Katherine Kinkopf

Ph.D. student, anthropology

Katherine Kinkopf is a doctoral student in the anthropology department at UC Berkeley, in the Agarwal Skeletal Biology Laboratory. Her research interests also include human skeletal biology, disability studies, history of eugenics and medicine, new materialisms, archaeology, and cultural heritage. Her doctoral research combines the sub-fields of archaeology and biological anthropology in order to understand the complex effects of labor and chronic disease on the human skeleton and on human experience over the life-course, from a new materialist biocultural perspective. Kinkopf earned her bachelor’s degree, with honors, in anthropology and in English language and literature from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where she was also a 2012 recipient of a Hopwood Award in Poetry. Her honors thesis research focused on issues of looting in Sudan from a bioarchaeological perspective.