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Joel Middleton In initiative campaigns, can interest groups change minds?

Ballot initiatives legislate on important issues including taxes, spending, law enforcement, education, health care and civil rights. Given the stakes, it is not surprising that vast sums are spent trying to pass or defeat initiatives — amounts that rival the spending on U.S. Presidential campaigns.

However, political scientists have been uncertain … More >

Robert Birgeneau DREAMers and the future of our nation

By Allison Davenport, clinical instructor, UC Berkeley School of Law; and Robert J. Birgeneau, chancellor emeritus, UC Berkeley

As the autumn semester begins, thousands of college students are back on campus preoccupied with class schedules, roommates, and pursuing their majors. But undocumented students at our nation’s universities are focused on more … More >

Michael Dear Beware the growing U.S.-Mexico border industrial complex

Border walls are the instruments of last resort in the armory of geopolitics. Their current proliferation on a global scale is an expression of failed diplomacy in response to conflict, persecution, and migration.

The wall between Mexico and the U.S. is now deeply ensconced in the consciousness of communities on both … More >

Hatem Bazian 14-year old’s arrest over a clock: a teaching moment

The arrest of 14-year old Ahmed Mohamed at the Independent School District in Irving, Texas illustrates the pervasiveness and normalization of Islamophobic responses that assume guilt before innocence. In this incident, Ahmed’s school principal, Dan Cummings, informed parents in a letter that the police were called to the campus in response to a … More >

Michael Dear Dousing the flames of immigration rhetoric with facts

The European Union confronts a massive crisis as migrants and refugees flood across its borders. Anti-immigrant sentiment has led Hungary to begin building a fence along its border with Serbia in order to keep migrants out. In response, Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, reminded us that walls … More >

Gérard Roland Why the rift between Eastern and Western Europe on the refugee crisis?

It has been hard not to notice in recent days the difference in attitude between European Union member states on solidarity towards the refugees crisis in Europe. Germany and Sweden have decided to show solidarity. Demonstrations in various European countries have shown a welcoming attitude towards the refugees from war … More >

Robert Birgeneau To ensure access and excellence in our public research universities, we need a 21st century Morrill Act

At the present time, Congress and the Obama administration are addressing two important issues, the progressive deterioration of the nation’s physical infrastructure and the enormous sums of money that are being held offshore by U.S. corporations unwilling to pay federal taxes on these funds. Any repatriation of these offshore funds … More >

Terri Bimes Election 2016: Is it too late for Joe Biden?

Vice President Joe Biden has been pondering the 2016 presidential race and lately that thinking has been done in a more public way: meeting with Sen. Elizabeth Warren over the weekend, receiving President Obama’s blessing to run, and seeking out senior Democratic staff members and fundraisers. The question is, if … More >

Thomas Mann Election 2016: Dumbing down American politics — Lawrence Lessig and the presidency

Donald Trump and the Amen chorus of Republican presidential aspirants may have appeared to monopolize the capacity to make fantastical claims about what’s wrong with America and how to fix it. But a rival has appeared on the scene, outlining a very different fantasy plan to run for president on … More >

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