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Ana Aceves, undergraduate, astrophysics and media studies

Ana Aceves

Ana Aceves graduated from UC Berkeley in 2015 with a bachelors' degree in astrophysics and media studies. She went on to attend Boston University to earn a master's degree in science journalism.

While at Berkeley, she was a student leader in several organizations, including the Berkeley Compass Project, a physical science community focusing on improving undergraduate physics education and increasing student retention. She was also campus liaison for University Affairs and was a student instructor for the history, culture, and the practice of salsa dance course in the sociology department.

Aceves was also an undergraduate research assistant for an NSF-funded grant titled "Forging Identity and Community in Physics: Evaluation and Dissemination of Compass" through the Graduate School of Education. She participated in the 2014 Mass Media Fellowship for Scientists and Engineers organized by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Through this fellowship, she became interested in science education for the public and improving the quality of Spanish-language science content.

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