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Moving images: War, dissent, empathy

Harry Kreisler, visiting scholar, Institute of International Studies | March 3, 2010

War movies fascinate because they reveal the dark side of our humanity.  The most powerful war movies are a tribute to the director’s focus on several important questions.  What is the nature of the war being fought?   Why do we fight? What are the consequences for the soldiers and the society they represent? In answering these … Continue reading »

Hollywood goes to war

Stephen Maurer, Adj. Em. Prof. of Public Policy | March 2, 2010

You might not consider war movies surprising in wartime, but you’d be wrong. Take a random sample, for example, Moviefone’s Top 25 War Movie list.  Only five of the titles were released in years when the US was actually at war. And none of these titles made the top twelve. War movies, it seems, are … Continue reading »