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Sam Dubal, PhD candidate, Medical Anthropology

Sam Dubal

Sam Dubal is a PhD candidate in the UCSF/UC-Berkeley joint medical anthropology program, and an MD candidate at Harvard Medical School. His research interests include: violence; critical studies of humanitarianism; anti-humanism and post-human anthropology; and radical medicine. He is currently completing his PhD dissertation, tentatively entitled 'Against Humanity: Life, Violence, and Rebellion in an African Postcolony', based on 13 months of ethnographic fieldwork among former Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) rebels in northern Uganda.

Dubal earned his BA in Cultural and Social Anthropology with Honors and Distinction from Stanford University. At Stanford, he taught a student-initiated course on the anthropology of soccer. He also wrote and published his honors thesis, 'The Neoliberalization of Football', on democratic fan movements in Brazil and England in the midst of the global commodification of the game. He is a passionate supporter of Arsenal FC and will be closely following and commenting on the World Cup from the UK.

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