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A holiday message for the Berkeley campus

Carol Christ, Chancellor | December 12, 2017
As the semester winds down and the holidays approach, I want to share with you a few reflections about where we as a campus have been and where we are headed. Please view this short video message for some of these thoughts:
 I hope your holiday break is invigorating, and I wish you a very happy and healthy new year.

Comment to “A holiday message for the Berkeley campus

  1. Chancellor Christ:

    I came to Berkeley 40 years ago as an undergraduate because you visited my class at the College of Marin and talked about the literature and women’s studies programs. I received 3 degrees here, all in English literature. I taught here as a graduate student, and later briefly as a lecturer here and at UC Davis for 3 years. I then served as union staff at UCB for 14 years.

    I was deeply ashamed of this institution when I saw the video showing the UCPD police assault on David Cole earlier this month. Not for the first time. Remember November 2011, when UC police and Alameda sheriff deputies grabbed student protesters and a faculty protester by the hair and threw them on the ground? Only to be outdone by the policeman at UC Davis who blinded protesting students with pepper spray, also on camera? That civil rights attorney alumna whom you mentioned in your Christmas message video–will she represent David Cole in the lawsuit that will surely be filed? Do you imagine that she felt proud of UCB when she saw this? How many times do we need to see and hear that UC Police and/or local sheriffs’ departments attack our students and our staff–on the administration’s behalf–for exercising their 1st amendment rights? How will you reform the training and leadership of UCB police to ensure that these abuses stop now? And if the chancellor does not have the power or incentive to do this, why would you want the job?

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