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GBS: Total Patron Awareness

Chris Hoofnagle, professor of law in residence | November 28, 2009

“It is the librarian’s obligation to treat as confidential any private information obtained through contact with library patrons.” -Article 11, 1939 Code of Ethics for Librarians, American Library Association. The town crier couldn’t monitor what you heard and paid attention to. Things are different with GBS. In my scholarship, I’ve pointed out that private entities … Continue reading »

Digital sharing is today’s global town crier

Carol Mimura, assistant vice chancellor for Intellectual Property & Industry Research Alliances | November 24, 2009

Providing access to information has long been the hallmark of scholarship.  Digital sharing is today’s equivalent of a global town crier.  Being within earshot of the source of news in an 18th century town square is one thing, but being able to access information as soon as it is posted is the key to accelerating … Continue reading »

Digital access as a win-win situation for knowledge generators and knowledge consumers

Alan Schoenfeld, professor of education and of mathematics | November 17, 2009

More isn’t necessarily better in general, but more sure is better when it comes to access to information. High quality scholarship depends on being able to find and evaluate ideas and information. I want as much access to such published information as possible. And I want my ideas disseminated as widely as possible (for critical … Continue reading »

Good for the reader, iffy for the authors

Dana Buntrock, chair, Center for Japanese Studies | November 16, 2009

I agreed to make my first book (published nearly a decade ago) available on-line with Google books.  I considered it only fair; Google allowed me to check a lot of quotes for my second book (forthcoming) with lightening speed. My earlier book was, however, still selling when I made the call. Digital distribution of resources is … Continue reading »