Shakespeare Festivals; The Empty Space Theater of Seattle, Sacramento Theater Company, Theater Emory of Atlanta, the Pacific Conservatory for the Performing Arts and the Ensemble Theater Company of Santa Barbara. Dolas's ... More >

Holly Doremus, professor of law

Holly DoremusHolly Doremus is a leading scholar and teacher in environmental law, natural resources law, and law and science. She earned her Ph.D. in plant physiology from Cornell University and was a post-doctoral associate at the University of Missouri before transitioning to law. In addition to her law school teaching experience, she has taught in the graduate ecology program at UC Davis, in the College of Natural Resources at UC ... More >

David Dornfeld, professor, mechanical engineering

David DornfeldDavid Dornfeld is the Will C. Hall Family Chair in Engineering at UC Berkeley. He directs the Laboratory for Manufacturing and Sustainability, with research activities in green and sustainable manufacturing; monitoring and analysis of manufacturing processes; precision manufacturing with specialization on chemical mechanical planarization for semiconductor manufacturing; and intelligent sensors and machine interoperability for ... More >

John Douglass, senior research fellow, Center for Studies in Higher Education

John DouglassJohn Aubrey Douglass is senior research fellow, public policy and higher education, at UC Berkeley's Center for Studies in Higher Education. He is the co-editor of Globalization's Muse: Universities and Higher Education Systems in a Changing World (2009), and the author of The Conditions for Admissions ( 2007) and The California Idea and American Higher Education (2000 and 2007; published in Chinese in ... More >

William Dow, professor of health economics

William DowWilliam Dow is the Henry J. Kaiser professor of health economics in the School of Public Health's Division of Health Policy and Management. He chairs the Health Services and Policy Analysis graduate group, and serves as associate director of the Berkeley Population Center. Dow’s background is in domestic and international health economics, particularly as it relates to health insurance. He has worked with both Democratic and ... More >

Jill Duerr Berrick, professor of social welfare

Jill Duerr BerrickJill Duerr Berrick is Zellerbach Family Foundation Professor at the School of Social Welfare and codirector of UC Berkeley’s Center for Child and Youth Policy. She is also cofounder of the Cal Independent Scholars Network, a program to support UC Berkeley students who have been in foster care. Duerr Berrick's expertise is in child poverty, welfare and foster care. Her research focuses on the child welfare system and efforts ... More >

Robert Edelstein, professor and co-chair, Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics

Robert EdelsteinRobert Edelstein holds the Maurice Mann Chair in Real Estate and is the co-director of the Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Development at the Haas School of Business. He is the author of the forthcoming book, "Explaining the Boom Cycle, Speculation or Fundamentals? The Role of Real Estate in the Asian Crisis," (M.E. Sharpe, Inc.) Edelstein has served as a consultant to the Philadelphia Finance Department, U.S. ... More >

Jeffrey Edleson, dean and professor, social welfare

Jeffrey EdlesonJeffrey Edleson is dean and professor at UC Berkeley's School of Social Welfare. He served as a professor at the University of Minnesota School of Social Work for 29 years before joining Berkeley in 2012. He was also founding director of the Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse. A leading expert in domestic violence, Edleson's current research examines the impact of adult violence on children and how social systems ... More >

Chris Edley, professor, UC Berkeley School of Law

Chris EdleyChristopher Edley, Jr. is the Honorable William H. Orrick, Jr. Distinguished Chair at the UC Berkeley School of Law and served as the school's dean from 2004 to 2013. His academic work is primarily in the areas of administrative law, civil rights, education policy, and domestic public policy generally. Edley has moved between academia and public service, which together give him broad familiarity with many areas of public ... More >

Barry Eichengreen, professor of economics and political science

Barry EichengreenBarry Eichengreen's expertise includes the global economy, economic history, banking, the Great Depression, and European Union finance. Eichengreen is a frequent commentator on major economic issues. His best known work is Golden Fetters: The Gold Standard and the Great Depression, 1919-1939, published in 1992. He is the George C. Pardee and Helen N. Pardee Professor of Economics and professor of political science ... More >

Michael Eisen, associate professor, molecular and cell biology

Michael EisenMichael Eisen is an associate professor of Genetics, Genomics, and Development in UC Berkeley's Department of Molecular Biology, and an investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Research in the Eisen Lab is motivated by a desire to understand the molecular basis of phenotypic variation within and between species, and is driven by the belief that many differences in physiology, morphology and behavior arise from ... More >

Ethan Elkind, associate director, Climate Change and Business Program

Ethan ElkindEthan Elkind is associate director of the Climate Change and Business Program, with a joint appointment at the UC Berkeley School of Law and the UCLA School of Law. In this capacity, he serves as lead author of UCLA-UC Berkeley’s grant-funded series of policy reports on business solutions to combat climate change. He taught at the UCLA law school’s Frank Wells Environmental Law Clinic and served as an environmental law ... More >

John Ellwood, professor at the Goldman School of Public Policy

John EllwoodJohn W. Ellwood is a professor at the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley, where he teaches political analysis, public management, and public-sector budgeting. Trained as a political scientist, Ellwood spent seven years as a staff member on Capitol Hill, first at the U.S. Senate Budget Committee and then at the Congressional Budget Office, where he was special assistant to the CBO director. He served as research ... More >

Elsadig Elsheikh, director, global justice program, Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society

Elsadig ElsheikhAs director of the global justice program at UC Berkeley's Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society, Elsadig Elsheikh oversees projects on the food system, climate justice and human rights. Elsheikh's research interests include themes and social dynamics relating to Africa's large-scale land deals, the food system, financialization, political ecology, social movements, state and citizenship, and structural racialization.​

Jerome Engel, founding executive director, Lester Center for Entrepreneurship, and adjunct professor, emeritus, Haas School of Business

Jerome EngelJerome Engel is the Founding Executive Director, Emeritus of the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and an Adjunct Professor, Emeritus at the Haas School of Business where he is active in executive education and lectures on entrepreneurship, venture capital, new venture finance and technology commercialization. He is the National Faculty Director of the National Science Foundation's I-Corps Program and a general ... More >

Susan Fang, Human Rights Center fellow and Joint Medical Program student

Susan FangSusan Fang is a graduate student, pursuing an MS and MD at the UC Berkeley-UC San Francisco Joint Medical Program. She is currently a fellow with the campus's Human Rights Center, working with the Chinese Progressive Association, an organization that mobilizes low-income Chinese immigrants, as a community-health policy-research fellow. In that role, she assists in developing a community-organizing campaign related to the ... More >

Dan Farber, professor of law

Dan FarberDaniel Farber is the Sho Sato Professor of Law and faculty co-director of Berkeley Law's Center for Law, Energy, and the Environment. He is also affiliated with the campus's Energy and Resources Group, an interdisciplinary graduate program. Farber serves on the editorial board of Foundation Press, and is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, as well as the American Law Institute. His books include ... More >

Alex Filippenko, professor of astronomy

Alex FilippenkoAlex Filippenko, professor of astronomy and Richard and Rhoda Goldman Distinguished Professor in the Physical Sciences, received his Ph.D. in astronomy from Caltech in 1984 and joined the UC Berkeley faculty in 1986. Elected to the National Academy of Sciences and one of the world's most highly cited astronomers, he has coauthored more than 600 scientific publications and has received numerous prizes for his ... More >

Claude Fischer, professor of sociology

Claude FischerClaude Fischer is a professor of sociology at UC Berkeley. He is known for his work on urban and community studies, inequality (particularly his response to The Bell Curve, a 1994 book on IQ and class), social networks and personal relationships, and social change in American history. Fischer is best known outside academia for America Calling: A Social History of the Telephone to 1940. His recent books include ... More >

Steven Fish, professor of political science

Steven FishM. Steven Fish is a comparative political scientist who studies democracy and regime change in developing and post-communist countries, religion and politics, and constitutional systems and national legislatures. He is the author of Are Muslims Distinctive? A Look at the Evidence (Oxford, 2011). He also wrote Democracy Derailed in Russia: The Failure of Open Politics (Cambridge, 2005) — which received the ... More >

Anthony Fisher, professor of agricultural and resource economics

Anthony FisherAnthony Fisher is a professor of agricultural and resource economics in UC Berkeley's College of Natural Resources. Fisher's current research focuses on various aspects of the economics of global climate change. Decisions on control of greenhouse gas emissions need to be made today, under uncertainty about potential future damages from warming, and subject to rigidities or irreversibilities in both natural and economic systems. ... More >

Steve Fisher, journalism grad student and fellow, Human Rights Center

Steve FisherSteve Fisher is studying at UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism with a focus on investigative reporting through multimedia and long-form magazine writing. He has written for the National Geographic online, SF Public Press, and the World Rivers Review. Fisher was chosen as a fellow at the campus's Human Rights Center, to pursue an investigative project on Operation Streamline, a program that ... More >

Neil Fligstein, professor of sociology

Neil FligsteinNeil Fligstein is the Class of 1939 Chancellor's Professor in UC Berkeley's sociology department. He is also the director of the Center for Culture, Organization, and Politics at the Institute of Industrial Relations. His main research interests lie in the fields of economic sociology, organizational theory, political sociology, and the sociology of work. He has been interested in developing and using a sociological view of ... More >

Meredith Fowlie, associate professor, agricultural and resource economics

Meredith FowlieMeredith Fowlie is an associate professor in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics and a research associate at UC Berkeley's Energy Institute at Haas and the National Bureau of Economic Research. She holds the Class of 1935 Endowed Chair in Energy. Fowlie's research focuses on the economics of energy and the environment. She has worked extensively on market-based environmental regulation of energy and ... More >

Armando Fox, professor of computer science, faculty director of MOOCLab

Armando FoxA professor in UC Berkeley’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, Armando Fox served formerly as academic director of the Berkeley Resource Center for Online Education. He is co-principal investigator in the Par Lab (one of the Universal Parallel Computing Research Centers) and the ASPIRE project, and was a founding principal investigator for the RAD Lab, putting statistical machine learning techniques to ... More >

Harrison Fraker, professor of architecture

Harrison FrakerHarrison Fraker Jr. is professor of architecture, former dean of UC Berkeley’s College of Environmental Design, and the 2014 recipient of the Topaz Medallion for Excellence in Architectural Education, the nation's most prestigious award for architectural education. A pioneer in passive solar, daylighting and sustainable-design research and teaching, Fraker has published seminal articles on the design potential of sustainable ... More >

Laurence Frank, research associate, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology

Laurence FrankLaurence Frank is a research associate in UCB’s Museum of Vertebrate Zoology and directs the Living with Lions program in Kenya, a multidisciplinary approach to the conservation and management of lions and other predators outside protected areas. Frank did his doctoral research on spotted hyenas, and then helped Prof. Stephen Glickman establish the Berkeley Hyena Project (1984-2014). After 20 years studying the behavioral ... More >

Bruce Fuller, professor of education and public policy

Bruce FullerWorking inside policy organizations and the academy over the past three decades, Bruce Fuller has asked how public action best strengthens families and schools. He helped to design policy reforms for a free-thinking California governor, and advised opposition leaders on education reform as democracy emerged in southern Africa. Fuller has studied childcare programs arising at the grassroots or state-run in Latin America. A ... More >

Inez Fung, professor of earth and planetary science, and environmental science, policy and management

Inez FungInez Fung, an atmospheric scientist, is a professor with joint appointments in the Department of Earth and Planetary Science and the Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management. She is also co-director of the Berkeley Institute of the Environment, which seeks to leverage the collective resources at UC Berkeley to foster and scale up innovative solutions to some of the planet's most pressing environmental ... More >

