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There is a lot to be grateful for, even this year

In this year of the election, pandemic, and general mayhem, we still have a lot to be grateful for. First, Americans voted to avoid the lure of a false Messiah (a charismatic and egocentric exploiter of grievances and purveyor of false hopes) – and chose democracy and sanity. Second, Joe Biden as president-elect. He was … Continue reading »

If you support racial equality, push for doubling the federal minimum wage

If America’s contemporary leaders are serious about reducing racial inequality, they must push for simple, bold measures, such as doubling the federal minimum wage. Otherwise, the country may miss an opportunity, after the largest protests for racial equality in U.S. history, to improve the lives of millions of people of color.

On National Native American Heritage Day: A Call to Action

Happy National Native American Heritage Day (Nov. 27th)!!! Dzaanh Nezoonh or Good Day in Denaakke’ (Koyukon Athabascan). I hope that wherever you may be reading this from, you give thanks and acknowledgement to the Indigenous communities on whose land you reside. For those of us at Berkeley, I recognize we are on the ancestral and … Continue reading »

Don’t write off Latino voters. Meet them at the local level

The Latino vote is complex, but we should not expect it to be otherwise. Latinos are a large, growing and dynamic demographic; they have different needs and experiences, and they shouldn’t be ignored or written off as a “bloc.”

Electronic monitoring of youth, and data sharing, widely used in California’s juvenile justice system

A new report released today by the Samuelson Law, Technology & Public Policy Clinic at UC Berkeley, School of Law, answers five important questions about the use of electronic monitoring of youth in the California juvenile justice system. This report, which I co-authored along with my former student Amisha Gandhi (Law ’20), is a follow … Continue reading »