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Comments to “@GeorgeWashington, or what would the Founders tweet?

  1. Our founders signed their names to the Declaration of Independence at great risk to their lives, and they concluded the Declaration with “And, for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honour.”

    I strongly suspect our Founders would tweet:

    Why are oligarchs with superPACs allowed to overthrow the power of We The People, Congress and SCOTUS with sophistries, and then not sign their names in 2012?

    Proves once again that professors can lead us to knowledge like Plato’s “Republic” which cautioned us about “good” and “evil” facts of life that existed in 5th century B.C. But We still fail to figure out how to use that knowledge.

    So the fact is that we still have most of the same problems with democracy in 2012 (except they can’t order truth spreading philosophers to drink hemlock anymore) that they had in Ancient Greece.

    Can CITRUS and Berkeley Blog use the Internet to inform and persuade others to take actions to restore We The People Democracy during the 2012 election?

  2. Mission #1 must be to demand EQUAL RIGHTS FOR WOMEN NOW! The White House must add that mission to their blog.

    The most important fact of life today is that the human race has proven we cannot evolve any further until women around the world have equal rights to achieve leadership positions in any institution they choose to compete for.

    Human progress is only limited by the refusals of men to give women equal rights and opportunities to lead.

    Everything else we have tried throughout the history of civilization has failed to the point where the human race is threatened with self-destruction more than any time in history.

    Elizabeth I & II and Victoria all proved beyond all doubt that women are just as good at ruling a nation or empire as men.

    Philosophers should have discovered this by now but the fact is that all of the most famous philosophers in history are men, and John Stuart Mill is the only philosopher in over 2000 years of the history of philosophy to write and speak out forcefully against the perpetual subjugation of women which still exists today, especially in America.

    It is time to use the newest Internet technologies and social media to maximize unprecedented resources for learning about the imperative for women’s equal rights, expressing our opinions, and persuading others to take action today!

    Otherwise the dominant male cultural values of rule by the power of money, immorality, corruption, wars, mendacity, rich against poor, Us vs Them shall continue to destroy quality of life for all future generations.

    Women must use the new power of worldwide people-to-people networking today because 2012 superPAC campaign rhetoric has been the most destructive attack against American Democracy, women’s rights, civil rights, morality, quality of life for all and the future of civilization in history.

  3. Your advice is excellent, but the Founders would be outraged by our failure to compromise, since compromise is what joined the United States of America together in the first place.

    Our SuperPAC oligarchs who own and control the entire republican party, our acceptance of totally immoral candidates such as Gingrich, our class warfare of oligarchs against the rest of us, our never-ending wars and poverty, our failures to protect current generations from hell on earth climate changes like drought, glacial melting, the Colorado firestorms and the Eastern heat-storms for over week are not what our Founders envisioned as their legacy.

    So let’s pray the our younger generations use the new technologies of people-to-people networking to the fullest of their abilities to toss all the current political failures out of office and replace them with a whole new culture of honor, morals, integrity, ethics and compromise that base their decisions on acceptable quality of life for all future generations.

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