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Abe Lincoln

Michael O'Hare, professor of public policy | April 17, 2015

Wednesday was the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s death. It’s hard to spend too much time reflecting on Lincoln; I use the first thing he ever published, comparing two infrastructure projects in a local election campaign, as an example of policy analysis avant la lettre, and he just gets better and better from there. Even David Brooks says he becomes a better man spending quiet time in the Lincoln Memorial.

Lincoln Memorial statue

Lincoln Memorial statue by Daniel Chester French

The second inaugural is one of great works of public discourse; terse, just, humane. I think French’s portrait nails it: brilliant, menschlich, determined; open hand, closed fist.  Lincoln makes everyone reach a little higher.

I listened the grooves off this wonderful cantata when I was a kid, and I’m pleased to find that someone has posted it here , here, and hereIt was performed live, after 50 years on the shelf, in 2009.

There’s no video; remember how to make your own pictures in your own head? Take a half-hour, just to be sure we don’t forget what a real American is.

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Comments to “Abe Lincoln

  1. My name is Abraham Lincoln Salter Jr. I am working on a book about President Lincoln, John Boothe and Mary Todd…
    It’s about the story i was told from my father’s family the Salters. As you should know, that’s Lincoln’s Grandmother or great grandmother’s maiden name. Born to Richard and Sarah Salter from Scotland. They had two daughter’s, Hannah and Sally Salter. Hannah married Mordecai Lincoln, the presidents Grandfather and when Hannah died, she willed her slaves to President Lincoln. Now was told an interesting story about why Boothe changed his mind about assassinating Lincoln. The fitst time he refused, but im told he changed is mind because of a slave. This slave was sent away in fear of her life and her name changed to Hemings…

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