Manos Matsaganis

former visiting scholar, Center for Equitable Growth

Trained as an economist in Greece and in England (MSc health economics, York; PhD Bristol), Manos Matsaganis is an associate professor at the Athens University of Economics and Business and was a Spring 2015 visiting Fulbright scholar at UC Berkeley's Center for Equitable Growth. Prior to his post in Athens, Matsaganis held research and teaching positions at the London School of Economics and the University of Crete, plus a four-year stint as policy adviser at the Prime Minister's Office (under the social democrat Costas Simitis). At AUEB he is Associate Professor of Social and Employment Policy and co-ordinator of the Policy Analysis Research Unit. He has considerable experience as consultant and advisor to international organizations, including the European Commission, the Organization for Economic Coordination and Development, UNICEF, the World Bank, and the Berlin-based Friedrich Ebert Foundation. In 2012-14 Matsaganis was a member of the Expert Group on Social Investment for Growth and Cohesion, on the invitation of European Commissioner László Andor. Since 2013 he has served on the Advisory Board of Solidarity Now, an Athens-based charity supported by the Open Society Foundation. Matsaganis has published on a variety of topics including pensions, income support, poverty, European social policy, tax evasion, labour taxation, youth unemployment, and health care. His current research focuses on the distributional implications of the Eurozone crisis, the political economy of austerity in Greece, and the effects of the minimum wage on employment, earnings and poverty.