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Technology and toys (Workshop 3)

Dana Buntrock, chair, Center for Japanese Studies | July 3, 2011

Every morning for four days of the workshop, Susan, George, and Brendon (sometimes assisted by Dept of Architecture grad students or Loisos + Ubbelohde staff) gave basic lectures on the physics of building performance, based on daily themes: Light, Heat, Air, and supplementary energy. Most of the lecture materials were mined from courses that Susan teaches at … Continue reading »

California collaboration: Activate a cloud (Workshop 2)

Dana Buntrock, chair, Center for Japanese Studies | June 28, 2011

By mid-March, Susan Ubbelohde and I had a plan: we were going to hold a workshop on energy analysis and conservation, in Tokyo. What would we need? People with a variety of technical skills, money to get them to Japan (plus house and feed them), a variety of equipment, well-organized teaching materials, and, lastly, people … Continue reading »

Architects talking energy – in Tokyo (Workshop 1)

Dana Buntrock, chair, Center for Japanese Studies |

Within a week of the events of March 11, Susan Ubbelohde and I, both professors in the Department of Architecture, felt we should open up a conversation with Japanese colleagues on the use of energy in architecture.  In a very short time, and with the help of both graduate students and employees in Susan’s consulting … Continue reading »