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“The Anthologist”

Anthony Cascardi, dean, Arts & Humanities | January 1, 2010

For anyone with an interest in poets and poetry–including in the strangeness of the genre–I recommend Nicholson Baker’s new book The Anthologist.  Take a tour of the quirky and erratic thoughts of a minor poet as he decides what to include in an anthology of poetry and what to omit.  Follow his girlfriend’s frustrations at the fact that he can’t seem to get very far with the project at all.  And learn, in the process, a bit about what makes Nicholson Baker tick.  I laughed out loud reading this book!

Comments to ““The Anthologist”

  1. I read poems because they have a knack for mattering. And how pleasing it is to be so gently, so poetically reminded of that.

  2. I’m glad many people still read poetry. It is great. I also love poetry and I’ll definitely try to red “The Anthologist”. Thank you!

  3. The Anthologist book is a great source of ideas for college essay writing in Anthropology. Students you should read it!

    Regards, Alex

  4. Already got it! And now I better understand what really is:
    somehow Nicholson Baker has written a novel about poetry that’s truly about poetry.
    From what I understand “The Anthologist” is the chronicle of Paul Chowder, a semi-successful, middle-aged American poet undertaking and generally unsuccessful to put in writing the creation to an anthology called “Solely Rhyme”.
    Anyway, really is funny. I am just being started.

    With kindest regards,
    Blanche Rhee

  5. I am glad people still read poetry. I love it and I personally write, but never got the courage and time to publish it.
    I will get this book very soon, because I never get the chance to read Nicholson Baker (shame on me). Next week, I hope to leave my impression about “The Anthologist”.

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