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Comments to “The World Cup begins

  1. Thanks for this post Mr. Dubal. America’s relatively nascent first division, MLS, had a great opportunity to develop itself in opposition to the the kind of gross inequality and exorbitant costs that have marked the BPL as well as FIFA sanctioned tournaments throughout the last year.

    In the last few years, however, (really since the so-called ‘Beckham Rule’ was developed), MLS has shifted to an absurdist salary model which is surely to trickle down to the fans in unfortunate ways. Michael Bradley and Clint Dempsey now makes base salaries of $4 million dollars, along with aged European stars such as Jermain Defoe, Robbie Keane and Tim Cahill. Meanwhile, they train and play alongside upstarts making $36K.

    Is MLS doing enough to reach and provide services for alienated populations in our cities and our rural areas – or are they mostly concerned with developing a global brand from their NYC offices? So much potential in football, particularly in America; but so disappointing.

    To play on a competitive club team now as a young person, families have to shell out thousands of dollars per year. And I watch the youth in their absurd, specialist training sessions unwilling or unable to begin play without donning the latest Nike, Puma, or Adidas gear – emulating their bloated, overpaid, swoosh-clad heroes.

    I know this is a naive claim, critique; I know. It just seemed like an opportunity missed.

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