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Hillary, Bernie and the banks

Robert Reich, professor of public policy | October 16, 2015

Giant Wall Street banks continue to threaten the wellbeing of millions of Americans, but what to do? Bernie Sanders says break them up and resurrect the Glass-Steagall Act that once separated investment from commercial banking. Hillary Clinton says charge them a bit more and oversee them more carefully. Most Republicans say don’t worry. Clearly, there’s … Continue reading »

The man who invented ‘too big to fail’ banks finally recants. Will Obama or Romney follow?

Robert Reich, professor of public policy | July 27, 2012

I’m in Alaska, amid moose and bear, trying to steal some time away from the absurdities of American politics and economics. But even at this remote distance I caught wind of Sanford Weill’s proposal this morning (July 25) on CNBC that big banks be broken up in order to shield taxpayers from the consequences of … Continue reading »