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The turn-around state? Does California have one of the finest prison systems in the nation?

Jonathan Simon, professor of law | January 9, 2013

As readers of this blog know, Gov. Jerry Brown of California has combined leadership on reducing California’s bloated prison population with relentless attacks on the courts whose orders have made that badly needed “realignment” political possible.  Still even I was surprised by the air of unreality to the Governor’s dual press conference yesterday, backing up … Continue reading »

State of confinement: California’s carceral habit

Jonathan Simon, professor of law | September 10, 2012

Scott Simon’s amazing interview with George Takei (Sept. 1) brought tears to my eyes and made me think once again about why this hauntingly beautiful state with its sunny optimism and reputation for creativity and innovation has so often embraced mass incarceration in various forms. Takei, best known to the world as Hikaru Sulu, the … Continue reading »