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It’s time for a shareholder protection act

Robert Reich, professor of public policy | January 22, 2010

Five members of the Supreme Court have defied logic by assuming that corporations are people. They are not. They are legal fictions, nothing more than bundles of contractual agreements. They are owned by their shareholders. So what do we do now, other than wait for another Supreme Court opening, and for the President to appoint … Continue reading »

Of the corporations, by the corporations, and for the corporations?

Dan Farber, professor of law |

The Court’s decision in Citizens United was something of a foregone conclusion.  Still, it was a bit breathtaking.  The Court was obviously poised to strike down the latest Congressional restrictions on corporate political expenditures.  But the Court went further and struck down even restrictions that had been upheld thirty years ago.  Seldom has a majority … Continue reading »