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Time to Act for Workers: Critical State and Local Policies to Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic

  Working families across California are already facing dramatically reduced earnings through work reductions and layoffs, loss of employer sponsored health insurance, and risk of housing displacement due to the COVID-19 pandemic—and many more will join them in the months to come. The impact will fall disproportionately on low-wage workers, immigrants, and workers of color, … Continue reading »

Babies don’t do social distancing

During an unprecedented health crisis, Congress must bring urgency, energy and resources to support the early care and education industry.

How gift certificates can help (a little) to support local businesses

Social isolation is useful for fighting COVID-19. But it is devastating for hundreds of thousands of small businesses . Hairdressers, restaurant owners, and millions of other employees and owners have no work as vast portions of the nation shelter in place. Many of these businesses could benefit by selling gift certificates today. The revenue will … Continue reading »

The Supreme Court could work remotely during coronavirus crisis – and build rapport with citizens

On Monday, the United States Supreme Court announced that it was postponing the oral arguments scheduled for the weeks of March 23 and March 30 due to the coronavirus. But there was another alternative: It could have conducted the proceedings by remote technology and allowed the public to watch. There is precedent for postponing oral arguments. On … Continue reading »

Targeted intervention on COVID-19 must support businesses, workers

Co-authored with Emmanuel Saez, professor of economics Coronavirus threatens the world’s economic life, and current proposals from governments around the globe are failing to match the scale of the crisis. Today, the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, [UK Chancellor of the Exchequer] announced £330 billion of loans and that some companies would not have to pay business … Continue reading »