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Karen Chapple Mission accomplished? Revisiting the solutions

By Karen Chapple and Mitchell Crispell

Last week, San Francisco voters rejected a ballot initiative that would have halted market-rate development in the Mission District. The proposed moratorium highlighted schisms in the community around the best way to slow the displacement that has made the Mission the gentrification poster child of the … More >

Michael Eisen It’s on me to say that what Geoffrey Marcy did was abominable, but what Berkeley didn’t do is worse

I am so disappointed and revolted with Berkeley.

On Friday, Azeen Ghorayshi posted a story about Geoffrey Marcy, a high-profile professor in UC Berkeley’s astronomy department. It reported on a complaint, filed by four women to Berkeley’s Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (OPHD), which alleged that Marcy “repeatedly engaged in inappropriate physical behavior with students, … More >

Clare Talwalker Another music for poverty alleviation

The celebrated author Katherine Boo is in town talking about her book Behind the Beautiful Forevers. It is a remarkable book based on her months and years spent watching and talking to people in a Mumbai self-built settlement and hunting up official records for background. Her book tells a tale … More >

Cristobal Madero The transformation that a common man seeks: Thoughts on Pope Francis

A few years into the World War II, the famous American composer Aaron Copland was commissioned to work on a musical piece to honor the first soldiers returning from the war. Copland composed “Fanfare for the Common Man,” not only thinking of those returning from the war, but of those … More >

Olivia Chilcote It’s complicated: One Native Californian’s thoughts on Junipero Serra’s canonization

Tomorrow Pope Francis will canonize Junípero Serra in Washington DC. I never thought this day would be upon us.

In 1988, Pope John Paul II made the first step towards canonization when he beatified Serra, or recognized his entrance to Heaven and his ability to act on behalf of those who … More >

Karen Chapple Redwood City: An improbable villain of the Bay Area displacement crisis

“Evicted Redwood City tenants rally to stay in complex as calls grow for renter protections” announces the headline, with a photo of 14-year-old Gabriel Banuelos holding the eviction notice for the 18-unit apartment complex.

But why would this happen in “Deadwood” City (the long-standing local nickname for the moribund downtown area)? As … More >

Miriam Zuk Rent control: The key to neighborhood stabilization?

Who ever thought rent control would be making a comeback after over 30 years? Especially in California, a state that essentially ended the ability of jurisdictions to apply strict rent controls with the passage of the Costa Hawkins Act in 1995.

But lo and behold, the tides seem to be shifting, … More >

Catherine Ceniza Choy Remembering the Filipino American origins of the Delano grape strike

Sept. 8, 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the Delano Grape Strike. The historical significance of the five-year strike was and is profound. It catalyzed the modern farmworkers’ movement for fair wages, the right to organize, and the recognition of the dignity of their labor.

The strike involved … More >

Henry Brady UC education: Cadillac product, Chevy price

In an overheated article (“UC Fails to Hit In-State Goal on Admissions”), the San Francisco Chronicle scolds UC for appearing to decline $25 million offered by the Legislature to admit 5,000 more in-state students this year. That’s $5,000 per student which would supplement the $15,000 in tuition and fees that … More >

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