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Michael O'Hare, professor of public policy

Michael O'Hare

Trained at Harvard as an architect and engineer, Michael O'Hare came to Berkeley after teaching positions at MIT and Harvard's Kennedy School and "real-world" employment at Arthur D. Little, Inc., Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, and the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs.

A professor of public policy at the Goldman School of Public Policy and faculty affiliate of the Energy and Resources Group, his research history has included periods of attention to biofuels and global warming policy (his main focus at present), environmental policy generally, arts and cultural policy, public management, and higher education pedagogy.

Since coming to Cal he has done applied research for state and nonprofit clients on diverse topics including funding of the state Fish and Game Department, surface mining reclamation, and revitalizing county fairs.

O'Hare also is a contributor to the Reality-Based Community blog.

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