Sean Gailmard, professor of political science

Sean GailmardSean Gailmard's research focuses on American government, particularly on the development of executive-branch structure and political accountability in U.S. institutions. He specializes in principal-agent models and other applications of game theory, as well as statistical modeling in these areas. In addition, he conducts laboratory-based experimental research on collective decision making. Gailmard is the author of Learning ... More >

Carol Galante, faculty director, Berkeley Program in Housing and Urban Policy

Carol GalanteCarol Galante is the I. Donald Terner Distinguished Professor in Affordable Housing and Urban Policy and faculty director of the Berkeley Program in Housing and Urban Policy. She also co-chairs the Policy Advisory Board of the Fisher Center of Real Estate and Urban Economics. Galante served as the assistant secretary at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). As FHA commissioner, Galante had direct ... More >

David Gamage, assistant professor, Berkeley Law

David GamageDavid Gamage's primary research and teaching interests are in the areas of taxation, budget policy, and public finance. Gamage has written extensively on state-level tax and budget policy and on the economic theory of taxation. Professor Gamage also writes on the use of tax law to achieve social welfare and regulatory goals (such as the intersection of taxation and healthcare policy). During the 2010-2012 academic years, Professor ... More >

Lisa García Bedolla, chancellor's professor, education and political science

Lisa García BedollaLisa García Bedolla is Chancellor's Professor in UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Education and its Travers Department of Political Science. Her research looks at the intersection of race, class, gender and political engagement, with a focus on the Latino community in California and nationally. García Bedolla is author of Latino Politics (Cambridge, UK: Polity, 2009) and Fluid Borders: Latino Power, Identity, ... More >

Paul Gertler, professor, Haas School of Business and School of Public Health

Paul GertlerPaul Gertler is Li Ka Shing Professor of Economics in the Haas School of Business and professor of health services finance in the School of Public Health. He is a research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research, an affiliate of Center for Effective Global Action (CEGA) and Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL), and is former chief economist for the World Bank's Human Development Network (2004-06). Gertler is ... More >

Wayne Getz, professor, Environmental Science, Policy and Management

Wayne GetzWayne Getz' research interests include population modeling epidemiology and resource wildlife management. Students and postdoctoral researchers in his laboratory work on a broad range of theoretical and applied questions in population and biology with application to epidemiology and conservation biology. He earned his PhD in population modeling epidemiology and resource wildlife management at the University of the ... More >

Neil Gilbert, professor of social welfare

ngilbertNeil Gilbert is the Chernin Professor of Social Welfare at UC Berkeley, where he co-directs the Center for Child and Youth Policy and served for two years as acting dean. His research, focusing on child-welfare issues and comparative studies of the welfare state, has resulted in more than 30 books. Among them are Capitalism and the Welfare State (1983), and his 2002 work, A Mother's Work: How Feminism, the Market and Policy Shape ... More >

Richard Gilbert, professor emeritus of economics

Richard GilbertRichard Gilbert is a professor emeritus of economics and professor of the Graduate School at UC Berkeley. He was chair of the Department of Economics from 2002 to 2005 and is currently chair of the Berkeley Competition Policy Center. He is also a senior consultant in the firm, CompassLexecon. His research interests include industrial organization and regulation, the economics of R&D and intellectual property, antitrust ... More >

J. Keith Gilless, dean of the College of Natural Resources

jgillessJ. Keith Gilless is the dean of UC Berkeley's College of Natural Resources and a professor of forest economics in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy & Management. His research uses economic analysis and operations research modeling techniques to address forest resource management issues such as forest products market forecasting, analysis of resource-dependent local economies, the role of forestry in ... More >

Jack Glaser, associate professor of public policy

Jack GlaserJack Glaser, an associate professor and associate dean at the Goldman School of Public Policy, is a social psychologist whose primary research interest is in stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination. His work includes investigations of the unconscious operation of stereotypes and prejudice — using modern, computerized methods — and of the implications of such subtle forms of bias for criminal justice. Glaser writes ... More >

Tom Goldstein, professor of journalism and media studies

Tom GoldsteinThomas Goldstein is a professor of journalism and of media studies. He is a former reporter for The New York Times and Wall Street Journal, former press secretary to New York Mayor Edward Koch, and former dean of the graduate school of journalism at both UC Berkeley and Columbia University. Goldstein is the author of Journalism and Truth (2007).

Alison Gopnik, professor of psychology and philosophy

Alison GopnikAlison Gopnik is a UC Berkeley professor of psychology, an affiliate professor of philosophy and an internationally recognized pioneer in the study of children’s learning and development. She was the first to argue that children’s minds could help us understand deep philosophical questions and helped formulate the "theory theory” which posits that children learn in the same way that scientists do. Her latest book is "The ... More >

Yuriy Gorodnichenko, associate professor of economics

Yuriy GorodnichenkoAs an applied macroeconomist, Yuriy Gorodnichenkoworks works on a broad array of topics that overlap with public finance, development, international economics, and econometrics. He is the associate editor of the Journal of European Economic Association, and a visiting scholar with the Federal Reserve Bank in San Francisco. Gorodnichenko earned his B.A. and M.A. in economics at the National University’s ... More >

Junko Habu, professor, anthropology

Junko HabuJunko Habu is a professor of anthropology whose research focuses on environmental anthropology, particularly food diversity, mobility and long-term culture change in prehistoric and historic societies in East Asia. Habu was born and raised in Japan, and received her Ph.D. from McGill University in Canada. She was on sabbatical at the Graduate University for Advanced Studies in Hayama in Kanagawa Prefecture when the Tōhoku earthquake struck.

Helen Halpin, professor of health policy

Helen HalpinHelen Halpin is a professor of health policy. Her research focuses on health insurance policy, including health insurance benefit design, health care reform, access to care, consumer experiences in managed care, and disease prevention and health promotion. During Barack Obama's presidential campaign, Halpin served on his healthcare policy committee as an unpaid advisor. In that role, she presented to the campaign a framework ... More >

Timothy Hampton, professor of French and comparative literature

Timothy HamptonTimothy Hampton is a writer, scholar, teacher and translator based in Northern California. Raised in the Rockies, educated in New Mexico, Europe, Canada, and on the East Coast, he is primarily a scholar of the Romance languages, and of the literature and culture of the Renaissance. Hampton's research interests include the relationship between literature and politics, the philosophy of history, and the transmission of culture. ... More >

Ben Handel, assistant professor of economics

Ben HandelBen Handel studies health economics, industrial organization, the economics of information and applied microeconomics. In addition to being assistant professor of economics at Berkeley, he serves as a faculty research fellow for the National Bureau of Economic Research, a consulting researcher for Microsoft Research and a junior fellow in Hebrew University's economics department. Handel received his PhD in economics at ... More >

W. Michael Hanemann, professor of environmental and resource economics

W. Michael HanemannMichael Hanemann, an economist, is a Chancellor's Professor of Environmental Economics and Policy in the Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics and the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley. His fields of interest are in economics and policy as they relate to the environment, water and climate change. He is recognized as one of the world's leading experts on nonmarket valuation and on the economics of ... More >

Ian Haney Lopez, John H. Boalt professor of law

Ian Haney LopezIan Haney López is the John H. Boalt Professor of Law at UC Berkeley, where he teaches in the areas of race and constitutional law. His current research emphasizes the connection between racial divisions in society and growing wealth inequality in the United States. His most recent book, Dog Whistle Politics: How Coded Racial Appeals Have Reinvented Racism and Wrecked the Middle Class, lays bare how conservative ... More >

Peter Hanff, deputy director, Bancroft Library

Peter HanffPeter Hanff is deputy director of the Bancroft Library and an authority on rare books and special collections. He also is the former president of the International Wizard of Oz Club, an endowed, non-profit corporation that is considered one of the world's definitive sources of Oz-related material. Hanff earned his undergraduate degree in English at UC Santa Barbara, and completed his master's degree in the Graduate School of ... More >

Gillian Hart, professor of geography, chair of development studies

Gillian HartGillian Hart specializes in political economy, social theory, critical development studies, gender, agrarian and regional studies, labor, Southern Africa and Southeast Asia studies and chairs the campus's development-studies undergraduate major. Hart's work seeks to illuminate concrete possibilities for social change. She began her academic career doing battle with economistic and Eurocentric understandings of agrarian change ... More >

John Harte, professor of energy and resources

John HarteJohn Harte is a professor of energy and resources and of environmental science, policy and management. Following undergraduate studies at Harvard and a doctoral degree in Physics from the University of Wisconsin, he was an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at CERN, Geneva and an Assistant Professor of Physics at Yale. Harte's research interests include climate-ecosystem interactions, theoretical ecology, and environmental policy. He is ... More >

Allison Harvey, professor of clinical psychology

Allison HarveyProfessor of clinical psychology and director of the Golden Bear Sleep and Mood Research Clinic at UC Berkeley, Allison Harvey is a leading expert on the treatment of insomnia and sleep problems associated with psychiatric disorders. Her research interests focus on chronic insomnia, understanding the role of sleep disturbance across psychiatric disorders, particularly bipolar disorder, and sleep across development, particularly ... More >

Charles Henry, professor emeritus, African American studies

Charles HenryCharles Henry is professor emeritus of African American studies, former president of the National Council for Black Studies and former chair of Amnesty International USA. His expertise is in race in America, black identity and leadership. In 2007, he taught a graduate level course on Obama and black leadership.

Ben Hermalin, professor of economics and finance

Ben HermalinBenjamin E. Hermalin, whose areas of research include corporate governance, the study of organizations, and law and economics, holds professorships in both the economics department and the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. In the latter, he is the Thomas and Alison Schneider Distinguished Professor of Finance. He also serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Economic Literature, and has served on the ... More >

Stephen Hinshaw, professor and vice-chair of psychology

Stephen HinshawStephen Hinshaw is professor and vice-chair of the Department of Psychology at UC Berkeley, a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, former president of the Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, and a member of the International Advisory Board on Stigma and Discrimination in the United Kingdom. Hinshaw's research focuses on mental disorders affecting children and adolescents, ... More >

Lisa Ho, campus privacy officer

Lisa HoLisa Ho, UC Berkeley's campus privacy officer, joined the Office of Ethics, Risk and Compliance Services in October 2014. Her role is to set up a privacy program that aligns campus practices with the University's privacy values. Prior to this role, Ho was IT policy manager at UC Berkeley. She has also held the position of Technology Strategy Officer at San Francisco State University.

