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Bridge closure shows benefits in redundancy

Robert Cervero, emeritus professor of city and regional planning | November 3, 2009

Redundancy — e.g., simultaneous operation of BART, Bay Bridge, AC Transit transbay services, ferries — is sometimes criticized as wasteful but in times when a lifeline bridge like the Bay Bridge suddenly closes (along with the occasional potentially crippling transit strike) — having backup transportation systems provides incalculable benefits.  There was a classic study of … Continue reading »


Dana Buntrock, chair, Center for Japanese Studies | November 2, 2009

I think the closure of the Bay Bridge has important implications, but it is not a question of a broken public transit system.  Students and I were scheduled to see a construction site at San Francisco International Airport Thursday afternoon, roughly 48 hours after the cables acting as a splint on those steel eyebars had … Continue reading »

Is the question biased?

Rich Muller, professor emeritus of physics |

Should we invest in more “alternatives” to bridges and highways?  I like mass transit, but the loss of the bridge points to a lack of redundancy, not to inadequate mass transit.  Suppose BART had been shut down.  (An accident in the tube?  A strike?)  Would the question have read, “Should California invest more in alternatives … Continue reading »