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Instructions for UC Berkeley authors on how to publish your remarks


1) To change your temporary, automatically generated password, go to:

Click on “Lost Your Password?” located beneath the white box.

On the next screen, reenter your username (first initial and last name, all one word) and answer the security question.

Click “Get New Password.”

The system will send you email; open the email, click on the link and set up a new, strong password.

2) Go to and click on “log in” at bottom right. The system will prompt you for your username and your new password.

3)    Click on “Write a post” next to your category of choice (e.g. Energy & Environment).

4)    Enter a title/headline in the first text field. Our style is to use initial capitals only on the first word and proper names, e.g. “A new model of school reform,” not “A New Model of School Reform.”

5)    Enter your text in the larger field. Insert images (if you wish) as illustration. Place your first photo/image at least two paragraphs down, not at the top of your text.

6)    When you’re happy with your entry, remember to click the “Publish” button.

7)  Troubles? Contact us at and we’ll help.

After clicking the “Publish” button, you can view your published remarks using the link provided at the top of the form.

Inserting an image

Instructions on how to insert an image into your post are also available online.