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Carol Mimura, assistant vice chancellor for Intellectual Property & Industry Research Alliances


Carol Mimura is the assistant vice chancellor for Intellectual Property & Industry Research Alliances (IPIRA) at UC Berkeley and former head of the campus’s Office of Technology Licensing. Under her direction, Berkeley’s socially responsible licensing initiative has made it possible for campus researchers — including, notably, synthetic-biology pioneer Jay Keasling — to get the benefits of their work into the developing world through innovative arrangements with commercial partners. Mimura is a member of the Forum on Drug Discovery, Development, and Translation of the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine, a former member of the board of directors of Children’s Hospital Research Institute in Oakland, CA and of BayBio, the regional voice of biotechnology in N. California. She was previously an analyst at Technology Forecasters, a consultant to Cor Therapeutics and Genomyx, and wrote for the Genetic Engineering News. She was an NIH-sponsored postdoctoral fellow and research scientist at Berkeley in biochemistry and in chemical biodynamics.

She holds a B.S. degree in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry from Yale University and a Ph.D. in Biology from Boston University. Her recent publication, "Nuanced Management of IP Rights: Shaping Industry-University Relationships to Promote Social Impact" is a forthcoming chapter in "Working Within the Boundaries of Intellectual Property" (Oxford University Press, 2010) and a version is currently available at http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1434545

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