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Photos expose the harsh reality of child labor in the United States

UC Berkeley Journalism professor Ken Light revisits images he captured of child laborers in America’s agricultural fields during the 1970s and 80s.

Things I have learned from my mother.

My mother died 20 years ago. We had a good relationship. I gave her flowers on every occasion possible and told her I loved her, but only now, as I get older, I realize how much she affected my attitude and my thinking. My mother was born during the First World War in Jerusalem. She … Continue reading »

Turkey needs a new path

The Turkish opposition has never been as hopeful as it is today. Despite the many difficulties of the past two decades, never have so many factors lined up against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party, or A.K.P. The economy, after the lira spiraled downward in 2018 and none of the government’s … Continue reading »

Ranking Fatigue is a Worldwide Phenomenon

Ranking fatigue has finally set in, and its a worldwide phenomenon. A number of high-profile law schools in the US recently announced they will no longer participate in one commercial ranking; Dutch universities have begun a move away from using rankings and citation indexes for evaluating university performance, and that of their faculty. China, home … Continue reading »

The Importance of Applied Finance Literacy

My dissertation assessed the impact of water quality regulation in the San Joaquin Valley. We wondered if farmers would adopt cleaner practices and invest in wastewater management under alternative regulations and to what extent the regulations are burdensome economically. I went to the valley and interviewed many farmers and realized that some of the solutions … Continue reading »