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David Presti, teaching professor of neurobiology

David Presti

David E. Presti has been teaching neurobiology, psychology, and cognitive science at UC Berkeley since 1991. His classes on "Brain, Mind, and Behavior: An Introduction to Neuroscience," "Drugs and the Brain," "Neurochemistry," and "Matter, Mind, Consciousness" reach more than 1,300 UC Berkeley students every year.

For more than a decade he worked in the treatment of addiction and of post-traumatic-stress (PTSD) at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in San Francisco. And for the past 10 years, he has been teaching neuroscience to Tibetan monastics in India.

Presti is the author of Foundational Concepts in Neuroscience: A Brain-Mind Odyssey (2016, W. W. Norton).

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