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Andrew Szeri, professor of mechanical engineering

Andrew Szeri

Andrew Szeri is dean of graduate studies and a professor of mechanical engineering at UC Berkeley. A specialist in fluid mechanics and nonlinear dynamics, Szeri conducts research into anti-HIV microbicide formulations; nonsurgical destruction of kidney stones with shock waves; feedback control of epileptic seizures; oxygen transport phenomena in blood substitutes and diagnostic and therapeutic uses of ultrasound and microbubbles in medicine, among other applications. Much of his research is aimed at improving the treatment of patients with epilepsy or kidney disease and preventing HIV transmission. He is a fellow of the Acoustical Society of America, and serves as chair-elect of the Graduate Record Examinations Board. He was born in England and lived for several years in Chile before his family moved to the United States. He earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of Pittsburgh and his Ph.D. at Cornell University.

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