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It’s not how big it is — it’s how well it performs: The startup genome compass

Steve Blank, lecturer, Haas School of Business | August 30, 2011

What makes startups succeed or fail? More than 90% of startups fail, due primarily to self-destruction rather than competition. For the less than 10% of startups that do succeed, most encounter several near death experiences along the way. Simply put,while we now have some good theory, we just are not very good at creating startups … Continue reading »

The benefit of male circumcision in reducing HIV infection

Malcolm Potts, professor of population and family planning | December 16, 2009

One of the most important medical innovations of the 21st century- and one closely linked to UC Berkeley – is literally thousands of years old. In the mid-90s a postdoctoral research fellow in anthropology at Berkeley, Daniel Halperin, asked if he could give a lecture in the course I teach on HIV/AIDS in the School of Public … Continue reading »

Cloud Computing

David Patterson, professor of computer science | December 15, 2009

Cloud Computing is a new term for a long-held dream of computing as a utility, which has recently emerged as a commercial reality. A rapidly increasing list of companies, including Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, now offer Cloud Computing services. Now developers with innovative ideas for new interactive Internet services no longer require the large capital … Continue reading »