Nari Rhee

Director, Retirement Security Program, UC Berkeley Labor Center

Nari Rhee is director of the Retirement Security Program a the UC Berkeley Labor Center. Her current research focuses on the retirement crisis facing California and the U.S.; policies to improve the retirement income prospects of low- and middle-wage workers; and pensions for public employees, including teachers. Prior to returning to the Labor Center in 2014, she served for two years as manager of research at the National Institute on Retirement Security. Dr. Rhee has written on a wide range of issues related to pensions and retirement security, including elder poverty, retirement savings trends, public pension reform, and retirement benefit design. Her analysis of the retirement savings crisis and its gender and racial dimensions has received broad media coverage and informed state and national policy debates. Dr. Rhee holds a Ph.D. in geography from UC Berkeley and an M.A. in urban planning from UCLA. She is a member of the National Academy of Social Insurance.