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Thoughts from your Black colleague

If you read no further, understand this: Black Lives Matter = if anyone kills a Black person, their punishment should be the same as if they killed someone from any other race.

How the Supreme Court allowed police brutality to persist

Police violence in America stems from a judicial failing, not just the acts of individual bad actors.

COVID-19 and Tradeoffs between Life and Treasure

How can we assess COVID-19 policies? For example, how much should we restrict economic activity in light of the pandemic? How do we balance health risks with the costs of shutting down the economy? Living requires taking risks. To guide choices, it is useful to translate benefits, costs and risks into monetary terms. An early … Continue reading »

A Green Stimulus to recover from the COVID Recession

A Green Stimulus to recover from the COVID Recession Daniel Aldana Cohen and Daniel M Kammen The COVID-19 epidemic is ravaging our tattered health care system and shredding our economy. In the past month, over 20 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits, compounding the fear that unemployment could breach 32% absent massive public action. This … Continue reading »

We’re in a moment of collective trauma. But there are glimmers of hope

We need to remember that policing is but a single component of the larger system of oppression so acutely felt in the Black community.