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Doug Tygar, professor, computer science and School of Information | February 23, 2010

Stephen Maurer wrote a curious comment here (three months after the topic was posted).  Stephen digresses to cover everything from “Star Wars” nuclear defenses (note that Stephen defends “Star Wars” in paragraph 1 and opposes “Star Wars” in paragraph 11) to the Bush policy on terrorism, and he concludes with a rhetorical display of ad … Continue reading »

Keeping the Cyber-Peace

Stephen Maurer, Adj. Em. Prof. of Public Policy | February 19, 2010

I recently heard a well-known computer scientist complain that Cyber War is the “real WMD” and that America needs to spend less money on nuclear weapons defense. I don’t want to take a cheap shot here, but it’s also true that people who spend weeks on end filling out grant applications are apt to say silly things. … Continue reading »

UCB leader in critical infrastructure protection research

Doug Tygar, professor, computer science and School of Information | November 9, 2009

Cyberwarfare is something that is taken seriously by the Chinese and Russian military.   Officers in the (Chinese) People’s Liberation Army have written treatises on cyberwarfare.  And we have extensive evidence of successful penetrations of US governmental and military sites.  The US also takes cyberwarfare seriously:  Defense Secretary Gates announced on June 23rd a new “US … Continue reading »