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California counties should relieve youths, families of juvenile fees Before his recent resignation, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions spent the better part of two years trying to turn back the clock on criminal justice reform. Among his other regressive actions, last year Sessions rescinded 25 guidance documents issued by his predecessors in the Department of Justice, or DOJ, including two that dealt explicitly … Continue reading »

California needs to end all collection on juvenile detention fees

NAFTA’s dark holidays

General Motors’ surprise announcement the Monday after Thanksgiving that it would eliminate 14,000 jobs and shutter five plants sent traumatic shock waves across the industrial Midwest and into Canada, putting a dark cloud over the holiday season. While these changes will affect autoworkers today, they will undoubtedly be felt by all working Americans in the … Continue reading »

Resumes, recruiting and recommendations: Data-driven guidelines for employers and applicants

As the year-end approaches, for many the winter break means not only holiday shopping and family time but also submitting applications for graduate school, searching for summer internships, or scanning job advertisements. Applicants prepare resumes, mentors draft recommendation letters, and employers (or their designated algorithms) assess both. Given the complicated chemistry of matching an ideal … Continue reading »

An irreparable loss

I’ve been having nightmares about the sperm whale found on the beach in Indonesia with a stomach full of plastic waste. Sperm whales have the largest brains in existence