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Less free speech today than in 1964

Rich Muller, professor emeritus of physics | December 10, 2009

In a deep sense, the Free Speech Movement (FSM) was a failure. Yes, we have the ability to organize political events on campus.  But we seem to have lost the culture of true free speech.  Back in 1964 we could invite anyone to speak on campus — even a Nazi or a Ku Klux Klan … Continue reading »

Abandon all relevance, ye who speak here

Chris Hoofnagle, professor of law in residence | December 7, 2009

At SFO there is something called the “free speech booth.” The sign above it should read: “Abandon all Relevance, Ye Who Speak Here.” We are suffering from a similar problem. Too much of the speech in public places on our campus is simply not a dialogue. It is strangers from the university community who visit … Continue reading »