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Jennifer Skeem Scientific risk assessment in sentencing may beat the alternative

This blog post is coauthored by Christopher Slobogin, who holds Vanderbilt Law School’s Milton R. Underwood Chair in Law and is one of the 10 most cited criminal law/procedure professors in the nation, according to the Leiter Report.

Recently in the New York Times, Professor Sonja Starr defended Attorney General Eric Holder’s … More >

Robert Birgeneau 1964 to the present — a personal perspective

During the historic Free Speech Movement period at Berkeley, beginning in the autumn of 1964, I was a graduate student in physics at Yale University. There was no doubt that Berkeley students were playing a leadership role for us all across the country.

At Yale, the focus was primarily on civil … More >

Mahmood Monshipouri U.S. strategy on ISIL: What’s the endgame?

In a speech to the world from the White House on Sept. 10, 2014, President Obama authorized renewed airstrikes in Iraq and Syria to defeat and dismantle the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant (ISIL), as well as the deployment of 475 additional military advisers to Iraq, bringing the number … More >

Jonathan Simon Carceral geographies: Mapping the escape routes from mass incarceration

Today and tomorrow (Sept. 18-19, 2014) at UC Berkeley we will be launching a new undergraduate “course thread”  titled “Carceral Geographies.” Our launch will begin with a keynote address by the great Ruth “Ruthie”Wilson Gimore, scholar/activist extraordinaire who has given us the definitive study of California’s descent into mass incarceration, … More >

Robert Reich City of Berkeley vs. big soda

I was phoned the other night in middle of dinner by an earnest young man named Spencer, who said he was doing a survey.

Rather than hang up I agreed to answer his questions. He asked me if I knew a soda tax would be on the ballot in Berkeley in … More >

Ethan Rarick The Governor’s Debate — in Word Clouds

What did Gov. Jerry Brown and challenger Neel Kashkari talk about in their debate last night? To visualize the answer, here are two word clouds showing the relative frequency of the 100 words most commonly used by each man. More >

Yuriy Gorodnichenko Putin’s Endgame

By Yuriy Gorodnichenko and Gerard Roland (UC Berkeley)

There is every evidence that Russian troops are fighting the Ukrainian army on the Ukrainian soil. This Russian invasion is a further escalation of the war between Ukraine and Russian-sponsored separatists and terrorists in the East of Ukraine. As soon as the Ukrainian … More >

Ethan Rarick Are Latinos politically conservative? Not really.

Are Latino voters conservatives who might be drawn toward the Republican Party?

That argument has been made before, but a useful new report by the ever-valuable Public Policy Institute of California adds to a growing body of evidence in the other direction.

More >

Jack Glaser Why Gov. Nixon has to remove prosecutor

We are a long way from knowing precisely what happened in Ferguson, two weeks ago, but one thing is clear: The town’s name has become yet another synonym for the chasm of experience dividing white and black America. Time and again, young African-American men have been fatally shot by police … More >

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