Alan Schoenfeld

professor of education and of mathematics

Alan Schoenfeld is the Elizabeth and Edward Conner Professor of Education and affiliated professor of mathematics atUC Berkeley. His main focus is on Teaching for Robust Understanding. His research deals broadly with thinking, teaching and learning. His book Mathematical Problem Solving characterizes what it means to think mathematically and describes a research-based undergraduate course in mathematical problem solving. Schoenfeld led the Balanced Assessment project and was one of the leaders of the NSF-sponsored center for Diversity in Mathematics Education (DiME). He was lead author for grades 9-12 of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' Principles and Standards for School Mathematics. He was one of the founding editors of Research in Collegiate Mathematics Education, and has served as associate editor of Cognition and Instruction. In his essay "Common Sense about the Common Core," Schoenfeld answers key questions and clears up common misconceptions about Common Core's mathematics standards. Schoenfeld has written, edited, or co-edited more than 20 books and some 200 articles on thinking and learning. He has an ongoing interest in the development of productive mechanisms for systemic change and for deepening the connections between educational research and practice. His book How we Think provides detailed models of human decision-making in complex situations such as teaching. His current projects focus on understanding and enhancing mathematics teaching and learning.