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The UnBushes and the environment

Dan Farber, professor of law | May 13, 2015

My post last week discussed Jeb Bush’s environmental record. At this point, there’s something of a free-for-all among candidates hoping to emerge as the Bush alternative – the UnBushes. Five of the remaining candidates announced or likely candidates have served in Congress, so they have scores from the League of Conservation Voters. Some of them are considered more moderate than others, but they all have essentially the same scores:

2014 Score Lifetime Score
Ted Cruz 0% 11%
Lindsey Graham 0% 11%
Rand Paul 0% 9%
Marco Rubio 0% 9%
Allen West 13%

It’s remarkable how uniform the anti-environmental orthodoxy of the Republican party seems to be these days. Lindsey Graham is considered too moderate to have a realistic shot at the nomination, while West is way to the Right. But they’ve essentially got the same environmental records.

Cross-posted from the environmental law and policy blog Legal Planet.