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Jeffrey Vincent How should California fund its K-12 school facility needs?

With the Brown Administration and the State Legislature returning from the holiday break and looking at options for new K-12 school construction and modernization funding, the word “need” is frequently used…but little understood. They ask, “How do we fund based on ‘need’”?

It appears Governor Brown is also interested in this … More >

Claude Fischer Veterans and suicides?

The “wave of veteran suicides,” in the words of The New York Times editors last year, seems to cap the traumas that the vets have borne in service to the nation. It turns out, however, that actually establishing that there is a connection between military service and suicide is difficult. … More >

Sam Davis Cal Athletics: Playing without a playbook

I am a CAL athletics fan and supporter, and a season ticket holder for basketball and football for over 40 years. I have recruited athletes for several sports, and have served as faculty chair of the Athletic Study Center, on a search committee for an athletic director, and on the … More >

Brad DeLong A university is supposed to be a safe space for ideas…

I read: Victoria Bernal, Karen Brodkin, Marisol de la Cadena, Donald Donham, Christine Gailey, David Goldberg, Akhil Gupta, Sandra Hale, Christine Hastorf, Suad Joseph, Saba Mahmoud Purina Mankekar, Stefania Gandolfo, Thomas Patterson, Lisa Rofel, Danilyn Rutherford, Nancy Scheper-Hughes, and Anna Tsing: On boycotts of Israeli academic institutions: a reply: “As anthropologists … More >

john a. powell Racing into the future

“Identity” — Dictionary.com’s “Word of the Year” — was undoubtedly one of the most popular topics of 2015. As what has been called “the year of identity” draws to a close, issues of race remain at the forefront of our nation’s consciousness and reality when it comes to identity.

In the past … More >

David Zilberman My annual review 2015

This year was a bittersweet year for us. The health of my mother-in-law, Hannah, hasn’t improved and Leorah is dedicated to helping her be as peaceful and pleasant as possible. I admire Leorah’s strength and love for her mother. We all remember her dynamic and creative personality while facing the … More >

Elsadig Elsheikh Condemning Donald Trump is not enough: The genealogy of demagoguery and Islamophobia

In a widely circulated article in the Atlantic Monthly from 1990, Bernard Lewis wrote about what he perceived as the “The Roots of Muslim Rage,” offering an analysis of the conflicting relationship between “Islam” and the “West.” Lewis wrote “we are facing a mood and a movement far transcending the … More >

UC Anthropology Collective On boycotts of Israeli academic institutions: a reply

As anthropologists based in the University of California system, we object to Professor Robert Birgeneau’s and Professor George Breslauer’s attempt to interfere in the American Anthropological Association’s ongoing deliberation over the boycott of Israeli academic institutions (see their Berkeley Blog post).

We find it unacceptable that a former chancellor (Birgeneau) and … More >

john a. powell What Trump gets right

How does one make sense of a US presidential candidate calling for the banning of Muslims entering the country and the tracking and profiling of those who live here? How does one make sense of a US Supreme Court justice suggesting that Blacks should not go to top-tier universities?

We live … More >

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