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Bruce Newsome Despite scandals, news media accountability is absent from the British national election

After 15 years of public scandals and inquiries, only 23 journalists and officials have been held criminally accountable for illegally accessing information on hundreds of thousands of Britons.

For decades, British journalists have illegally accessed personal information and paid officials for information, without significant accountability, yet remain essentially self-regulated, without criminal … More >

Mahmood Monshipouri Nuclear Framework Agreement: What to make of this deal with Iran?

The art of brinkmanship combined with right personalities on the stage have produced a promising framework agreement that speaks volumes about the fruits of diplomacy and engagement. Though there is no perfect and/or pretty arrangement, but from a non-proliferation standpoint, the P5+1 agreement is a good deal.

The surprisingly detailed and … More >

Dan Farber Justice Thomas declares war on rulemaking

It didn’t get much attention, but Justice Thomas’s dissent two weeks ago in the Amtrak case was extraordinarily radical, even for him. The case involved a relatively obscure issue about the legal status of Amtrak. Justice Thomas used the occasion for a frontal attack on administrative law, including most of … More >

Robert Reich The conundrum of corporation and nation

The U.S. economy is picking up steam but most Americans aren’t feeling it. By contrast, most European economies are still in bad shape, but most Europeans are doing relatively well.

What’s behind this? Two big facts.

First, American corporations exert far more political influence in the United States than their counterparts exert … More >

Bruce Newsome How to defeat ISIS (and why it probably won’t happen)

Air strikes won’t defeat ISIS. A Western ground invasion would, but the West is far short of that commitment, to its increasing peril.

ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham; more transliterately known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL; most derogatively known by its Arabic … More >

Albena Azmanova Misframing the Greek protest

The calls these days to support the Greek people’s struggle against austerity are in abundance. The Campaign for Democracy group has issued one such petition.

I signed this petition, as I do support the Greek people’s fight for social justice and regaining some control of their destiny. But what a pity … More >

Yuriy Gorodnichenko Ukraine’s Economic Crisis is Deep; It Needs Loans Faster Than You May Think

The uncertainty around how much — and how soon — Ukraine might get help from international lenders is contributing to two real economic dangers facing the country: a default on its debts and a radical slashing of the budget. Ukraine’s friends — the United States and European governments — need … More >

Bruce Newsome Churchill as war leader: myths and realities

While Churchill was a great orator and political strategist, he was not a great military strategist

Britain has just marked the fiftieth anniversary of Winston Churchill’s death, which is anchored in his premiership during the Second World War. We should celebrate a great orator and statesman, but we should not myopically … More >

Manos Matsaganis The radical left has won the Greek election. Now what?

The Greek people have spoken. The radical-left coalition SYRIZA of Alexis Tsipras has won the election with 36.3% of votes cast. Not exactly a landslide, but a clear victory over its main opponent, the conservative New Democracy (27.8%), senior partner in the outgoing government. And an impressive performance for a … More >

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