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Brad DeLong, professor of economics

Brad DeLong

J. Bradford DeLong is a professor of economics at the UC Berkeley, chair of its political economy major, a research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research, and was a deputy assistant secretary of the U.S. Treasury in the Clinton administration. He is the author of the perhaps influential weblog, “Grasping Reality With Both Hands: Brad DeLong’s Semi-Daily Journal.” His work extends from business cycle dynamics through economic growth, behavioral finance, political economy, economic history, international finance to the history of economic thought and other topics, including: “Is Increased Price Flexibility Stabilizing” “Productivity Growth, Convergence and Welfare,” and “Noise Trader Risk in Financial Markets.”

Posts by Brad DeLong

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8-31-13Business & Economics: What's on your mind?Should India fear the exchange rate-inflation Rakshasha?
8-30-13Politics & Law: What's on your mind?Fear of a Black President?
8-30-13Politics & Law: What's on your mind?Today’s American political dysfunction
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2-24-11Business & Economics: What's on your mind?What have we unlearned from our Great Recession?
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2-16-11Business & Economics: What's on your mind?America’s fiscal problem is something we can fix only at the ballot box
1-5-11Business & Economics: What's on your mind?A time to spend
11-29-10Business & Economics: What's on your mind?Thinking about a time when government would not just stand back and let the business cycle wreak havoc
9-3-10Business & Economics: What's on your mind?Class of 1957-Garff B. Wilson Professor of Economics Christina Romer on why the recession was so large
9-3-10Business & Economics: What's on your mind?What American economic policy should be looking forward
9-3-10Business & Economics: What's on your mind?Why Obama Administration economic policy was what it was
9-2-10Business & Economics: What's on your mind?“Not her father’s recession”
9-1-10Health & Medicine: What's on your mind?In which I correct an error in my post of 8/29/2010…
9-1-10Other Subjects: What's on your mind?It is the 70th anniversary of World War II’s Battle of Britain
9-1-10Business & Economics: What's on your mind?The state of the macroeconomy today
8-31-10Genes and personalized medicine at UCBBring your genes to Brandeis
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8-29-10Genes and personalized medicine at UCBBring your genes to your life insurance sales representative
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4-30-10Energy & Environment: What's on your mind?Warm, and getting warmer: New NASA data show just how quickly the climate is changing. What can we do now?
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1-20-10Massachusetts vote and health care reformSenator-to-Be Scott Brown and Health Care Reform