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Rediscovering our Roots as a Land-Grant, Agricultural Experiment Station University and Fostering its Potential

In 1862, during the midst of the Civil War, Congress had a bold vision. They passed the Morrill Act which provided land grants to states to establish colleges of agriculture and mechanical arts to teach practical agriculture, science, military science and engineering. It was on this foundation that the University of California was launched. And, … Continue reading »

Accountability, Ethics, and Integrity in the Human Rights, Development, and Humanitarian Aid Sector

Human rights NGOs are often subject to relentless criticism by those they critique, and this is particularly the case when authoritarian regimes grow furious with them for making these abuses public, demanding an end to them, and affirming the importance of justice and accountability. Non-state actors who are also criticized for human rights violations will … Continue reading »

The Inflation Reduction Act charts a pro-climate, pro-worker path

The IRA will help build a high-road green economy, creating good jobs and clear pathways into them

Publishers are blocking digital humanities research

Last fall, to little fanfare, the U.S. Copyright Office granted an exemption to a longstanding restriction on digital access to copyrighted books and movies, allowing academic researchers to bypass encryption so they can apply sophisticated datamining techniques to contemporary books and films. These same techniques have yielded powerful insights in the financial, science and medical … Continue reading »

The COVID era is the latest episode of medical scapegoating of Asian immigrants

Since 2020, Asian Americans in the United States have experienced dual existential crises: anti-Asian violence and COVID-19. According to Stop AAPI Hate, nearly 11,500 hate incidents were reported to its organization between March 19, 2020 and March 31, 2022. While the uptick in this violence has been connected to present-day coronavirus-related racism and xenophobia, anti-Asian violence … Continue reading »