Teck-Hua Ho, professor of marketing

Teck-Hua HoTeck-Hua Ho is the William Halford Jr. Family Professor of Marketing at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business, chair of the campus's Asia Business Center, and editor-in-chief of Management Science. In 2010 he received UC Berkeley's prestigious Distinguished Teaching Award. His research interests include behavioral and experimental economics, quantitative marketing (pricing strategy and consumer choice models), and the ... More >

David Hollinger, professor emeritus of history

David HollingerDavid A. Hollinger is Preston Hotchkis Professor Emeritus of history at UC Berkeley. He specializes in the intellectual and ethno-racial history of the United States since the Civil War and is past president of the Organization of American Historians. Hollinger's books include Post-Ethnic America: Beyond Multiculturalism (3rd edition, 2006) and Cosmopolitanism and Solidarity (2006). His writings have been ... More >

Seth Holmes, associate professor of health and social behavior

Seth HolmesSeth Holmes holds the Martin Sisters Endowed Chair in UC Berkeley's School of Public Health. A physician and anthropologist who studies immigration and health, he is the author of Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies: Migrant Farmworkers in the United States (UC Press, 2013). In researching this book, Holmes migrated with undocumented ... More >

Chris Hoofnagle, adjunct professor of information

Chris HoofnagleChris Jay Hoofnagle holds dual appointments as adjunct full professor in the School of Information and the School of Law. He is an elected member of the American Law Institute and author of Federal Trade Commission Privacy Law and Policy (Cambridge University Press 2016). Hoofnagle has written extensively in the fields of information privacy, the law of unfair ... More >

Michael Hout, professor emeritus of sociology and demography

Michael HoutMike Hout taught courses on inequality, data analysis, and population. In his research, he uses demographic methods to study social change in inequality, religion, and politics. In 2006 he coauthored, with Claude Fischer, Century of Difference, a book on 20th-century social and cultural trends in the U.S., which exemplifies this approach, as does another book, The Truth about Conservative Christians, with ... More >

Christopher Hyun, PhD student, Energy and Resources Group

Christopher HyunChristopher Hyun comes from a decade of experience in South Asia, focused on water, pollution, culture, religion and development, particularly in the Ganges River Basin. He has been involved with a variety of NGOs, working on income generation, education, watershed management and river advocacy. He studied at Wheaton College in the US and Banaras Hindu University in India and currently is with the Energy and Resources Group. He ... More >

Joanne Ikeda, co-founder, Center for Weight and Health

Joanne IkedaJoanne Ikeda is a nutritionist emeritus and co-founder of the UC Berkeley Center for Weight and Health. She is a nationally recognized expert on pediatric obesity and the dietary practices of ethnic and immigrant populations, as well as a strong proponent of obesity approaches that emphasize health promotion rather than weight loss. Ikeda is widely known for her pioneering research on the food habits and dietary quality of ... More >

Lynn Ingram, professor of geography and earth and planetary science

Lynn IngramLynn Ingram is a paleoclimatologist — a scientist who studies changes in climate by studying rocks, sediments, shells, microfossils, trees and other materials. Her current research focuses on stratigraphy (the study or rock layers) with strontium isotopes and paleoclimatic and paleo-environmental reconstruction in aquatic environments. Ingram has assessed changes in climate in California over the past several thousand ... More >

Szonja Ivester, lecturer, sociology

Szonja IvesterSzonja Ivester is a third-generation teacher, second-generation sociologist, and first-generation immigrant. Born in Budapest, she was educated at the Flinders University of South Australia and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has taught sociology at Stanford, Cornell, and Wisconsin, as well as at a halfway house for women prisoners in Redwood City. Currently, Ivester is a lecturer at UC Berkeley, where she teaches ... More >

Shannon Jackson, associate vice chancellor of arts and design

Shannon JacksonShannon Jackson is UC Berkeley's first associate vice chancellor of arts and design, and a professor of rhetoric and a professor of theater, dance and performance studies. Her areas of expertise include American Studies, 20th- and 21st-century art movements, social movements, local culture and intercultural citizenship in turn-of-the-century United States. Jackson’s award-winning scholarship has explored the role of the arts ... More >

Ken Jacobs, chair, UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education

Ken JacobsKen Jacobs chairs the UC Berkeley Labor Center, where he has been a labor specialist since 2002. His areas of specialization include health care coverage, low-wage work, the retail industry and public policy. Recent papers have examined declining job-based health coverage in California and the U.S., the public cost of low-wage jobs, and transformations in the retail industry. Jacobs provided consultation to the city and county ... More >

Bob Jacobsen, professor of physics

Bob JacobsenBob Jacobsen obtained a B.S.E.E. from MIT in 1978. He spent 1976 through 1986 working in the computer- and data-communications industry for a small company that was successively bought out by larger and larger companies. He left in 1986 to return to graduate school in physics, obtaining his Ph.D. in experimental high-energy physics from Stanford in 1991. From 1991 through 1994, Jacobsen was a scientific associate and scientific ... More >

Dwight Jaffee, co-chair, Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics

Dwight JaffeeThe Willis Booth Professor of Banking, Finance, and Real Estate at UC Berkeley, Dwight Jaffee co-chairs the Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics at the campus's Haas School of Business. Jaffee received his PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His research focus includes real estate finance, energy efficiency in real estate, and catastrophe insurance. For access to his research papers, see his More >

William Jagust, professor of public health

William JagustWilliam Jagust, M.D., is a professor at UC Berkeley's Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute and at the School of Public Health, where he holds the University Endowed Chair in Geriatrics. He is also a faculty senior scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Jagust's research is focused on the use of positron emission tomography (PET) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to understand brain aging and dementia. His ... More >

Saru Jayaraman, director, Food Labor Research Center

Saru JayaramanSaru Jayaraman directs the Food Labor Research Center at the UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education. She is also the co-founder and co-director of the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC-United), which organizes restaurant workers to win workplace-justice campaigns, conduct research and policy work, partner with responsible restaurants, and launch cooperatively-owned restaurants. ROC has 10,000 members in 19 ... More >

Stephanie Jones-Rogers, assistant professor of history

Stephanie Jones-RogersStephanie Jones-Rogers is an assistant professor of history at UC Berkeley. Her general research interests include 19th century African-American history, the history of American slavery, and U.S. women's and gender history. She is currently completing a regional study which draws upon formerly enslaved people’s testimony, slave traders’ papers, legal documents, financial records, travel writing, illustrations, ... More >

Rosemary Joyce, professor of anthropology

Rosemary JoyceRosemary Joyce is a professor of anthropology at UC Berkeley and an archeologist who has conducted fieldwork in Honduras since 1977. Her research interests include ceramic analysis, household archaeology, and sex, gender and the body, interests unified under the heading of social archaeology, not coincidentally the title of a journal of which she is a founding editor. She would like to be known for changing fixed ideas about ... More >

Yehuda Kalay, professor emeritus, architecture

Yehuda KalayYehuda Kalay is a professor emeritus of architecture and a founding member and former director of the UC Berkeley Center for New Media (2004-07). He is a founding member and past president of the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture. He currently serves as dean of the faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. Kalay has authored and/or edited seven books, ... More >

Daniel Kammen, Class of 1935 Distinguished Professor of Energy

Daniel KammenDaniel M. Kammen is the Class of 1935 Distinguished Professor of Energy at UC Berkeley, where he holds appointments in the Energy and Resources Group, the Goldman School of Public Policy, and the department of Nuclear Engineering. From 2010 to 2011 he worked for the World Bank, as its inaugural chief technical specialist for renewable energy and energy efficiency. Kammen is the founding director of the Renewable and Appropriate ... More >

Alice Kantor, graduate student, School of Journalism

Alice KantorAlice Kantor, a reporter from France, is a student at UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism. With a background in philosophy and sociology, she has worked in France and China covering social and political issues. Specializing on international news and politics, she is currently doing local reporting in the Bay Area. Kantor is also developing her multimedia skills, including video producing, social-media management and ... More >

Zsolt Katona, associate professor, Haas School of Business

Zsolt KatonaZsolt Katon received his PhD in marketing from INSEAD-France in 2008. He also holds a PhD in computer science and a master's degree in mathematics from Eotvos University, Budapest.

Dacher Keltner, professor of psychology

Dacher KeltnerDacher Keltner is a professor of psychology and faculty director and founder of UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center. He studies the biological and evolutionary foundations of human goodness, including compassion, awe, laughter and love, as well as the effects of power, hierarchy, social class, psychopathology, and moral intuitions. Keltner's work has been featured in the New York Times and Time magazine, ... More >

Katherine Kinkopf, Ph.D. student, anthropology

Katherine KinkopfKatherine Kinkopf is a doctoral student in the anthropology department at UC Berkeley, in the Agarwal Skeletal Biology Laboratory. Her research interests also include human skeletal biology, disability studies, history of eugenics and medicine, new materialisms, archaeology, and cultural heritage. Her doctoral research combines the sub-fields of archaeology and biological anthropology in order to understand the complex effects ... More >

David Kirp, professor of public policy

David KirpDavid L. Kirp, James D. Marver Professor of Public Policy at UC Berkeley, is a policy consultant and former newspaper editor as well as an academic. In his 17 books and scores of articles, in both the popular press and scholarly journals, he has tackled some of America’s biggest social problems, including affordable housing, access to health, gender discrimination and AIDS. Throughout his career, Kirp's main focus has been on ... More >

Dan Klein, professor of computer science

Dan KleinDan Klein is a professor of computer science at UC Berkeley (Ph.D. Stanford, MSt Oxford, BA Cornell). His research on natural language processing creates computer systems that use statistical models to automatically acquire and process human languages. Examples include large-scale systems for language understanding, information extraction, and machine translation, as well as computational linguistics projects, such as the ... More >

Alexa Koenig, executive director, Human Rights Center, Berkeley Law

Alexa KoenigAlexa Koenig is the executive director of the Human Rights Center (winner of the 2015 MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions) and a lecturer-in-residence at UC Berkeley School of Law, where she teaches classes on human rights and international criminal law. She is an author, with Victor Peskin and Eric Stover, of Hiding in Plain Sight: The Pursuit of War Criminals from Nuremberg to the War on Terror ... More >

Harry Kreisler, visiting scholar, Institute of International Studies

Harry KreislerHarry Kreisler is a visiting scholar and former executive director of UC Berkeley’s Institute of International Studies. From 2002 to 2007, he taught "Issues in Foreign Policy after 9/11," an undergraduate course that was open to the public as a lecture series. At IIS, Kreisler administers academic and public-affairs programs on global issues. He also teaches a course on U.S. foreign-policy challenges for the Osher Lifelong ... More >

Claire Kremen, professor, environmental sciences; co-director, Berkeley Food Institute

Claire KremenClaire Kremen is a professor in UC Berkeley's Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management and co-director of the Berkeley Food Institute. Kremen is an ecologist whose research explores the ecological, social and economic benefits, costs and barriers to adoption of diversified farming systems, and examines how to restore pollination and pest-control services in intensively farmed landscapes. She was named a ... More >

Ann Kring, professor of psychology

Ann KringAnn M. Kring is a professor of psychology and former director of the campus's Clinical Science Program and Psychology Clinic. She received a B.S. from Ball State University and her M.A. and Ph.D. from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Kring's research focuses on emotion and psychopathology, with a specific interest in the emotional features of schizophrenia, assessing negative symptoms in schizophrenia, and the ... More >

Chris Kutz, professor of law

Chris KutzChristopher Kutz is C.William Maxeiner Distinguished Professor of Law at UC Berkeley. As a faculty member in Berkeley Law's Jurisprudence and Social Policy Program, his research focuses on moral, political and legal philosophy. His work focuses on moral, political and legal philosophy, and he has particular interest in the foundations of criminal, international and constitutional law. Kutz's newest book, On War and ... More >

Gregory La Blanc, lecturer, business and law

Gregory La BlancGregory La Blanc teaches at the Haas School of Business and at Berkeley Law. His research interests include evolutionary decision theory, behavioral law and economics, behavioral corporate finance, complex adaptive systems, and Information in organizations. La Blanc was a UC Berkeley Presidential Teaching Fellow in 2009 and won the campus's Earl F. Cheit Award for Outstanding Teaching the same year.

