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Steve Tadelis, associate professor of business and public policy

Steve Tadelis

Steve Tadelis is an associate professor of business and public policy at the Haas School of Business.

His research aspires to advance our understanding of the roles played by two central institutions -- firms and contractual agreements -- and how these institutions facilitate the creation of surplus. Within the broader framework of the role of firms and contracts, he has focused on four main research topics. First, what causes a firm's reputation to be a valuable, tradeable asset, and how does it affect the behavior of individuals in the firm? Second, how does organizational form affect firm behavior, in particular, what role do profit sharing partnerships perform? Third, which characteristics of a procurement transaction will influence the choice of contractual form that a buyer should devise?

Finally, his work on private sector procurement has led him to investigate the determinants of public sector procurement, and explore the public policy implications of efficient procurement by local governments.

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