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George Floyd. Rodney King. We’ve seen it before

What changes are needed to end this seemingly never-ending cycle?

The On-Line Learning MOOC Is Not the Future of Higher Education

But it might be the New Interactive Text Book By Ikhlaq Sidhu and Esther Wojcicki There has been a lot of investment as well as discussion about the future of education in the past few years. The basic idea was supposed to be that education could be democratized and that college students everywhere would simply login at home … Continue reading »

How public pre-K education for all can worsen racial disparities

President Biden will soon detail his promise of free access to preschool for all young children, and the idea polls high among the nation’s parents. But research shows that poor children benefit the most from pre-K. Shouldn’t we focus aid on their families?

Chauvin verdict a wakeup call for medicine and public health

The case highlights the need to disrupt the systematic racism that creates the enormous health burdens on Black people, and other vulnerable populations, as well as the ideology of racial difference and inferiority that help sustain them.

More vaccines, less economic suffering are key to a return to normalcy

In January, my nephew Judah informed me that he planned to get married this year and told me that he will time the wedding so I could participate. I arrived in Israel to join the wedding last week, after being vaccinated in late February. Israel is now in transition to a post-pandemic reality, as most … Continue reading »