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Jayni Foley Hein As oil by rail gains momentum, is California on track to protect human health and the environment?

California will soon see a surge in the number of trains carrying crude oil into the state, as oil production in North Dakota’s Bakken region and Canada continues to increase, sending more crude to California refineries.

Last week, the California Senate Environmental Quality Committee and Natural Resources Committee held a hearing … More >

Ethan Elkind So much for California’s anti-sprawl law, continued

My post on the shortcomings of SB 375, California’s anti-sprawl law, generated a swift response from NRDC’s Amanda Eaken and TransForm’s Stuart Cohen, two smart growth advocates for whom I hold a lot of admiration and respect.  In their detailed post, which is largely a critique of the San Diego Association of … More >

Ethan Elkind So much for California’s anti-sprawl law

When California passed SB 375 in 2008, the national media swooned and smart growth advocates issued glossy brochures about the law.  SB 375 was intended to curb sprawl, promote more compact and walkable communities served by transit, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, all through a regional planning process that would coordinate land … More >

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