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On Sendak

Stephen Tollefson, former lecturer, College Writing Programs | October 8, 2009

There’s a line in a wonderful newish Norwegian novel  (Out Stealing Horses) that I think applies to Where the Wild Things are:  You decide when it hurts.  In this case, you decide when it’s scary.  And I think Bruno Bettelheim in The Uses of Enchantment would say that a book like this allows kids to get fears over with by reading about them.  They can be frightened in the book, and then don’t have to be at night.  Oh, and for adults, the wonderful drawings.

Comments to “On Sendak

  1. Thanks for recommendation! I like Where the Wild Things Are, just like Max, we may conquer the world and be the king of the world, but what we really need is our supper on the table. — You decide when it hurts. Thank you!

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