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Malcolm Potts, professor of population and family planning

Malcolm Potts

Malcolm Potts is a Cambridge-trained obstetrician and reproductive scientist. He is the first holder of the Fred H. Bixby endowed chair in Population and Family Planning at UC Berkeley's School of Public Health. He is co-director of the Berkeley International Group (BIG) with Dr. Julia Walsh.

During the decade he served as first medical director of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, he introduced family planning methods into scores of developing countries. As CEO of Family Health International (FHI), he launched the first large scale studies of maternal mortality, which helped start the worldwide Safe Motherhood Initiative.

Potts has published ten books and more than 200 scientific papers. His books include Queen Victoria's Gene, Ever Since Adam and Eve: The Evolution of Human Sexuality, and Sex and War: How Biology Explains War and Terrorism and Offers a Path to a Safer World.

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