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Flying while blind

I am not only an experienced traveler; I am an experienced blind person.

My annual review 2018

Towards the end of every year I post a summary of my personal and professional activities. They are intertwined. I hope this summary is enlightening to people who are interested in the university, its people and their ideas. I discuss first personal aspects, and then move to research and academic activities. I am 71 and … Continue reading »

Lyft doesn’t cause congestion, all vehicles do

Restrictions targeted at the newest road users are unfair and inefficient

We study the climate. We chose not to fly to D.C. for a conference on it.

UC Berkeley professor David M. Romps co-authored this with two other climate scientists, Peter Kalmus and Kim Cobb. It was first published Dec. 10 as an op-ed in the Washington Post.  Romps was one of the two scientists who chose not to attend. This week, more than 20,000 Earth and planetary scientists from all over the world … Continue reading »

California counties should relieve youths, families of juvenile fees Before his recent resignation, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions spent the better part of two years trying to turn back the clock on criminal justice reform. Among his other regressive actions, last year Sessions rescinded 25 guidance documents issued by his predecessors in the Department of Justice, or DOJ, including two that dealt explicitly … Continue reading »