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Sam Davis The errors of Campus Shared Services: we’re not making widgets

Placing 600 University employees on 4th Street was problematic from the beginning. There were and are other alternatives that would not only help the City of Berkeley, but also reinforce the position of staff as partners in the enterprise rather than back-of-the-house support.

Beginning in 2009-10 with a $3 million study … More >

Eric Biber Air quality and wildfire: For less smoke, burn more?

One of the impacts of California’s difficult fire season has been air pollution. Fires produce smoke. Large wildfires produce a lot of smoke. And large wildfires in the southern Sierra Nevada produce smoke in the southern Central Valley – the part of the United States that already has some of … More >

Dan Farber What do you know about EPA? Test your knowledge

Much of what most people think they know about the Environmental Protection Agency is wrong. This test involves a few basics about the EPA. See how much you know:

1.  Which President established the EPA?

A.  Kennedy,   B. Johnson,   C. Nixon,   D. Clinton

2.  When is cost a factor in issuing EPA … More >

David Ackerly We are entering a new era of migration – and not just for people

By Jessica Hellmann, University of Minnesota, and David Ackerly, UC Berkeley

The world is watching as refugees flood into a Europe unprepared for the new arrivals. Conflict and social unrest due in part to climate stress – including induced food shortages and social conflict – have prompted migrants to search for … More >

Eric Biber Climate change and the future of fire policy

It has been a brutal fire season here in California. It’s been brutal in part because of a historically bad drought. But unfortunately, the end of the drought (when it comes) will not be the end of our fire problems. Those fire problems are the result of long-term, human-caused trends … More >

Sam Davis People’s Park: it’s time for change

In my over 50 years at the University of California, Berkeley, as a student, professor, department chair, dean, and architect, I have witnessed many wonderful milestones. Be it intellectual, scientific, social, or architectural, the campus has shown leadership, creativity, innovation, and initiative making me proud and grateful to be a part … More >

Santiago Miret A modern equation for energy

The global energy landscape continues to change as more and more renewable energy sources and diversified energy systems become a substantial component of the energy infrastructures across the world. Given the onset of these new energy systems, the overarching return of diverse energy sources will become a more and more important … More >

Maximilian Auffhammer VW’s Deepwater Horizon?

Last week one of the biggest environmental scandals since the Deepwater Horizon disaster made its way to somewhere near the bottom of page 11 of most major newspapers. Volkswagen admitted to systematically cheating on emissions tests of its diesel vehicles. This might sound snoozy, until you read up on the … More >

David Zilberman What is CNR (College of Natural Resources)?

Especially at the start of the semester, I am frequently asked by students, parents, sponsors, and otherwise curious people, what is the College of Natural Resources. I actually asked it myself; and over the years I think that I got the answer. The college embodies all the contradictions, practical deliberations, … More >

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