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Our first vaccines can save more lives

Current CDC proposals for allocating COVID-19 vaccines will lead to thousands of easily preventable deaths. Using both age and race/ethnicity to prioritize who gets the first doses of vaccine will save more lives than current plans, which only consider age.

A sustainable anti-fascist mass movement must be pragmatic and militant

Learning from the mistakes of both ends of the ideological spectrum, the left needs to infuse the pragmatically built mass movement with militancy and autonomy as it is being built. Anti-fascism cannot be a beginning point for sustainable mass organization, but the mass organization of the future must be militantly anti-fascist.

The radical right after Trump

The nature of the American right was ill-understood during the Trump regime. The word “fascist” frequently circulated in liberal and left-wing circles. Yet, the only potential fascist was ousted from the White House before the Trump administration turned one. Now, the risk is forgetting that we still live under conditions favorable to right-wing extremism. The … Continue reading »

Where are the SWAT teams?

The insurrectionists tore through the Capitol occupying the chair of the vice-president, taking over offices and rifling through papers. Some took souvenirs and brought the family with them. I tried to imagine what would have happened if the Million Man March had done the same thing.

Elections should be grounded in evidence, not blind trust

The existence of vulnerabilities is not evidence that any particular election outcome is wrong, but the big-picture lesson from 2020 is that ensuring an accurate result is not enough. Elections also have to be able to prove to a skeptical public that the result really was accurate.