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What Republicans argue when they have nothing left to say

Robert Reich, professor of public policy | March 20, 2012

Republicans are desperate. They can’t attack Obama on jobs because the jobs picture is improving.

Their attack on the Administration’s rule requiring insurers to cover contraception has backfired, raising hackles even among many Republican women.

Their attack on Obama for raising gas prices has elicited scorn from economists of all persuasions who know oil prices are set in global markets and that demand in the United States has actually fallen.

Their presidential ambitions are being trampled in a furious fraternal war among Republican candidates.

Their Tea Party wing wants to reopen the budget deal forged with Democrats after Republicans got bloodied by threatening to block an increase in the debt limit.

So what are Republicans to do now? What they always do when they have nothing else to say.

Call for a tax cut, of course.

It doesn’t matter that their new “tax reform” plan (leaked to the Wall Street Journal late Monday, to be released Tuesday morning) has as much chance of being enacted as Herman Cain has of being elected president.

It doesn’t matter than the plan doesn’t detail how they plan to pay for the tax cuts. Or whether an even bigger whack would have to be taken out of Medicare than Paul Ryan’s original voucher plan – which would drowned many elderly under rising medical costs.

It doesn’t even matter that the plan would probably raise taxes on many lower-income Americans,

All that matters is the headlines.

“House Republican Budget to Propose Lower Income Tax Rates,” says Bloomberg Businessweek. “Republican Budget Plan Seeks to Play Up Tax Reform,” says Reuters. “GOP’s Budget Targets Taxes,” blares the Wall Street Journal.

Presto. Republicans have gotten what they wanted on the basis of saying absolutely nothing.

Cross-posted from Robert Reich’s blog.

Comments to “What Republicans argue when they have nothing left to say

  1. I agree with RJ, Dems must respond to every misleading or incomplete headline with one of their own!

  2. Dr Reich is right again, the Party of Lincoln continues its Primary Elections ‘back-handed talk’ with alienating comments. Mitt’s boasting that he is an “economic heavy weight” while asserting that the President tilts light on the subject is a “three pawn ckeckmate” wish by a novice chess player!

    Mitt, why are you billowing light on the economy’s improvement just now? President’s Economic Recovery Plan is working and ‘Repugnant’ Party nasty comments are thrown in the ditch because they have no relevance to average working Americans.

    A recent article in the New Yorker probes and fact checks Mitt’s Harvard Case Study model’s application to all economic issues and his proposed “Efficiency Study of the Federal Government”, a waste of consultant tax dollars used to apply the ‘Bain Effect” for ‘slash and burn’ of federal social services that far too many Republican voters use every day. The New Yorker challenges his boast that he is a job creator, too! Mitt simply remodeled his capitalistic model with Bain to make money and not re-engineer all of clients into successful companies either thru mergers, acquisitions, or right-sizing using strategic or scenario planning. We loath that self dealing cliche, “just cut your losses and move on”, which was the pain for so many employees shadowed by a Consultant’s grip.

    Human Capital is the not just the first cut, but the ‘prime’ cut, by a Band of Outsiders who have no vested interest in assessing and re-deploying core competences into new organizations buoyed by its most valuable asset, employees. For the bitter Republicans that have disdain for Dems who protect Americans with government that works (4 trillion in proposed gov’t cuts Mr Speaker, end of Bush’s war plunder, sound Energy Policy versus Newt’s unrealistic $2.50 a gallon proposal, 401K plans growth from Dow 13,000 rebound, Apple, not Exon, America’s most valuable company hiring 3,200 Texans…Perry who?)

    • My last sentence should have ended with “watch your Dash Board or you are headed for a ditch. I appreciate the political value of your thoughts and Blog.

  3. Wouldn’t a nice counter-headline be: “Dems call Bullsh*t on Repub Tax Policy, Economists Agree”? Can you imagine how quickly (and messily) the talking heads at Faux News would explode?

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