Jennifer Skeem

professor, social welfare and public policy

Jennifer Skeem is a clinical psychologist affiliated with the School of Social Welfare (as professor and associate dean of research) and Goldman School of Public Policy (as professor) at UC Berkeley. Her research is designed to inform policy about justice-involved people with emotional and behavioral problems. Skeem’s studies focus on, among other topics, whether early adolescence (ages 9-13) creates a window of opportunity for social-emotional learning and behavior change among high-risk youth. Other lines of research focus on (a) developing innovative methods to identify psychiatric patients who are likely to hurt themselves or others, (b) defining what psychopathy is (exactly) and how it can be successfully treated, and (c) determining why individuals with serious mental illness are over-represented in the justice system — and how to facilitate safe community re-entry. Skeem is past president of the American Psychology-Law Society. She has served on advisory boards and expert panels for the U.S. Sentencing Commission, U.S. Administrative Office of the Courts and Council of State Governments.