George Lakoff, professor of linguistics

George LakoffGeorge Lakoff is Goldman Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Science and Linguistics at UC Berkeley, where he has taught since 1972. His research involves the application of cognitive and neural linguistics to politics, literature, philosophy and mathematics. Lakoff's research involves questions traditionally pursued by linguists, such as the conditions under which a certain linguistic construction is grammatically viable, but ... More >

Robin Lakoff, professor emerita of linguistics

Robin LakoffRobin Lakoff studies language and gender, the politics of language, and language and popular culture. More academically, her work comes under the rubrics of sociolinguistics and the relationship between language form and language function. She has written or edited 10 books, among them Language and Woman's Place, Face Value: The Politics of Beauty, Talking Power, and The Language War. She also blogs for ... More >

Andrea Lampros, communications manager, Human Rights Center

Andrea LamprosAndrea Lampros is the communications manager and fellowships coordinator for the Human Rights Center at UC Berkeley School of Law. A graduate of the UC Berkeley School of Journalism, Lampros has spent more than a decade working as a newspaper reporter, magazine editor and freelance writer. Prior to joining the Human Rights Center, she worked on the marketing and communications team of the campus's University Relations unit.

Hannah Laqueur, Ph.D. candidate, Berkeley Law

Hannah LaqueurA Ph.D. candidate in Jurisprudence and Social Policy at UC Berkeley Law, Hannah Laqueur specializes in law and economics and criminal justice policy; she is also pursuing a masters degree in biostatistics. Before starting graduate school she worked as a policy analyst at the New York City Mayor’s Office. Her research interests include drug policy, policing, social influence processes, and more broadly, the application of ... More >

Tom Laqueur, professor of history

Tom LaqueurThomas Laqueur is a professor of history at UC Berkeley. His work on the history of sexuality, human rights, and on various aspects of death and memory have been translated into 16 languages. His 2015 book, The Work of the Dead: A Cultural History of Mortal Remains, chronicles how the living shape the dead and are in turn shaped by them. Laqueur is former director of the campus's Doreen B. Townsend Center for the ... More >

Phuoc Le, assistant professor, UC Berkeley School of Public Health, and assistant clinical professor of medicine and pediatrics, UCSF

Phuoc LePhuoc Le graduated from Dartmouth in 2000 with a double major in biochemistry and molecular biology and Asian and Middle Eastern languages and literatures. Le then matriculated at Stanford Medical School, where he earned his M.D. During his time at Stanford, Le also obtained a master's of public health from UC Berkeley with a focus on global health. He completed a combined residency in internal medicine, pediatrics, and global ... More >

Hojae Lee, bioengineering major

Hojae LeeHojae Lee is a UC Berkeley bioengineering major. She is a math enthusiast and has been the assistant to the Berkeley Math Circle, a public-service program for local K-12 students, since her freshmen year. When not engaged in her undergraduate research in developing biomedical devices, or volunteering at a hospital, she loves thinking about interesting math problems in her spare time. Lee's current interest in math lies in ... More >

Ronald Lee, professor emeritus of demography and economics

Ronald LeeRonald Lee is professor emeritus of demography and economics at UC Berkeley, and is associate director and founder of the campus's Center on the Economics and Demography of Aging. He co-directs the National Transfer Accounts, a project that estimates intergenerational transfers through the family and the public sector in 28 countries around the world. Lee' s research also seeks to answer such evolutionary questions as: Why ... More >

Peggy Lemaux, cooperative extension specialist in plant and microbial biology

Peggy LemauxPeggy G. Lemaux is a Cooperative Extension Specialist and a faculty member in the Department of Plant and Microbial Biology. Her research efforts focus on the use of genetic engineering and genomic technologies to understand, manipulate and improve cereal crops such as wheat, barley, rice and sorghum. Lemaux's applied projects include engineering a faster germinating barley with improved starch characteristics intended for the ... More >

Gabriel Lenz, associate professor of political science

Gabriel LenzGabriel Lenz is an associate professor of political science whose research primarily focuses on voters’ ability to control their elected officials. His aim is to further our understanding of when voters succeed in holding politicians accountable, when they fail, and how to help them avoid failures. Lenz's work draws on insights from social psychology and economics, and his research and teaching interests are in the areas of ... More >

Thomas C. Leonard, emeritus journalism professor and University Librarian emeritus

Thomas C. LeonardThomas C. Leonard served as UC Berkeley's University Librarian and as a professor in the Graduate School of Journalism. He has published several books on the role of the press in society and on the origins of modern American journalism. Author of Above the Battle: War-Making in America from Appomattox to Versailles, The Power of the Press: The Birth of American Political Reporting, and News for All, Leonard ... More >

David Levine, professor of business administration

David LevineDavid I. Levine is the Eugene E. and Catherine M. Trefethen professor of business administration at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business. He is also past chair of the advisory board of the University's Center on Evaluation for Global Action (CEGA). Levine's work has emphasized organizational learning (and failures to learn). Several books examine causes and effects of public and private policies to promote organizational ... More >

Kendra Levine, librarian, Institute of Transportation Studies Library

Kendra LevineKendra Levine is a specialist in transportation information, data and research. In her role as research librarian for the UC Berkeley Institute of Transportation Studies, she assists with research related to all major modes of transportation, focusing on new technologies and systems innovations that promote sustainable transportation. Levine's expertise in the field's online and print resources is supplemented by an in-depth ... More >

Jonah Levy, associate professor of political science

Jonah LevyJonah Levy received his Ph.D. in political science from MIT in 1994. He teaches courses in comparative political economy, French and West European politics, and the welfare state. Levy is vice chair of UC Berkeley's Travers Department of Political Science, as well as Director of Undergraduate Studies. He is currently conducting research on France's response to the 2008 crisis, as well as on the relationship between partisanship ... More >

Jere Lipps, professor emeritus of integrative biology

Jere LippsJere Lipps is Professor of the Graduate School (Integrative Biology). In 1989, he became director of the Museum of Paleontology, in 1990 the chair of the Department of Integrative Biology, and is currently professor emeritus. A broad-based paleontologist, Lipps' interests include marine geology, marine biology, paleontology, especially micropaleontology, and astrobiology. He also contributes to the discussions of scientific ... More >

Leon Litwack, professor emeritus of history

Leon LitwackA UC Berkeley professor emeritus of history, Leon Litwack specializes in the African-American experience and taught more than 30,000 students — a tenth of all surviving UC Berkeley graduates — during his 43 years on the faculty. Litwack's work has earned him a Guggenheim fellowship, a National Endowment for the Humanities grant, and a 1980 Pulitzer Prize and 1981 National Book Award — the latter two for his account of the ... More >

Karin Mac Donald, director, Election Administration Research Center

Karin Mac DonaldKarin Mac Donald directs the Election Administration Research Center at Berkeley Law, as well as the Statewide Database, the redistricting database for the State of California. Her work and research centers on access to elections focusing on voting rights and representation via election administration and non-partisan, transparent districting processes. In 2012, Mac Donald served as an election observer in the presidential ... More >

Cristobal Madero, Ph.D. student, education

Cristobal MaderoCristobal Madero is a Jesuit (member of the Society of Jesus), a sociologist and a theologian, currently pursuing a Ph.D. in educational policies and organizations at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Education. Before initiating these studies, Madero received a Fulbright scholarship; sponsored by the Council for the Science and Technology, he taught philosophy, theology, and social sciences for ten years in high schools in ... More >

Temina Madon, executive director, Center for Effective Global Action

Temina MadonTemina Madon is executive director of the Center for Effective Global Action (CEGA), a research network that designs and tests solutions for the development challenges in low- and middle-income countries. Her research and training activities focus on health services, agricultural innovation and technology design for emerging markets. Madon has worked as science policy advisor for the National Institutes of Health-Fogarty ... More >

Thomas Mann, resident scholar, Institute of Governmental Studies

Thomas MannThomas E. Mann, a former senior fellow at The Brookings Institution, is now a resident scholar at Berkeley's Institute of Governmental Studies. Mann held the W. Averell Harriman Chair at Brookings between 1991 and 2014 and was director of Governmental Studies between 1987 and 1999. Before that, Mann was executive director of the American Political Science Association. Born in Milwaukee, he earned his M.A. and Ph.D. at the ... More >

Beatriz Manz, professor of geography and ethnic studies

Beatriz ManzBeatriz Manz, professor of geography and ethnic studies at UC Berkeley, is the author of Refugees of a Hidden War: the Aftermath of Counterinsurgency in Guatemala; Paradise in Ashes: A Guatemalan Journey of Courage, Terror, and Hope; and Born in the USA: the Identities of American-Born Latinos. The focus of her research has been contemporary Mayan communities in Guatemala. Refugees of a Hidden ... More >

Jason Marsh, editor-in-chief, Greater Good Science Center

Jason MarshJason Marsh is the founding editor-in-chief of Greater Good, the online magazine of UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center, where he covers "the science of a meaningful life." His writing has explored topics ranging from the psychology of the bystander to the reasons why he should More >

Robin Marsh, resident researcher, Institute for the Study of Societal Issues

Robin MarshRobin Marsh is a socio-economist with more than 25 years of experience in international agriculture, rural development and leadership development. She joined UC Berkeley in 2000 as academic coordinator of the Center for Sustainable Resource Development and co-director of the Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program (2000-2013). She has been a lecturer at the College of Natural Resources since 2003, teaching Population, Environment ... More >

Christina Maslach, professor emerita, psychology

Christina MaslachChristina Maslach, professor emerita of psychology, has conducted research on a number of topics in social and health psychology. But she is best known as a pioneering researcher on job burnout, and the author of the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI), the most widely used research measure in the burnout field. Maslach co-edits the peer-reviewed e-journal Burnout Research, which she helped found, and is part of the ... More >

Mary Ann Mason, professor, Berkeley Law

Mary Ann MasonMary Ann Mason is professor and co-director of the Center on Health, Economics and Family Security at Berkeley Law, as well as professor emeritus of social welfare. Her scholarship spans children and family law, policy and history. Recent works have focused on working families, in particular the issues faced by the surging numbers of professional women in law, medicine, science, and the academic world. She is the co-author, ... More >

Stephen Maurer, director, IT & Homeland Security Project, public policy

Stephen MaurerStephen M. Maurer is associate adjunct professor in the Goldman School of Public Policy; he is also affiliated with Berkeley Law. His research interests include innovation, drug discovery incentives, open source, and WMD terrorism. Maurer is the editor and co-author of WMD Terrorism: Science and Policy Choices (MIT Press 2009). He has written extensively on scientific databases, private/academic partnerships, patents, ... More >

Kellie McElhaney, faculty director, Center for Responsible Business

Kellie McElhaneyKellie McElhaney is the Alexander Faculty Fellow and the founding faculty director, at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business, of the Center for Responsible Business, which she was instrumental in launching in 2003. Under her leadership, the center has helped define corporate responsibility as one of the core competencies and competitive advantages of the Haas School. McElhaney's work has three areas of focus: (1) analyzing and ... More >

Liz McKenna, Ph.D. student, sociology

Liz McKennaLiz McKenna's research focuses on the class dynamics and mobilizing structures of Brazil’s current protest cycle (and lack thereof). Her broader academic interests include state-society relations, social movements, and stratification. Before coming to Berkeley as a graduate student, McKenna studied and organized in six favelas in Rio de Janeiro for two years. In 2008 and 2012, she worked as a grassroots organizer for the ... More >

Kimberly McNair, doctoral candidate, African Diaspora Studies

Kimberly McNairKimberly McNair is a doctoral candidate pursuing a PhD at UC Berkeley in African Diaspora Studies. She is currently working on her dissertation, which focuses on T-shirt culture and the African American protest tradition. McNair is also coordinator for the Townsend Center for the Humanities working group on Race, Gender, and Black Popular Culture; a member of the Center for Race and Gender Color of New Media working group; and ... More >

