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Claude Fischer The immigrant-crime connection

Killing at the hands of an illegal alien spurs furious debate about closing borders and deporting the undocumented. It is the year before a presidential election and candidates denounce undocumented immigrants as the conveyors of Mexican violence into our country.

When Robert J. Sampson, Harvard sociologist and criminologist, wrote about this … More >

Gérard Roland The Greek crisis and the major flaw in the EU edifice

The Greek crisis should not have happened. Puerto Rico, a US territory is currently facing a major debt crisis, similar in many ways to Greece. The obvious solution will be a major debt reduction in exchange for local reforms to prevent a new debt buildup. Nobody is considering kicking Puerto … More >

john a. powell When we fully claim Black Lives Matter, we move closer to All Lives Matter

At a recent training on implicit bias and targeted universalism that I was leading for a foundation and a number of its grantees in North Carolina, one of the speakers noted that while we were going to be focusing on implicit bias, it was important to note that explicit bias … More >

Stephen Menendian Housing segregation and the American Dream: Reflections on the Supreme Court’s historic decision in the Texas housing case

Housing remains the centerpiece of the American Dream. Housing is not only a place to live, but is also a conduit and hub to an array of public and private resources, from neighborhood and community schools to businesses, parks and services.

An overwhelming amount of research affirms the deeply held beliefs of … More >

Stephanie Jones-Rogers Rachel Dolezal’s ‘deception': What we don’t want to know about racial identity in America

Recently, I was watching television and became captivated by the story of a fascinating woman. She was born to parents who claimed one racial identity, which was affixed to her through infancy, childhood, and adolescence. When she grew to be a woman, she made a choice to become someone else. … More >

Catherine Ceniza Choy The not-so-new history of Asian international and transracial adoption

Social media’s recent co-option of the term “transracial” to describe former NAACP chapter President Rachel Dolezal’s controversial identification as black has garnered a maelstrom of criticism from adoption community members for good reason. It erases the decades-long history of Asian international and transracial adoption in the United States. The United … More >

David Kirp Summer jobs, youth programs give teens another chance

The conventional wisdom among social scientists is that there’s little payoff in investing in troubled teenagers. As the University of Chicago economist James J. Heckman argued in 2011, “we overinvest in attempting to remediate the problems of disadvantaged adolescents and underinvest in the early years of disadvantaged children,” when the potential gains … More >

Carol Christ Higher education: Should college be free for all?

Should college be free for all? Bernie Sanders thinks so. So did John Adams. “The whole people must take upon themselves the education of the whole people, and must be willing to bear the expense of it,” Adams argued. That belief motivated the establishment of land grant colleges, in the … More >

Severin Borenstein Is residential solar really the future of electricity generation?

Renewable energy technologies have made outstanding progress in the last decade.  The cost of solar panels has plummeted.  Wind turbines have become massively more efficient.  In many places some forms of renewable energy are cost competitive.  And yet…just as these exciting changes are taking place, the renewables movement seems to … More >

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