William Nazaroff

professor of environmental engineering

William Nazaroff is a professor of environmental engineering and editor-in-chief of the journal Indoor Air. He has served on numerous advisory committees for worldwide research and teaching centers related to the indoor air sciences. Among Nazaroff's many writings are more than 120 journal articles and an upper-division textbook, Environmental Engineering Science (Wiley, 2001). Nazaroff's research group focuses on the physical processes controlling the concentrations and fates of pollutants in indoor environments, and application of physical science methods to understand human exposure in relation to emissions from for major air pollution sources. His teaching activities include a course he developed to evaluate the technological opportunities for mitigating climate change. Nazaroff received his B.A. and M. Eng. degrees in physics and electrical engineering and computer science from UC Berkeley and a Ph.D. in environmental engineering science from the California Institute of Technology.