Donald McQuade, professor of English

Donald McQuadeDonald McQuade is professor of English at UC Berkeley and served eight years as vice chancellor for University Relations. A member of UC Berkeley’s English faculty since 1986, McQuade teaches courses in writing, American literature, and American Studies. McQuade has written, edited, and co-edited numerous books on writing, on American literature, as well as on American culture, and especially on advertising. He has served ... More >

Jonas Meckling, assistant professor, energy and environmental policy

Jonas MecklingJonas Meckling is an assistant professor in UC Berkeley's Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management. His research focuses on the comparative and international political economy of energy and climate change. He is particularly interested in the politics of clean energy policy and market-based environmental policy. Why do countries choose particular policy instruments? How do policies diffuse globally? What makes ... More >

Robin Mejia, PhD candidate, biostatistics

Robin MejiaIn over a decade as a freelance journalist, Robin Mejia covered health and science stories for the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post Magazine, Wired, Science, CNN and many other outlets. She uncovered problems at the FBI crime lab, covered controversies in epidemiology, and reviewed the use of science technology in human rights investigations. Mejia's work has won several national journalism awards and ... More >

Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton, associate professor of psychology

Rodolfo Mendoza-DentonRodolfo Mendoza-Denton is an associate professor of psychology at UC Berkeley, faculty director of the campus's Greater Good Science Center, and co-editor of the Greater Good book Are We Born Racist?: New Insights from Neuroscience and Positive Psychology. He co-directs the psychology department's Relationships and Social Cognition Laboratory. Mendoza-Denton studies stereotyping, intergroup relations, cross-race ... More >

Stephen Menendian, assistant director, Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society

Stephen MenendianBefore coming to the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society, at UC Berkeley, Stephen Menendian was senior legal associate at Ohio State University's Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity. Menendian co-authored the Haas Institute’s U.S. Supreme Court amicus brief in Fisher v. Texas, as well as an amicus brief in the 2007 Seattle/Louisville K-12 integration cases. Menendian has trained ... More >

Guy Micco, director, Center on Aging

Guy MiccoGuy Micco is a physician who combines teaching as a clinical professor at UC Berkeley with part-time practice in hospice and palliative care. His interests include suffering, aging, and death; the interface of medicine and the humanities; and medical ethics — all of which he brings to his work with medical students enrolled in the UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program. A former ethics-committee chair at Alta Bates-Summit ... More >

Lorraine Midanik, dean emeritus, School of Social Welfare

Lorraine MidanikLorraine T. Midanik is dean and professor emerita of UC Berkeley's School of Social Welfare, where she served on the faculty for 27 years. Her research interests include the biomedicalization of social problems, research methodology, health policy, alcohol and drug policy and the epidemiology of alcohol and drug use. Midanik received her Ph.D. in behavioral sciences in public health from Johns Hopkins University and has had ... More >

Joel Middleton, assistant professor, political science

Joel MiddletonJoel Middleton is a assistant professor of political science at UC Berkeley. In the field of American politics, his research has contributed to the domains of political psychology, voter turnout and voter persuasion. His research interests in statistical methods include causal inference, survey sampling and design-based estimation.

Ted Miguel, professor of economics

Ted MiguelAt Berkeley, Edward "Ted" Miguel is Oxfam Professor in Environmental and Resource Economics and faculty director of the Center of Evaluation for Global Action. His expertise is global economic development, with a focus on Africa. Miguel’s main research focus is African economic development, including the economic causes and consequences of violence; the impact of ethnic divisions on local collective action; and interactions ... More >

Line Mikkelsen, associate professor of linguistics

Line MikkelsenLine Mikkelsen is an associate professor of linguistics who works on the syntax, semantics, and morphology of natural languages and the relations between these. She has a longstanding interest in philosophy of language and is affiliated with the department of philosophy. Mikkelsen is the author of Copular Clauses: Specification, Predication and Equation. She received her Ph.D. in linguistics at UC Santa Cruz in 2004, ... More >

Carol Mimura, assistant vice chancellor for Intellectual Property & Industry Research Alliances

Carol MimuraCarol Mimura is the assistant vice chancellor for Intellectual Property & Industry Research Alliances (IPIRA) at UC Berkeley and former head of the campus’s Office of Technology Licensing. Under her direction, Berkeley’s socially responsible licensing initiative has made it possible for campus researchers — including, notably, synthetic-biology pioneer Jay Keasling — to get the benefits of their work into the ... More >

Santiago Miret, Ph.D. student, materials science & engineering

Santiago MiretSantiago is a PhD student in Materials Science & Engineering with great interest in the multifaceted nature of future energy technologies. As the editor for the Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative (BERC) website, Santiago explores energy issues from an interdisciplinary perspective that extends beyond his engineering research. While pursuing his bachelors degree from ... More >

Mahmood Monshipouri, visiting associate professor, Middle Eastern Studies

Mahmood MonshipouriA teacher of Middle Eastern politics at UC Berkeley and San Francisco State University, Mahmood Monshipouri, PhD. specializes in human rights, identity construction, and globalization in the Muslim world. He has published and edited several books, including Democratic Uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa: Youth, Technology, and Modernization (2013); Terrorism, Security, and Human Rights: Harnessing the ... More >

Don Moore, professor, Haas School of Business

Don MooreDon A. Moore is a professor of Management of Organizations at the Haas School of Business. He studies human overconfidence, including when people think they are better than they actually are, when people think they are better than others, and when people are too sure they know the truth. Understanding the psychological origins of overconfidence sheds light on its implications for human decisions, as well as for organizations and ... More >

Enrico Moretti, professor of economics

Enrico MorettiEnrico Moretti is the Michael Peevy and Donald Vial Professor of Economics at the University of California, Berkeley. His research interests include labor economics, urban economics and applied econometrics. Moretti serves as editor in chief of the Journal of Economic Perspectives and is a visiting scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. He is also research associate at the National Bureau of Economic ... More >

Davitt Moroney, professor of music

Davitt MoroneyDavitt Moroney is a professor of music scholarship at UC Berkeley. He is also university organist and currently serves as a member of the Chancellor's Advisory Committee on the LGBT Community at Cal. Moroney is a specialist in music of the 16th to 18th centuries, in particular J. S. Bach, and music at Versailles. One of his scholarly discoveries: the “Mass in 40 and 60 Voices” (1566), by Alessandro Striggio, one of the ... More >

Michael Nacht, professor of public policy

Michael NachtMichael Nacht holds the campus's Thomas and Alison Schneider Chair in Public Policy. From 1998-2008 he was Aaron Wildavsky Dean of the Goldman School for Public Policy. Nacht has had a diverse career in academia, government and the private sector, specializing in U.S. national security policy and international affairs; science, technology and public policy; and management strategies for complex organizations. Nacht's ... More >

William Nazaroff, professor of environmental engineering

William NazaroffWilliam Nazaroff is a professor of environmental engineering and editor-in-chief of the journal Indoor Air. He has served on numerous advisory committees for worldwide research and teaching centers related to the indoor air sciences. Among Nazaroff's many writings are more than 120 journal articles and an upper-division textbook, Environmental Engineering Science (Wiley, 2001). Nazaroff's research group ... More >

Bruce Newsome, assistant teaching professor in international relations

Bruce NewsomeBruce Newsome is assistant teaching professor in International Relations. He teaches courses on global security risks, counterterrorism and counterinsurgency, intelligence and counterintelligence, and research methods. Newsome previously consulted to governments on defense and security while employed by the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, Calif. He has taught as standing faculty at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, ... More >

Greg Niemeyer, director, Berkeley Center for New Media

Greg NiemeyerGreg Niemeyer is an associate professor of new media art, in art practice and director at the Berkeley Center for New Media. Niemeyer focuses on the critical analysis of the impact of new media on human experiences. His work involves building experimental games and sensor devices. It has been exhibited at the Museum of California Art in Pasadena, Calif., the Beall Center for New Media in Irvine, Calif., Arthouse at the Jones ... More >

Richard Norgaard, professor of energy and resources

Richard NorgaardRichard Norgaard is professor of energy and resources at UC Berkeley. Among the founders of the field of ecological economics, his recent research addresses how environmental problems challenge scientific understanding and the policy process, how ecologists and economists understand systems differently, and how globalization affects environmental governance. He has field experience in Alaska, Brazil, California, and Vietnam with ... More >

G. Ugo Nwokeji, director, Center for African Studies

G. Ugo NwokejiDirector of the Center for African Studies and associate professor of African American Studies, G. Ugo Nwokeji has expertise in the cultural history and political economy of Africa since 1500, with a particular focus on international commerce in the Nigerian Niger Delta and its hinterland. His research topics also include slavery, migration, and colonial and postcolonial political economy, including concerns with oil and ... More >

Peggy O'Donnell, Ph.D. candidate, history

Peggy O'DonnellPeggy O'Donnell is a Ph.D. candidate in history at UC Berkeley. Her work focuses on the history of human rights, broadly conceived: rights in the context of atrocity or conflict, civil rights, labor rights, and women's rights. O'Donnell's current project is a history of mass-grave exhumations in the aftermath of atrocities and human-rights violations, and of how forensic evidence has been used to piece together the facts of ... More >

Michael O'Hare, professor of public policy

Michael O'HareTrained at Harvard as an architect and engineer, Michael O'Hare came to Berkeley after teaching positions at MIT and Harvard's Kennedy School and "real-world" employment at Arthur D. Little, Inc., Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, and the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs. A professor of public policy at the Goldman School of Public Policy and faculty affiliate of the Energy and Resources Group, his research ... More >

Lorena Ojeda, visiting scholar, history

Lorena OjedaLorena Ojeda--davila is a visiting scholar in the Department of History at UC Berkeley and a professor of history at Mexico's Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo. Her work at Berkeley is supported by the Fulbright García-Robles and CONACYT grants. Ojeda's published work includes the article "Communities Up in Arms," on the emergence of armed ... More >

Martha Olney, adjunct professor of economics

Martha OlneyMartha Olney is an adjunct professor in UC Berkeley's Department of Economics focusing on the fields of economic history, macroeconomics, and the economics of discrimination. Olney's research interests include consumer spending; consumer indebtedness; the Great Depression; race and credit and saving. Olney joined the Economics Department in 1991 as a research associate at the Institute of Business and Economic Research. She ... More >

Cristián Orrego, director, forensic program, Human Rights Center, Berkeley Law

Cristián OrregoBefore joining the Human Rights Center, Cristián Orrega, a biochemist and forensic geneticist, served as assistant laboratory director and criminalist supervisor at the California Department of Justice's Jan Bashinski DNA Laboratory in Richmond, Calif. He is a founding member of the Alliance of Forensic Scientists for Human Rights and Humanitarian Investigations, a volunteer organization, which has worked closely with the ... More >

Alexandra Orsola-Vidal, Global Networks Director, Center for Effective Global Action

Alexandra Orsola-VidalAlexandra Orsola-Vidal is the Global Networks director at the Center for Effective Global Action (CEGA), a research network that designs and tests solutions for the problems of poverty, using field trials and other rigorous research methods. She directs all training and capacity-building initiatives, and leads CEGA's efforts to create a network of universities, development agencies and local research institutions that promote ... More >

Kevin Padian, professor of paleontology and evolutionary biology

Kevin PadianKevin Padian is a professor of paleontology and evolutionary biology in UC Berkeley's Department of Integrative Biology, and a curator at the UC Museum of Paleontology. Padian's research interests are united by an interest in how large-scale changes get started in evolution. He and his colleagues work to address questions such as “how did flight evolve?” and “how did dinosaurs take over?”

