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Canada’s got a good thing going: a tax on carbon

Meredith Fowlie, Associate Professor and Class of 1935 Distinguished Chair in Energy | March 28, 2016

It’s tax season and this makes many Americans pretty grumpy. According to a recent poll/parody, 27 percent of those surveyed indicate they would rather get an IRS tattoo than pay their taxes. Given the deep-seated ire that taxation can inspire in U.S. taxpayers, it’s not altogether surprising that calls for an economy-wide carbon tax do not find … Continue reading »

Don’t write off the Canadian health care system

Denver Lewellen, former visiting scholar, Canadian Studies Program | August 31, 2011

The principles of the Canadian, single-payer health care system are not likely to be broadly applied in the US. This is due to deep historical, economic and ideological differences between the two countries. There are, however, many reasons we should look to Canada for the purpose of reciprocally transferring knowledge of successes and problems in … Continue reading »