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Severin Borenstein It’s time to refocus California’s climate strategy

You know this already, but let’s review:

Climate change is a global emissions problem.
California produces about 1% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.
Over the next few decades, the majority of emissions will come from developing countries.
If we don’t solve the problem in the developing world, we don’t solve the problem.

And lastly,

The … More >

Ethan Elkind The perils of rail transit and democracy

Americans seem to love democracy but hate many of the results. We want governmental power to be decentralized, whether it’s across three federal branches or with local control over sometimes regionally oriented land use decisions. But when the inevitable compromise that is required to get majority approval means a less-than-perfect … More >

Jonathan Simon Abandoning a failed penal experiment: New York’s historic advantage

The State of New York has made it share of bad penal policy choices. Remember the “Rockefeller Drug Laws” — mandatory life sentences for persons arrested with large quantities of dangerous drugs, which helped set the nation on the path toward indiscriminate use of incarceration?

But the Empire State has also … More >

Jayni Foley Hein Offshore fracking battles brewing in the Golden State

As prior blog posts and reports have detailed, hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) has been occurring onshore in California for decades, yet without full disclosure to the public or state regulatory agencies.  Recently, new reports of offshore fracking in both California and federal waters have surfaced, showing that fracking has also been underway off the coast … More >

Jayni Foley Hein State releases new fracking regulations amid SB 4 criticism, controversy

California’s Division of Oil, Gas & Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) has released its proposed regulations governing hydraulic fracturing pursuant to Senate Bill 4, controversial legislation signed into law this September. DOGGR’s Nov. 15 public notice begins its formal rulemaking process and marks the start of a 60-day public comment period for … More >

Ethan Elkind CEQA reform 2013 holds promise for improving the environment

Governor Brown recently signed into law this year’s version of California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) reform, which as my colleague Eric Biber noted was decidedly stripped down from what it could have been. SB 743 (Sen. Darrell Steinberg) got a lot of negative attention for giving the Sacramento Kings basketball … More >

Eric Biber Why coal cares about FERC

I’ve written before about how fossil fuel industries have a strong incentive to kill (or at least stop the rise of) renewable energy now, so that it doesn’t become a powerful political force.  If renewable energy does become a strong enough political force, then there is a risk that it … More >

Dan Farber Can insurance markets handle catastrophic risks?

The Congressional Research Service has a new report on insurance for catastrophic risk.  At least since Hurricane Katrina, there has been concern about whether the world’s insurance companies have the financial capacity to handle catastrophic risks.

Hurricane Andrew aftermath, 1992

As usual, the CRS report contains a lot of useful information … More >

Jack Citrin On immigration: A pathway to citizenship, with conditions

As Congress grapples with a push for the first major immigration reform in more than a quarter century, attention has understandably focused on what Americans think about this important issue.

Too often, however, surveys that take the public’s pulse present a simple take-it-or-leave-it option: Do you support a path to citizenship … More >

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