Christos Papadimitriou, professor, electrical engineering and computer sciences

Christos PapadimitriouChristos Papadimitriou, professor of electrical engineering and computer sciences, studied electrical engineering in Greece, and got his PhD in computer science from Princeton in 1976. He taught theoretical computer science at Harvard, MIT, Athens Polytechnic, Stanford and UCSD before coming to Berkeley in 1996. Papadimitriou has written more than 300 research papers on the theory of algorithms and complexity, and its ... More >

David Patterson, professor of computer science

David PattersonDavid A. Patterson is the Pardee Professor of Computer Science; director of the Reliable Adaptive Distributed computing Laboratory (RAD Lab); and director of the Parallel Computing Laboratory (Par Lab). He is the first in his family to graduate from college and he enjoyed it so much that he didn’t stop until he received a Ph.D. (UCLA '76). He then joined UC Berkeley, where he and his colleagues developed innovations in the ... More >

P. David Pearson, professor, Graduate School of Education

P. David PearsonP. David Pearson is a faculty member in the Language and Literacy program at UC Berkeley's School of Education, and served as dean of the school for nine years, starting in July 2001. His current research focuses on reading instruction and reading assessment policies and practices at all levels — local, state and national. Prior to coming to Berkeley in 2001, he was the John A. Hannah Distinguished Professor of Education in ... More >

T.J. Pempel, professor of political science

T.J. PempelT. J. Pempel is a professor of political scientist at UC Berkeley, former director of the campus's Institute of East Asian Studies, and a leading expert on North Korea and on Japan. His research focuses on comparative politics, Japanese political economy, and Asian regional issues. Pempel's books include Crisis as Catalyst: Dynamics of the East Asian Political Economy and Remapping East Asia: The Construction of a ... More >

Daniel Perlstein, professor of education

Daniel PerlsteinDaniel Perlstein is a historian whose scholarship promotes the creation of more equitable and humane schools. His research focuses on the relationship of democratic aspirations to social inequalities in American schools and life. Perlstein's book Justice, Justice: School Politics and the Eclipse of Liberalism (Peter Lang, 2004), explores the place of race and class conflicts in the politics of urban education. His ... More >

Juan Pestana-Nascimento, professor of civil and environmental engineering

Juan Pestana-NascimentoJuan M. Pestana-Nascimento joined the UC Berkeley faculty in 1994 and is a professor of civil and environmental engineering. His research interests include constitutive modeling of soil behavior, geotechnical engineering, soil properties characterization, numerical modeling of soil-structure interaction, environmental geotechnics and geotechnical earthquake engineering. Pestana received his summa cum Laude undergraduate degree ... More >

Mark Peterson, professor of history

Mark PetersonMark Peterson, professor and chair of history, teaches and writes about colonial America and the American Revolution. His specialty is Boston and New England. He is completing a book for Yale University Press titled The City-State of Boston: A Tragedy in Three Acts, 1630-1865. His earlier works include The Price of Redemption: The Spiritual Economy of Puritan New England (Stanford, 1997), as well as numerous ... More >

Pedro Peterson, Ph.D. student in city and regional planning

Pedro PetersonPedro Peterson is a Ph.D. candidate in UC Berkeley's Department of City and Regional Planning. His research focuses on public-private governance and local economic development policies in Brazil. Pedro is currently doing field research in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

Benjamin Porter, assistant professor of Near Eastern archaeology

Benjamin PorterBenjamin Porter is an assistant professor of Near Eastern archaeology in UC Berkeley’s Near Eastern studies department, and a curator of Near Eastern archaeology at the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology. He received his PhD in 2007 from the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Anthropology. Porter co-directs the Dhiban Excavation and Development Project in Jordan, an archaeological field project investigating ... More >

Malcolm Potts, professor of population and family planning

Malcolm PottsMalcolm Potts is a Cambridge-trained obstetrician and reproductive scientist. He is the first holder of the Fred H. Bixby endowed chair in Population and Family Planning at UC Berkeley's School of Public Health. He is co-director of the Berkeley International Group (BIG) with Dr. Julia Walsh. During the decade he served as first medical director of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, he introduced family planning ... More >

john a. powell, director, Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society

john a. powellProfessor of Law john a. powell is director, at UC Berkeley, of the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society and holds the Robert D. Haas Chancellor’s Chair in Equity and Inclusion. powell is an internationally recognized authority in the areas of civil rights and civil liberties and the intersection of race with a wide range of issues including housing, education, poverty, democracy and identity. Previously, he ... More >

David Presti, teaching professor of neurobiology

David PrestiDavid E. Presti has been teaching neurobiology, psychology, and cognitive science at UC Berkeley since 1991. His classes on "Brain, Mind, and Behavior: An Introduction to Neuroscience," "Drugs and the Brain," "Neurochemistry," and "Matter, Mind, Consciousness" reach more than 1,300 UC Berkeley students every year. For more than a decade he worked in the treatment of addiction and of post-traumatic-stress (PTSD) at the ... More >

Ethan Rarick, director, Matsui Center

Ethan RarickEthan Rarick is the director of the Robert T. Matsui Center for Politics and Public Service at the Institute of Governmental Studies at UC Berkeley. A former political journalist, he is the author of California Rising: The Life and Times of Pat Brown and Desperate Passage: The Donner Party’s Perilous Journey West, and the editor of California Votes: The 2006 Governor’s Race and California ... More >

Raka Ray, professor of sociology and South and Southeast Asia studies

Raka RayRaka Ray is professor of sociology and South and Southeast Asia studies at UC Berkeley. Her areas of expertise include gender and feminist theory, domination and inequality, the emerging middle classes, and social movements. Ray's books include Fields of Protest: Women's Movements in India (University of Minnesota, 1999); Social Movements in India: Poverty, Power, and Politics, co-edited with Mary Katzenstein ... More >

Carol Redmount, associate professor of Egyptian archeaology, chair of Near Eastern studies

Carol RedmountCarol Redmount is associate professor of Egyptian archaeology in the Department of Near Eastern Studies at UC Berkeley, which she currently chairs. She is principal investigator of the campus's archaeological excavation project at El Hibeh, a desert site located on the ancient boundary between upper and lower Egypt.

Robert Reich, professor of public policy

Robert ReichRobert B. Reich is a professor of public policy at UC Berkeley's Richard and Rhoda Goldman School of Public Policy and former secretary of labor in the Clinton Administration. Reich has served in three national administrations. He also served on President Obama's transition advisory board. He has written 12 books, including The Work of Nations, which has been translated into 22 languages; the best-sellers The ... More >

Arthur Reingold, professor and head of epidemiology

Arthur ReingoldArthur Reingold, MD, holds the inaugural Edward E. Penhoet Distinguished Chair in Global Public Health and Infectious Diseases at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health. He is head of the California Emerging Infections Program, a member of the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts for the World Health Organization, and a member of the current Institute of Medicine committee on the U.S. National Vaccine Plan. A board-certified ... More >

Lee Riley, professor of epidemiology and infectious diseases

Lee RileyLee Riley, MD is professor of epidemiology and infectious diseases and chair of the Division of Infectious Diseases at UC Berkeley's School of Public Health. He is a physician who has been trained in both epidemiology and molecular biology research. Riley's current research work involves tuberculosis, drug-resistant bacterial infections, and infectious diseases of urban slums. He is also studying the spread of drug-resistant ... More >

Lawrence Rinder, director, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

Lawrence RinderLawrence Rinder is director of the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive at UC Berkeley. He has held positions at the Museum of Modern Art, Walker Art Center, and the Whitney Museum of American Art, where he was chief curator of the 2002 Biennial. Among the other exhibitions he has organized are "In a Different Light" (curated with Nayland Blake), "BitStreams," "The American Effect," and Tim Hawkinson. He was the ... More >

Jasper Rine, professor of genetics, genomics and development

Jasper RineJasper Rine is a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor and professor of genetics, genomics and development in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology. His research spans the fields of genetics, molecular biology and biochemistry. He joined the faculty in 1982. Rine directed Lawrence Berkeley Lab's Human Genome Center from 1991 to 1994, and more recently was director of the Center for Computational Biology. His research ... More >

Victoria Robinson, program director, American Cultures Center

Victoria Robinson has been a lecturer in the Department of Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley for 14 years and is program director of the campus's American Cultures (AC) Center. Originating from work in Southern Europe during the early 1990s — analyzing how migrant communities formed organizing strategies against xenophobic state policies and the fortification of the European community — she confronts in her teaching the ... More >

Gene Rochlin, professor emeritus, Energy & Resources Group

Gene RochlinGene I. Rochlin is professor emeritus in the Energy and Resources Group at UC Berkeley. He holds a PhD in physics from the University of Chicago. Retrained in social and political science, his research interests include science, technology and society; cultural and cognitive studies of complex socio-technical operations; the politics and policy of energy and environmental matters; and the broader cultural, organizational and ... More >

Gérard Roland, E. Morris Cox professor of economics and professor of political science

Gérard RolandGérard Roland is E. Morris Cox professor of economics and professor of political science at UC Berkeley. His expertise is in political economy, comparative economic analysis of institutions and reforms in post-socialist economies. Roland has been a regular consultant to the IMF, World Bank and EBRD in the last 15 years and has also consulted for the European Commission and the Inter-American Development Bank. He is editor ... More >

David Roland-Holst, adjunct professor, agricultural and resource economics

David Roland-HolstDavid Roland-Holst is adjunct professor of agricultural and resource economics in the College of Natural Resources. He is an expert on the Chinese economy, international development, and environmental economics. Roland-Holst has authored six books and more than 100 professional journal articles and book chapters. He has also served in academic posts in the United States, Europe, and Asia, and conducted research in more than 40 ... More >

Chris Rosen, associate professor of business and public policy

Chris RosenChristine Rosen is an associate professor of business and public policy at the Haas School of Business, and associate director of the Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry. She teaches business history and corporate environmental strategy and management. Rosen's fields of research include the history of pollution regulation in the United States, American business history, American urban history and corporate environmental ... More >

Larry Rosenthal, adjunct professor, public policy

Larry RosenthalLarry A. Rosenthal serves as executive director of the Berkeley Program on Housing and Urban Policy, and assistant adjunct professor at UC Berkeley's Goldman School of Public Policy. He is co-editor, with John Quigley, of Risking Housing and Home: Disasters, Cities, Public Policy (Berkeley Public Policy Press, 2008), a collection of symposium papers commemorating the centennial of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and ... More >

Lawrence Rosenthal, executive director, Center for Right-Wing Studies

Lawrence RosenthalLawrence Rosenthal is executive director of the Berkeley Center for Right-Wing Studies, a research unit founded in 2009 and dedicated to the study of right-wing movements in the 20th and 21st centuries. Rosenthal is co-editor of STEEP: The Precipitous Rise of the Tea Party, published by UC Press in August 2012. He also co-edited The New Nationalism and the First World War, published in 2014. He has taught ... More >

Stuart Russell, professor, electrical engineering and computer sciences

Stuart RussellStuart Russell received his B.A. with first-class honours in physics from Oxford University in 1982 and his Ph.D. in computer science from Stanford in 1986. He then joined the faculty at UC Berkeley, where he is professor (and former chair) of electrical engineering and computer sciences and holder of the Smith-Zadeh Chair in Engineering. Russell also serves as adjunct professor of neurological surgery at UC San Francisco and ... More >

