Susan Schweik

professor of English, associate dean, arts & humanities

Susan Schweik is a UC Berkeley professor of English. She is the author of The Ugly Laws, a social and cultural history of an ordinance adopted by many American cities in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to prohibit "diseased," "maimed" and "deformed" people from exposing themselves to public view. A former Presidential Chair in Undergraduate Education for Disability Studies, Schweik has been deeply involved with the development of disability studies at Berkeley and was co-coordinator of the campus's Ed Roberts Fellowships in Disability Studies. Schweik has taught and co-taught undergraduate courses in disability and literature, the disability rights movement, disability and digital storytelling, psychiatric disability, literature and medicine, and race, ethnicity and disability, and graduate courses in body theory and disability studies and advanced disability studies. Her other teaching and research interests include 20th-century poetry, late 19th-century American literature, women's studies and gender theory, urban studies, war literature and children's literature. Schweik is a recipient of UC Berkeley's Distinguished Teaching Award and the Chancellor's Award for Advancing Institutional Excellence.