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Bob Calo, senior lecturer in journalism

Bob Calo

Bob Calo began his career in television at KQED in San Francisco, where he produced daily news and documentaries for the local and national PBS audience. He moved to New York to join ABC News “Primetime Live,” and then to NBC News as a broadcast producer. Calo produced stories throughout the U.S. and foreign countries, including assignments in Pakistan, Chile, Croatia, Kenya, and Somalia.

His work has been honored by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, IRE, and National Headliner awards, among others. As an independent producer, he produced a documentary profile of the landscape historian J.B. Jackson for PBS.

Calo joined the Berkeley faculty in 2001 and continues to write and produce for the national television audience. In 2008 he served as National Director for News21, a collaborative experiment in journalism innovation.

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