Sadia Saifuddin, social-welfare major, former UC student regent

Sadia SaifuddinSadia Saifuddin served as the UC student regent for 2014-15. She is a fourth-year social-welfare major. She has previously served as a senator in UC Berkeley's student government, the ASUC. She founded a UC systemwide committee designed to improve campus climate for all students, and has been a vocal advocate for student issues such as sexual assault, student hunger and free speech. Saifuddin is a PPIA fellow at the ... More >

AnnaLee Saxenian, dean, School of Information

AnnaLee SaxenianAnnaLee Saxenian is professor and dean of the School of Information and a professor of city and regional planning. She is recognized for her research in regional economics and the conditions under which people, ideas and geographies combine and connect into hubs of economic activity. Saxenian has written extensively about the information technology industry and economics extending from California’s Silicon Valley and Boston ... More >

David Schaffer, professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering

David SchafferDavid Schaffer is a professor of chemical engineering at UC Berkeley, where he applies engineering principles to enhance stem-cell and gene-therapy approaches for neuroregeneration. This work includes mechanistic investigation of stem cell control, as well as molecular evolution and engineering of viral gene-delivery vehicles. Schaffer has received an NSF CAREER Award, Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award, Whitaker ... More >

Andrew Scharlach, professor, social welfare

Andrew ScharlachAndrew Scharlach is the Eugene and Rose Kleiner Professor of Aging at UC Berkeley's School of Social Welfare. His research examines the physical and social contexts that are conducive to constructive outcomes for elderly persons. Scharlach is currently directing a multi-year program of research examining innovative initiatives for helping communities to become more aging-friendly. His other research interests include aging ... More >

Richard Scheffler, professor of health economics and public policy

Richard SchefflerRichard M. Scheffler is Distinguished Professor of Health Economics and Public Policy at the School of Public Health and the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley. He also holds the Chair in Healthcare Markets and Consumer Welfare, endowed by the Office of the Attorney General for the State of California. He also directs the Global Center for Health Economics and Policy Research. Scheffler has been a visiting professor ... More >

Randy Schekman, professor of molecular and cell biology

Randy SchekmanRandy Schekman, professor of molecular and cell biology, shared the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his role in revealing the machinery that regulates the transport and secretion of proteins in our cells. Schekman is an investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and, since 2006, editor-in-chief of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). His interest in cellular membranes ... More >

Nancy Scheper-Hughes, anthropology professor

Nancy Scheper-HughesNancy Scheper-Hughes is a professor of medical anthropology at UC Berkeley, where she directs the doctoral program in Critical Studies in Medicine, Science and the Body. Scheper-Hughes is co-founder and director of Organs Watch, a medical human rights project, an adviser to the World Health Organization and a member of the Institute for Advanced Study's School of Social Science in Princeton, NJ. Her research interests ... More >

Alan Schoenfeld, professor of education and of mathematics

Alan SchoenfeldAlan Schoenfeld is the Elizabeth and Edward Conner Professor of Education and affiliated professor of mathematics atUC Berkeley. His main focus is on Teaching for Robust Understanding. His research deals broadly with thinking, teaching and learning. His book Mathematical Problem Solving characterizes what it means to think mathematically and describes a research-based undergraduate course in mathematical problem ... More >

Susan Schweik, professor of English, associate dean, arts & humanities

Susan SchweikSusan Schweik is a UC Berkeley professor of English. She is the author of The Ugly Laws, a social and cultural history of an ordinance adopted by many American cities in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to prohibit "diseased," "maimed" and "deformed" people from exposing themselves to public view. A former Presidential Chair in Undergraduate Education for Disability Studies, Schweik has been deeply involved with ... More >

Suzanne Scoggins, former Ph.D. student, political science

Suzanne ScogginsA 2014 PhD grad in political science at Berkeley, Suzanne Scoggins is a fellow at Stanford University's Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law. She also holds a masters in international and public affairs from the University of Hong Kong. Scoggin's work on ground-level policing in China examines the lives of front-line officers and explores themes of bureaucratic control and local state stability.

Kim Thuy Seelinger, director, Sexual Violence Program, Human Rights Center

Kim Thuy SeelingerKim Thuy Seelinger directs the Sexual Violence Program at Berkeley Law's Human Rights Center. She oversees the center’s teaching, fieldwork and writing on conflict-related sexual violence. She also supervises Berkeley Law students in human-rights research and project work. Prior to joining the Center, Seelinger was a staff attorney at the Center for Gender and Refugee Studies at UC Hastings College of the Law, where she ... More >

Jennifer Selke, educational psychologist

Jennifer SelkeJennifer Selke is a lecturer in the Graduate School of Education and licensed educational psychologist. She runs summer recreation and after-school programs, including a UC Berkeley integrated social skills camp for children and teens. In her spare time she has a private practice assessing and teaching social skills to teens with Asperger’s, Autism, ADHD, and Learning Disabilities. Selke received her Ph.D. in educational ... More >

Ethan Shagan, professor of history

Ethan ShaganProfessor Ethan Shagan is a historian of early modern Britain and Europe. His work focuses on the interpenetration of religion and politics, and the contested space of religion in the early modern world. In The Rule of Moderation (Cambridge, 2011), Shagan explored how and why the ubiquitous discourse of moderation, the golden mean, and the religious via media in early modern England functioned as an ideology of control ... More >

Harley Shaiken, director, Center for Latin American Studies

Harley ShaikenA professor of social and cultural studies at UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Education, Harley Shaiken directs the Center for Latin American Studies and is a member of the geography department, where he specializes on issues of work, technology and global production. Shaiken's books include Work Transformed: Automation and Labor in the Computer Age, Automation and Global Production and Mexico in the Global ... More >

Sudha Shetty, assistant dean for international partnerships and alliances, Goldman School of Public Policy

Sudha ShettySudha Shetty is the assistant dean for international partnerships and alliances at the Goldman School of Public Policy. She speaks and writes extensively on domestic-violence issues facing immigrant women and women of color. Shetty has been a consultant to the law firm of Dorsey & Whitney, L.L.P., on diversity issues. In her former role as director of Seattle University Law School’s Access to Justice Institute, she ... More >

Arthur Shimamura, professor emeritus, psychology and neuroscience

Arthur ShimamuraArthur Shimamura is a professor emeritus of psychology and of the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute. He studies the psychological and biological underpinnings of memory and movies. Shimamura's 2008 Guggenheim Fellowship led him to study links between art, mind, and brain. He is author of Experiencing Art: In the Brain of the Beholder (Oxford UniversityPress, 2013). Further musings may be found on his movie blog, ... More >

Steve Shortell, dean emeritus, School of Public Health

Steve ShortellStephen M. Shortell is the Blue Cross of California Distinguished Professor of Health Policy and Management and Professor of Organization Behavior at the School of Public Health and Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, where he also directs the Center for Healthcare Organizational and Innovation Research (CHOIR). From 2002 to 2013, he served as dean of the School of Public Health. Shortell and his colleagues have received ... More >

Ikhlaq Sidhu, chief scientist, Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership

Ikhlaq SidhuProfessor Ikhlaq Sidhu is chief scientist at UC Berkeley's Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership. He joined the Berkeley faculty in 2005 as founding director of Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology. In 2009, Sidhu was named the 2009 Emerging Area Professor of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at UC Berkeley, for his contributions to this new research and teaching area at Berkeley. He was awarded 3Com's ... More >

Jonathan Simon, professor of law

Jonathan SimonJonathan Simon is a professor of law at UC Berkeley and faculty director of the Center for the Study of Law & Society. An expert in criminal justice issues, he is the author of three books: Poor Discipline: Parole and the Social Control of the Underclass, 1890-1990 (Chicago 1993), on the history of the prison parole system; Governing Through Crime: How the War on Crime Transformed American Democracy and Created ... More >

Jennifer Skeem, professor, social welfare and public policy

Jennifer SkeemJennifer Skeem is a clinical psychologist affiliated with the School of Social Welfare (as professor and associate dean of research) and Goldman School of Public Policy (as professor) at UC Berkeley. Her research is designed to inform policy about justice-involved people with emotional and behavioral problems. Skeem’s studies focus on, among other topics, whether early adolescence (ages 9-13) creates a window of opportunity ... More >

Richard Sloan, professor, Haas School of Business

Richard SloanProfessor Richard Sloan holds the L.H. Penney Chair in Accounting at the Haas School of Business. His research interests include the relationship between accounting information and stock returns; earnings management; and the role of analysts and auditors as information intermediaries.

Jeremy Adam Smith, web editor & producer, Greater Good Science Center

Jeremy Adam SmithJeremy Adam Smith is web editor of the Greater Good Science Center and author or co-editor of four books, including The Daddy Shift, Rad Dad, and More >

Kirk Smith, professor of global environmental health

Kirk SmithKirk Smith is a professor of global environmental health at UC Berkeley and founder-director of the campus-wide master’s program in Global Health and Environment. He previously led the Energy Program at the East West Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. He also holds visiting professorships at universities in India and China and membership in the U.S. National Academy of Sciences. Smith's research focuses on the health and climate ... More >

Martyn Smith, professor of public health

Martyn SmithMartyn T. Smith is professor of toxicology in the School of Public Health, Division of Environmental Health Sciences, at UC Berkeley. He received his Ph.D. in biochemistry in 1980 from St. Bartholomew's Hospital Medical College, London and completed post-doctoral training in toxicology with Professor Sten Orrenius at the Karolinska Institute. He currently teaches advanced toxicology and introduction to toxicology. Since ... More >

Sandra Susan Smith, associate professor of sociology

Sandra Susan SmithSandra Susan Smith joined the UC Berkeley sociology faculty in 2004. Her research interests include urban poverty, joblessness, race and ethnicity, social networks and social capital, trust, and culture and social structure. Smith has published a number of articles on these topics in such journals as the American Journal of Sociology, The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences, the Annual ... More >

Stephen Smith Cody, director, Atrocity Response Program, Human Rights Center

Stephen Smith CodyStephen Smith Cody is director of the Human Rights Center's Atrocity Response Program. He designs and manages research related to human rights violations in the Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Sudan, and Uganda. He holds a Ph.D. in sociology from the University of California, Berkeley, a J.D. from Berkeley Law School, and an M.Phil. in anthropology from Cambridge University. Prior to joining the ... More >

Philip Stark, professor of statistics

Philip StarkPhilip B. Stark, professor of statistics, has conducted research on the Big Bang, causal inference, the U.S. census, earthquake prediction, election auditing, food web models, the geomagnetic field, geriatric hearing loss, information retrieval, Internet content filters, nonparametrics, the seismic structure of Sun and Earth, spectroscopy, spectrum estimation, and uncertainty quantification for computational models of complex ... More >

Shannon Steen, associate professor of theater, dance and performance studies

Shannon SteenShannon Steen is an associate professor in the Department of Theater, Dance and Performance Studies at UC Berkeley, where she also serves as affiliated faculty for the Program in American Studies. A specialist in critical race and performance theory, she writes on the intersection of Asian and African American racial determinations. Her book on this topic, Racial Geometries: the Black Atlantic, the Asian/ Pacific, and ... More >

Jill Stoner, professor of architecture

Jill StonerJill Stoner is a professor of architecture and a founder of the campus's Center for Jewish Studies. Her research focus is urban ecology, with an emphasis on reclaiming the neoliberal metropolitan landscape of the past 50 years. Stroner's writings include Rain in the City and The Falcon's Return. She also specializes in the intersection of literature and architecture and is the author and editor of Poems ... More >

