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ICABR at 25 – Celebrating 25 years of Research on the Bioeconomy

Last week I participated in the 25th conference of the International Consortium of Agricultural Biotechnology Research (ICABR). The ICABR is a network of scholars, mostly social scientists, who study the economic and social implications of modern biotechnology, the impacts of policies to accept it, and consumer acceptance of biotechnologies, especially in agriculture and natural resources. … Continue reading »

Balancing depleted budgets on the backs of kids…let’s not do it

By Sylvia Allegretto, Emma Garcia & Elaine Weiss. Blog originally posted by the Economic Policy Institute. As Congress debates the appropriate amount of investments needed to boost the economic recovery from the COVID-19-induced recession, we can learn a lot by carefully looking at the decisions made in the aftermath of the Great Recession of 2007–09. … Continue reading »

Behind the absurd attacks on ‘Critical Race Theory’

The attacks on “CRT” reveal that most of the critics have very little idea what they are even aiming at. Rather than attacking CRT, some of the key phrases in the proposed statehouse bills are rather ideas or claims made in much more recent and mainstream writing or advocacy, such as things Robin DiAngelo has suggested or Tema Okun has circulated. If Robin DiAngelo and Tema Okun are CRT scholars, then I’m an astrophysicist.

California: Keep public meetings open through technology

Over the past pandemic year, life events and activities have moved online that we once believed must be held in person: weddings, classes, conferences, cocktail parties. Many aspects of government business also transitioned from requiring a presence in person to being facilitated through online platforms. California’s open meeting laws inscribed in the Bagley-Keene Open Meeting … Continue reading »

Refugee Responsibility Sharing or Responsibility Dumping?

This post was first published on Just Security, and is co-authored by Elena Chachko. World Refugee Day is an opportunity to focus attention on one of the most pressing refugee law and policy challenges: almost 9 out of 10 refugees are hosted in developing countries. Better distribution of responsibility for seekers of international protection remains … Continue reading »