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Is the U.S. Falling Behind Mexico? News from Ambos Nogales

Michael Dear, emeritus professor, city and regional planning | July 29, 2014

In the Mexican border town of Nogales, I sat finishing my lunch when Alma, a Sonoran friend who had been watching the diners, spoke quietly: “That’s something you would never have seen a year ago – Mexican men eating salads.” It was, she explained, because of the rising awareness of diet-related health problems in Mexico, … Continue reading »

Blind spot: How reactionary colorblindness has infected our courts and our politics

Ian Haney López, Earl Warren Professor of Public Law | June 9, 2011

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne knows racism when he sees it, and he isn’t afraid to publicly castigate the most recent agents of race hate. Horne is an outspoken opponent of racism in a state roiling with tensions about “illegal aliens” and “anchor babies.” The bigotry Horne especially rebukes? Courses like “Latino literature.” If Horne … Continue reading »