Eric Stover, faculty director of the Human Rights Center

Eric StoverEric Stover is the faculty director of the Human Rights Center and an adjunct professor in the School of Public Health and at Berkeley Law. In the early 1990s he conducted the first research on the social and medical consequences of land mines in Cambodia and other postwar countries and was a founding member of the International Campaign to Ban Land Mines, which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1996. Stover has conducted ... More >

Stephen Sugarman, Roger J. Traynor Professor of Law

Stephen SugarmanStephen Sugarman joined the UC Berkeley faculty in 1972. He regularly teaches Torts, and occasionally teaches Sports Law, Food Law and Policy, Educational Policy and Law, and other courses in the social justice curriculum. Sugarman has written four books with Berkeley Law colleague John Coons: Private Wealth and Public Education (Harvard 1970); Education by Choice: The Case for Family Control (California ... More >

John Swartzberg, clinical professor emeritus, public health

John SwartzbergJohn Swartzberg, MD, is a clinical professor emeritus at UC Berkeley's School of Public Health, chairs the editorial board chair BerkeleyWellness.com and has directed coverage at the Berkeley Wellness Letter since 2001. He is also past director of the UC Berkeley–UCSF Joint Medical Program. Swartzberg is board certified in internal medicine and infectious diseases. Before joining UC Berkeley's faculty full time in ... More >

Andrew Szeri, professor of mechanical engineering

Andrew SzeriAndrew Szeri is professor of mechanical engineering and vice provost for strategic academic and facilities planning at UC Berkeley. A specialist in fluid mechanics and nonlinear dynamics, Szeri conducts research into anti-HIV microbicide formulations; nonsurgical destruction of kidney stones with shock waves; feedback control of epileptic seizures; oxygen transport phenomena in blood substitutes and diagnostic and therapeutic ... More >

Martín Sánchez-Jankowski, director, Institute for the Study of Societal Issues

Martín Sánchez-JankowskiMartín Sánchez-Jankowski, a professor of sociology, directs the Institute for the Study of Societal Issues and the Center for Urban Ethnography, both at UC Berkeley. His research focuses on inequality in advanced and developing societies, with a particular interest in the sociology of poverty. His early research looked at the process by which young Mexican Americans are socialized into the social and political system of the ... More >

Steve Tadelis, professor of business, economics and public policy

Steve TadelisSteve Tadelis is a professor of business, economics and public policy at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business. His research aspires to advance our understanding of the roles played by two central institutions -- firms and contractual agreements -- and how these institutions facilitate the creation of surplus. Within the broader framework of the role of firms and contracts, he has focused on four main research topics: (1) What ... More >

Clare Talwalker, lecturer, International and Area Studies

Clare TalwalkerClare Talwalker is a continuing lecturer in International and Area Studies and vice chair of the campus's Global Poverty and Practice Minor. Trained in cultural anthropology, her research focuses on India and postcoloniality. She writes also about student engagement in aid work and poverty alleviation. Talwalker offers classes on ethnographic methods, global poverty and practice, political economy, the anthropology of liberal ... More >

Karen Tapenberg Frick, assistant director, UC Transportation Center

Karen Tapenberg FrickKaren Trapenberg Frick is assistant adjunct professor in the Department of City and Regional Planning, and serves as assistant director of the UC Transportation Center and the UC Transportation Center on Economic Competitiveness in Transportation. She is an expert on sustainable transport and community-based policies and strategies, as well as major transportation infrastructure projects. Her current research focuses on Tea ... More >

Matías Tarnopolsky, director of Cal Performances

Matías TarnopolskyMatías Tarnopolsky, executive and artistic director of Cal Performances, has written extensively about music, including material for liner notes, program notes, and articles for magazines and other publications. Among other posts, he has served as vice president for artistic planning at the New York Philharmonic, and senior director of artistic planning for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, leading its popular series, ... More >

Charis Thompson, chair, Gender and Women's Studies

Charis ThompsonCharis Thompson is Chancellor's Professor and chair of Gender and Women's Studies, and a former founding director of the Science, Technology, and Society Center at UC Berkeley. Thompson read philosophy, psychology, and physiology at Oxford University, and got her Ph.D. from the Science Studies program at UC San Diego. Before coming to Berkeley, she was a postdoctoral fellow in the Science and Technology Studies Department at ... More >

Cihan Tugal, associate professor, sociology

Cihan TugalCihan Tugal studies the role of religion in political projects. His research focuses on the interaction between culture, religion and politics, and how that shapes everyday life, urban space, class relations and national identity. Tugal's newest book, The Fall of the Turkish Model: How the Arab Uprisings Brought Down Islamic Liberalism, is a 2016 edition from Verso. An earlier book Passive Revolution: Absorbing ... More >

Doug Tygar, professor, computer science and School of Information

Doug TygarDoug Tygar has a joint appointment in computer science and the School of Information. He works in computer security, privacy and electronic commerce. You can visit his computer science website at tygar.net. Doug Tygar is the author of three books: Computer Security in the 21st Century, Secure Broadcast Communication, and Trust in Cyberspace. He designed the secure ... More >

Laura Tyson, professor of economics and business administration

Laura TysonLaura D’Andrea Tyson is a professor at the Haas School of Business and director of Haas' Institute for Business & Social Impact. Among numerous other affiliations, she has served on the U.S. Department of State Foreign Affairs Policy Board; President Obama's Council of Jobs and Competitiveness and on the President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board. During the Clinton Administration, she was chair of the Council of ... More >

Fyodor Urnov, associate adjunct professor, molecular and cell biology

Fyodor UrnovFyodor Urnov is a "genome editor" — he works on genetically engineering human cells to understand and treat disease. An associate adjunct professor in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, he teaches genetics and biochemistry, and is a team leader and senior scientist at Sangamo BioSciences.

Derek Van Rheenen, director, Athletic Study Center

Derek Van RheenenDerek Van Rheenen directs UC Berkeley's Athletic Study Center, which provides programs, such as advising, nternships, research, and professional training, for student athletes. He also coordinates the Degree Completion Program and the Faculty Athletic Fellows Program. Van Rheenen earned his Ph.D (1997) in cultural studies, his Master's degree (1993) in education, and his undergraduate degree in political economy/German (1986), ... More >

Jeffrey Vincent, deputy director, Center for Cities and Schools

Jeffrey VincentJeffrey M. Vincent is cofounder and deputy director of the Center for Cities and Schools, a policy-research and technical-assistance center at UC Berkeley’s Institute of Urban and Regional Development. CC+S promotes high-quality education as an essential component of urban and metropolitan vitality. It conducts policy research, engages youth in urban planning, and cultivates collaboration between city and school leaders to ... More >

David Vogel, professor, political science and business

David VogelDavid Vogel is professor in the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. His research focuses on business-government relations with a particular emphasis on the comparative and international dimensions of environmental and consumer regulation. He also writes on corporate social responsibility, and religion and environmentalism. Vogel teaches classes on environmental policy, and business ethics and corporate responsibility. His ... More >

Richard Walker, professor of geography

Richard WalkerRichard Walker is professor of geography at UC Berkeley, and co-founder and current chair of the California Studies Association, as well as chair of the campus’s California Studies Center. He has written extensively about economic and urban geography, as well as environmental policy, and taken the odd foray into philosophy. He is co-author of The Capitalist Imperative: Territory, Technology and Industrial Growth ... More >

Edward Wasserman, dean, Graduate School of Journalism

Edward WassermanEdward Wasserman, who writes and lectures widely on the ethics, evolution and ownership of the news media, is dean of the Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley. He held the Knight Foundation chair in journalism ethics at Washington and Lee University from 2003 to 2012. Since 2001 he has written a biweekly column on the media for the McClatchy-Tribune syndicate. From 1972 to 2002, Wasserman worked as reporter, editor ... More >

Michael Watts, professor of geography, co-chair of development studies

Michael WattsMichael Watts is Class of 1963 Professor of Geography and co-chair of Development Studies at UC Berkeley, where he has taught for more than 25 years. He served as the director of the Institute of International Studies from 1994-2004. Watts' research addresses development issues, especially food security, rural development, and land reform in Africa, South Asia and Vietnam. He has written extensively on the oil industry in West ... More >

Steven Weber, professor of political science

Steven WeberA professor of political science affiliated also with the UC Berkeley School of Information, Steven Weber is an expert in international and national security; the impact of technology on national systems of innovation, defense, and deterrence; and the political economy of knowledge-intensive industries, particularly software and pharmaceuticals. In 1992 he served as special consultant to the president of the European Bank for ... More >

Steven Weissman, associate director, Center for Law, Energy and the Environment

Steven WeissmanSteve Weissman is associate director of UC Berkeley’s Center for Law, Energy, and the Environment and a lecturer in residence. He is an energy and environmental attorney, and an environmental mediator. Weissman previously served as an administrative law judge for the California Public Utilities Commission and as a policy and legal advisor to three different PUC commissioners, where he worked on energy and environmental policy ... More >

Catherine Wolfram, faculty co-director, Energy Institute at Haas

Catherine WolframThe Cora Jane Flood Professor of Business Administration at the Haas School of Business, Catherine Wolfram's research interests include regulation of business, energy and environmental economics, and electricity-industry restructuring. She received her Ph.D. in economics at MIT and her undergraduate degree in economics at Harvard.

Paul Wright, director, Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute

Paul WrightPaul K. Wright is the A. Martin Berlin Chair in Mechanical Engineering and director of Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute. Wright is also a co-director of the Berkeley Manufacturing Institute (BMI) and co-director of the Berkeley Wireless Research Center (BWRC). He directed the Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS) and the Banatao Institute at CITRIS Berkeley from 2007-2014. Among his ... More >

Qiang Xiao, adjunct professor of journalism

Qiang XiaoXiao Qiang is an adjunct professor at the Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief of China Digital Times, a bilingual collaborative China news website. A theoretical physicist by training, Xiao studied at the University of Science and Technology of China and entered the PhD program in astrophysics at the University of Notre Dame. Xiao became a full-time human rights activist ... More >

Carol Zabin, research director, Center for Labor Research & Education

Carol ZabinCarol Zabin is a labor economist whose research has addressed low-wage labor markets, labor standards, workforce development, and other economic development issues in the U.S. and Mexico. Her current research focuses on the impact of climate and clean-energy policy on California's economy, workers, and labor unions. Rabin led two comprehensive studies for the California Public Utilities Commission: Workforce Issues and ... More >

Vicki Zakrzewski, education director, Greater Good Science Center

Vicki ZakrzewskiAt the Greater Good Science Center, Vicki Zakrzewski (zahk-shef-skee) offers research-based resources to improve the social and emotional well-being of educators and their students. She does that by producing articles and other online materials, conducting workshops and leading the center's summer institute for educators. During her 20 years in education, Zakrzewski has worked as a private-school director, classroom teacher at ... More >

David Zilberman, professor, agriculture and resource economics

David ZilbermanProfessor David Zilberman holds the Robinson Chair in the Department of Agriculture and Resource Economics at UC Berkeley, where he has been a faculty member since 1979. He is cofounder and co-director of the BEAHRS Environmental Leadership Program (ELP), and directs the campus’s Master of Development Practice (MDP) program. Zilberman’s areas of expertise include agricultural and environmental policy, biotechnology, ... More >

Miriam Zuk, director, Urban Displacement Project

Miriam ZukMiriam Zuk is director of the Urban Displacement Project and senior researcher at UC Berkeley in affiliation with the Institute of Governmental Studies and the Institute for Research on Labor & Employment. She has 15 years of experience in the fields of environmental justice and equitable development. Zuk currently leads work on residential displacement in the Bay Area in collaboration with the Association of Bay Area ... More >