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Jonathan Simon From humanity to health: Why can’t California get prison healthcare right?

To considerable embarrassment, no doubt, in the Brown-Beard administration, admissions to California’s newest prison near Stockton California were halted Feb. 5 by the court-appointed healthcare receiver, law professor Clark Kelso.

The prison, the first new facility in a decade, is the lynch-pin of the administration’s frequent claim to have gotten on … More >

Jonathan Simon Beard must go: California needs a fresh start in corrections, not a cover-up for business as usual

When Governor Brown appointed Jeffrey Beard to be the new Secretary of Corrections in California last year, it was supposed to signal a new era.  After decades of Correctional leaders who were insiders, brought up in a system that had normalized a state of permanent crisis and systemic inhumanity, Mr. … More >

Jonathan Simon Hunger

Today, July 8, 2013, prisoners in California’s supermax “SHU” units (for Secured Housing Units), are commencing a hunger strike and work stoppage, their second in two years (read the solidarity statement here).

This is tragic. Hunger strikes are an extraordinary act of self deprivation by people who have almost nothing.  They … More >

Jonathan Simon Living it up at the Hotel California: For Jerry Brown and California’s political leadership, it’s always 1977

Watching California politics these days I can’t help feeling that I’m lost in the late 1970s, when I first moved to the Golden State (in August of ’77 with the Eagle’s hit released that March still riding high on the charts).

It’s not just that Jerry Brown is still governor. It’s … More >

Jonathan Simon The turn-around state? Does California have one of the finest prison systems in the nation?

As readers of this blog know, Gov. Jerry Brown of California has combined leadership on reducing California’s bloated prison population with relentless attacks on the courts whose orders have made that badly needed “realignment” political possible.  Still even I was surprised by the air of unreality to the Governor’s dual … More >

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