John Douglass

senior research fellow, Center for Studies in Higher Education

John Aubrey Douglass is senior research fellow, public policy and higher education, at UC Berkeley's Center for Studies in Higher Education. He is the co-editor of Globalization's Muse: Universities and Higher Education Systems in a Changing World (2009), and the author of The Conditions for Admissions ( 2007) and The California Idea and American Higher Education (2000 and 2007; published in Chinese in 2008 and in Japanese 2012). Douglass' current research interests are focused on comparative international higher education, including the influence of globalization, the role of universities in economic development, science policy as a component of national and multinational economic policy, strategic issues related to developing mass higher education, and studies related the SERU Consortium survey data assessing the student experience in major research universities. He also serves as a consultant on issues related to institutional strategic planning, access and academic program quality assurance.