Purushottama Bilimoria

visiting scholar, Institute for South Asia Studies; doctoral faculty, Graduate Theological Union

Purushottama Bilimoria is a visiting scholar with the Institute for South Asia Studies at UC Berkeley, and serves as a senior lecturer in the Center for Dharma Studies at Graduate Theological Union (GTU). Bilimoria is also Honorary Research Professor of Philosophy and Comparative Studies at Deakin University and senior fellow at University of Melbourne, in Australia (his former home). He has recently served as Shivadasani Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies in Oxford University, and All-India Visiting Professor with the Indian Council of Philosophical Research and India International Centre. Bilimoria serves as co-editor-in-chief of SOPHIA: international journal of philosophy and religion (Springer) and of the International Journal of Dharma Studies, based at GTU. Courses he has taught at Berkeley include "Gandhi and the Civil Rights Movement in America: W.E.B. Du Bois to ML King Jr.," "Comparative Indian Ethics" and "Philosophies of Religion East and West." Bilimoria's research focuses on classical Indian philosophy, approached via analytical philosophy and phenomenology; and comparative ethics (including Western, Hindu, Jain and Buddhist moral philosophies and psychology of the self); Continental thought; cross-cultural philosophy of religion; diaspora studies; bioethics; and Muslim and Christian customary law vis-a-vis secular penal law and Constitution in India. Among his recent (monograph and co-edited) publications are Sabdapramana: Testimony in Indian Philosophy (2009); Indian Ethics Classical Traditions and Contemporary Challenges (2007); Emotions in Indian Thought-Systems (2015); Indian Diaspora : Hindus and Sikhs in Australia (2015); Globalization, Transnationalism, Gender and Ecological Engagement (2015); Postcolonial Reason and Its Critiques: Deliberations on Spivak's Thoughts (2014), Postcolonial Philosophy of Religion; Indian Ethic vol II: Gender Justice and Ecology (forthcoming); and Gandhi and the African American Civil Rights Movement (multi-media production). A full list of his publications is available in data-profiles of the Australian universities with which he is affiliated, and in academia.edu.